Conan Gray in KWANGYA with KEY

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KEY's 2nd album "Gasoline" is out!
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  • I love how calm and real Key is, doesn’t force himself to look fun or overly excited which ppl tend to do when an American artists comes over.

  • they give off two introverts vibes forced to make friendly conversations which each other HAHAHAHAH so adorable both of you <33

  • conan: having the time of his life

  • Conan: does anything anywhere

  • Key is a sweetheart, he definitely was nervous and it was so adorable to see that side of him too as he is usually that extrovert kind of person who do crazy stuff most of the times ... But here he acted so mature ... I'm sure Conan really enjoyed his company there.

  • Key fanboying is so cute, he was such a pro in introducing and showing around SM.

  • Usually Key is the one who does crackhead stuff but I love how during the whole video Conan was matching Key's vibe. I mean I love the energy they exude together😂😂

  • Just love how effortlessly conan sings. He's an amazing artist.

  • Conan feminine energy is so powerful and intimidating! I understand why Key was so shy! Haha so cuuuuute

  • conan just walking around with a bag of snacks is so funny

  • I love how they get on so well and it's just natural like nothing is forced 🥺 it's so cute how Conan makes himself comfortable carrying around the ginormous bag of snacks. I also feel like I don't get to see key being starstruck very often and this was a culture shock really. Like he's usually the biggest deal on the screen and to see him being a fan boi is so entertaining 😂

  • Conan’s shock when Key told him his age 😂😂😂 very relatable, Key looks so young 😆💕

  • Conan Gray is doing the most unexpected types of promotion in SK especially with SM and its artists. I hope they make a song collab after all these content collabs.

  • They are like two sassy, crazy, Introverts that don't know what to do with each other BUT I reckon if you get them to hang out more we'd all be in for sum insane stuff 🤣

  • I can't believe it's thier first meet. I can see Key really wants to be friend with him. They look like besties

  • Kibum is usually the one who never stops talking bt with conan man he become different he was fanboying the whole time loll also their vibe matched so well it was so nice seeing conan nd key's reaction plz😭

  • THEY HAVE TO BE FRIENDS!!! their vibes match so much i'm LIVING. the duo we never thought we needed wow 😭

  • Key has always been my ultimate bias. I am so happy his schedule is packed and all about him. It works for him and shows us a side Lockets have always known was there al along. I care for his well being as well as him having fun

  • everyone should stan Conan & Key cuz they’re so talented, full of visuals, and most importantly have great personality and amazing attitude

  • To see Conan with Key just makes me so excited. Like I love Key as an Artist and Conan. I never expected this collab but I’m so happy to see it😭💜✨