Clemson vs. LSU: CFP National Championship | College Football Highlights

Dipublikasikan tanggal 13 Jan 2020
Clemson takes a double digit lead in the second quarter, but after that it is all LSU, as Joe Burrow pours it on with five touchdown passes and a score on the ground in LSU's 42-25 win to take the College Football Playoff National Championship.
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  • Georgia bulldogs are better

  • 👍🏻

  • I miss football 😞😞😞😞😞😞

  • 1:47 That fake is AMAZING!

  • Why was this game more exiting then the super bowl

  • Honestly and I don’t say this just because lsu won. I can’t believe Clemson fans actually thought they had a chance. They clearly hadn’t seen lsu play

  • Has LSU ever won a title that wasn't in New Orleans 😂 Great season for LSU.

  • Who else thought Clemson defense was off and they could have had a few interceptions

    • I think lsu could have score two more times! It should have been lsu 59 little ole Clemson 25

  • Who peeps randy moss in the crowd

  • Tiger vs tigers day

  • 35 - 7 run

  • LSU fans may not like what I'm about to say because Burrow most likely will be a bust. Players go to Cincinnati to die... Cincinnati choke every year...

    • he has some legit weapons to throw too and cinci has produced some solid qbs not hall of famers but they have had decent qbs the last 20 years or so

  • Long haired qb? Come on man.

  • oxhorn

  • best team of all time period.

  • How is that targeting?? He hit his shoulder 😂😂😂

  • 47 really got tossed for 6:23 that’s so weak

  • Let goooooo

  • Imagine an alternate timeline where the loser of every national champion had won and see who the powerhouses of college football would have been

  • Lo unico bueno del 2020.

  • I'm a clemson fan but this was LSU'S year

  • 6:46 that pick play is textbook offensive interference. Not even close.

  • Buckeyes-Bengals would have been a better game, but I was cheering for my O-H kid Burreaux

  • Then we will see Trevor Lawrence and one of LSU receivers on the same team

    • Trevor Lawrence and Terrence Marshall on Carolina Panthers

  • I see a lot of future AFC north players

  • The last college football game until 2021.

  • I just can't get enough of Burrow riddling the Clemson's db's !!!! LSU 🐅 receivers WoW!

  • I'm a Georgia fan but when it comes to it the sec has to bring home the trophy nothing more or less 💯

  • Before 9:11 is not pass interference it’s called momentum gravity and human lack of skill

    • he grabbed his jersey and threw him aside lol

  • Watching this yet again. July 2020

  • Glorious

  • 8:30 gives me chills every time

  • Watch this on TV when LSU won the college football championship

  • 1:23 that block tho

  • at 4:20 (lol) number 19 on clemson his ankles JESUS CHRIST!

  • Wow there’s a whole generation that looks at Ed reed sean Taylor Troy palamalou and Reggie Nelson that think there highlights are just a clip of penalties... sad nobody forces anyone to play this game and the risk reward factor is fair that’s why thery get educations housing meals for free for 4 years that will benefit there lives and careers and that’s if they don’t make it to the nfl

  • Lead for the tigers perfect start for the tigers dumba** there both tigers u knew that when u didn’t say it at the beginning of the game And called them just by the universities name

  • Ok Clemson u know what pride stickers mean that wearing ur colors ain’t enuf to show someone your a bad a**

  • Btw your welcome LSU for giving y’all kmart chase he n Copeland we’re both committed to Florida n then we fired mcelwain only way we could get him to stay there lol but guess he saw that Florida had 3 WRs taken in the draft this year another UDF and that’s not including Kyle Pitts or trevon grimes or kadarius toney

  • Maybe the commentators were just distracted by how unoriginal the university’s were with there mascots ( lol 9 year olds playing ncaa or madden don’t even pick the tigers cuz there’s 17 of them in fbs alone lol) 👌

  • How is joe burrow perfect as a starter ( the :23 mark of this video said it... )hmm dude played for two years in the sec without losing a game that’s a record he’s gatta have two heisman trophies and two natties right ... wait i forgot he lost to Florida one year and the game was Florida’s to lose late in the game at night in Death Valley when Florida had a kid who didn’t even start in high school putting up almost 300 yards on them lol

    • he ment perfect in 2019 lmao

  • Can't really compare eras but this LSU team belongs in the conversation with '95 Nebraska, '01 Miami, etc. as one of the greatest college teams ever. To go 15-0 against that schedule is mind-boggling.

  • Joe burrow is the next drew brees. Imagine he goes to the saints when drew retires. That would be crazy with Alvin Kamara and them

  • Clemson vs LSU is a better matchup than LSU and ohio suck. Bite me suckguys fans

    • Nah ohio probally would of kept it close unlike clemson

  • i had a feeling these 2 teams would meet in the National Championship and i was hoping that both teams would play well but Clemson didn't play well.

  • 6:09 I think I see Jarvis Landry

  • Has anybody noticed but once the safety from Clemson got ejected. It open up the offense for the LSU Tigers

    • it had already opened up they were on a run

  • As a bama fan Clemson is going to be on a mission next year. Truly believe this loss will be good for Trevor Lawrence. Hope to see y’all in the end next year.

    • @Akam Killa Alabama got 7 more years of losing to LSU first

    • I actually got Alabama versus Clemson in the natty

  • Dear LSU, I hope you enjoyed our QB that got you a Natty. Sincerely, OSU Fan

    • your qb lmao you didnt even give him a shot

  • That call on Higgins was a terrible call

  • Rewatching all LSU games it shows that Alabama was the real true contender that they faced that year. I wonder if Ohio would have been able to hold the LSU offense...probably not, but it's the only other team that's a contender that Lsu didnt play and I still think they probably would have won by 20 or 30

  • Thank god lsu won cause my dad payed 5000 dollar for a vip ticket

  • Offensive line for clemson struggles

  • Baylor minnesota should of made it

  • Too bad our Nemesis Minnesota drafted J. Jefferson

  • Why didn't the Bengals pick up T. Moss? Or the Saints?

  • I'm a simple man. I see Clemson get beat, I like a video.

  • As soon as LSU got into a rhythm offensively this game was over. Clemson's offense had to use trick plays and everything in their playbook to score 3 TD'S, while LSU just ran the same stuff they did all year and probably could have put up 60 if not for a few mistakes and they did that on the #1 defense but that's also #1 defense against an ACC schedule so I'd put an * beside *#1 defense.

  • Any other LSU fans here reliving the moment while in quarantine?

  • Lol@ clemson