Conan Learns Australian Slang

Dipublikasikan tanggal 18 Apr 2019
Professional voice and dialect coach Gabrielle Rogers introduces Conan to key Australian slang terms like "budgie smugglers" and "root rat."
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  • Can you go to Jordan

  • He tapped.

  • Australian women = beautiful charming goddesses... The men = trailer park meth heads

  • how could they not invite ozzy man reviews for this?! Although she sheila isnt to bad either...

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  • What the hell I'll learn some slang in exchange for some milf appreciation

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  • Ive never cringed so much in my life

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  • The comments came from pornhub priceless for this MILF

  • Funny thing is we don’t have Burger King in Australia...

  • This Australian lady is very attractive right?

  • at the part he said maccas then burger king in the american accent got me

  • Her thighs tho +18

  • In Australia Burger King is also called Hungry Jacks ,which makes no sense! LOL

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  • 2:44 It's prawns not shrimp how many Australians have to say that!

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  • *those thighs*

  • Jesus, she's got more front than Blackpool

  • She is cute!

  • I get a kick out of Conan.

  • god Americans are bad at accents XD

    • Everyone is bad at an Aussie accent. Even British and Canadian shows never get us right, ha.

  • Am I the only Australian who actually attempted an Australian accent despite naturally having an Australian accent?

    • Nope... Tried it too. 🤭😂

  • 0:10 why does his shadow look like an alien

    • coz he's austrALIEN

  • Awesome legs and I don't mean yours Conan.

  • Wait don't they call burger kings over there hungry jacks

    • Because a guy with a small burger shop has the trademark to 'Burger King' in Australia, thus they had to call it HJ's.

  • "Is it twenty one shrimp or twenty one shrimps?" If you know what I am referencing you are a master watcher of Conan remotes.

    • That’s when Conan remotes were the best

    • Is that the commercial one? Where he auditions for the part?

  • Burger King is Hungry Jacks here ya drongo!

  • When a forty something is WAYYYY hotter than 99% of twenty something girls

  • She is gorgeous.

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  • Only bogans speak like this.....

  • Burger king? Thought they call it hungry jacks down under?

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  • He progressively turns Into Christopher walken as he goes on

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  • Nah we call Burger King "HJ's" or "Hungry Jack's"

  • has anyone noticed most of conan's guests are thicc milfs?

  • AC/DC were born in Scotland, dense bitch.

  • Had always heard that we were swindled with crappy Foster's (easy to do in the's in a "bigger" can, then it must be better), same with St. Pauli's Girl for Germany. Except with that one, a St. Pauli girl would be a girl from a certain "red light" district of Frankfurt..

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  • Wanna learn to talk with an Australian accent? Don't move your upper lip when talking and try to minimise the movement of your lower lip at the same time.

  • Scrolling down the commentsection. YES! WE GET IT ALREADY! Burger King iscalled HUNGRY JACKS. Please, stop already.

  • Hang on... isn't Burger King supposed to be known as "Hungry Jack's" in Australia?

  • All these comments about the thighs are disgusting.

  • A sheila with tip-top thighs

  • I'm not a native speaker of English but I think Conan is a great host. Jimmy Fallon is the worst American show host I've ever seen.

    • With his trademark fake laugh and exaggerated reactions.

  • Smashed avo is homo hipster language

  • Why does Hugh Jackson look like someone's creepy uncle?

  • Burger King? Ohh, you mean *Hungry* *Jacks*

  • Conan go to Jamaica!! Or Barbados!!

  • Burger King in Australia is Hungry Jacks?

  • My day off of work = laughing while watching Conan clips. Yep

  • i'm thinking! does she wear shorts? 07:30 nahh!!! Conan saw damn undies bigtime.

  • We call Burger king hungry jacks!

  • yeah nah is kiwi slang not aussie

  • 8:14 lol

  • Aussies, just Brits that went on holiday and never came home ...

    • More like went to jail...and never came back.🤭

    • more like life sentence

    • Jean Lawley this is a very underrated comment.

  • Actually AC/DC were formed by 2 British born brothers, Scotts to be precise ...