Conor McGregor on Beginning His Career

Dipublikasikan tanggal 3 Des 2015
Conor recalls the early days of his career when he was still having to convince his parents that it was a viable option for him.
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Conor McGregor on Beginning His Career


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  • Jimmy was one word away from getting knocked out😂😭

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  • The irish have very limited world champions. They are not that good at fighting. Edit: he himself admitted there was no irishman before him. So he already knew the irish are not that good at fighting.

  • 2021???

  • Love from khabib

  • No other MMA champion or star carries themself this well. Look at the confidence on this man in an environment like that. You'd think he's a Hollywood actor if you didn't know who he was, but he's a violent prizefighter. A true megastar.

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  • could listen to this guy speak every second ☘️🥵

  • He's a very talented man. But he's now a scumbag getting into trouble with the law.

  • Among us in real life, sus, sus, sus

  • He’s a top talent 🇮🇪

  • F**k the Mayweathers! :D

  • He has a great barber and suit maker.

  • Conor fans...shame how stupid you guys be looking

  • Whys the youtube algorithm recommending 5 year old Jimmy Kimmel videos gtfoh

  • Good man!!!

  • wow, getting really deep in the end. luv him, nothin but respect for Connor. not sure if he's wearing a blinged out Hublot or RM. My guess is factory RM though...

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  • Conor is the fuckin Goat forever

    • The Goat of affecting the ufc

    • @Himaan I said he isn’t the goat but good to Conor. I agree khabib is the best

    • @Anxiety 101 That title goes to Khabib

    • Not the goat but pretty good

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  • He just didn't introduce MMA to Ireland but to the whole world.

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    • Well this is true. I'm not that aware in UFC until this man conquers the MMA. Still hardcore fan up to day.

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  • Still looking forward to the english interview!


  • This guy looks fit. He could try mma.

  • 0:34 good save

  • how far have you fallen

  • “i’m irish, we all good at fighting” mannnn eventho i am not from Ireland, but i love that words

  • Conor McGregor on ending his career : Khabib

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  • Anyone after Poirier Vs Connor 2 ?

    • Me, Conor is no longer in his prime

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    • @UFC TEKKERS So We have a lot of Mcnugget's Hard Line Fans right here, didnt you Realize until now Khabib is still mock's Conor if he got loses in his Matches so i just want to clarify yupp as what Adeva Alifiobono say Mcnugget's is still under Khabib.

    • @Adeva Alifiobono pls go back to the poor village you came from you bum, you are an embarassment to khabib, he would be ashamed to have you as a fan. Such a great fighter with such a shitty fanbase, what a disgrace

  • What a cutie pie

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  • The guy turned from being the most charismatic and inspiring fighter in the world to a meme.

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    • 🤣 His foot was a balloon and his leg an american football

  • whenever I see him I recall khabib

  • have seen first time conor being this serious

  • Is this interview done before or after his defeat from Khabib?

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  • I respect this guy I respect the hustle I respect how great of a fighter he is and I respect how intimidating his but it is very hard to take him seriously when he opens his mouth and sounds like a kid show leprechaun

  • And now he's a prick not showing respect to anyone

  • This guy is disgusting and I hope when he gets into the ring to old and gets his arse handed to him, he thinks about the way he behaved.

    • @GarythePuma Oh. Thanks

    • @SAD nope, people just hate him for who he is, he always puts on a show but I guess people hate that

    • Did he do something?

    • What happened?

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  • God damn he’s well spoken

  • And jake is here challenging him

  • The most entertaining part it trying to watch him not to swear

  • no one gives credit for how eloquent and expressive he is

  • Did my man really try to make a joke about the Troubles

  • Crazy *Conor McGregor.... 🔥*

  • Sounds like the 3rd Jedward🤔😮JOIN THEM!

  • This is in my recommendation when he could fight Jake paup

  • James Charles should be a late night host - he has such great interviewing skills

  • kimmel can even make a connor interview boring. that must count for something

  • Man said “discipline”

  • Only came here to hear what he sounds like and its exactly what i imagined.

  • He’s pretty articulate actually

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to welcome *"The Tapping Machine"* !

  • Connor ruined his legacy after fighting khabib. Especially all the racist things he said. I just loved the reception he used to get before that

  • His voice dnt match him

    • I thought I'm the only one who thinks his voice dnt match😂

  • That women maken wooooo noices had fantasys a Drunk irish Pub warrior beat them up

  • When he said mother the automatic subtitle texted motor lol

  • This boy was defeated by khabib legend

  • Jimmy : What did you eat in the morning today Conor : I'm Irish we only eat breakfast in te morning

  • "Alhamdulillah, I know you guys don't like this, ALHAMDULILLAH! Tomorrow night, I'm gonna smash your boy, guys. I'm gonna smash your boy," 😆 ~ Legend ...and he did, Alhamdulillah.

  • This is the humble side of mc gregor ❤

  • khabib smashhhhhh

  • Bad BoY ❤️😍😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • 2.22 Beautiful discipline (Throws chair on bus) (Punch old Man) great role model.

  • Khabib changed his life and make him humble for fanboys.

  • Khabib

  • Conor "TAPMACHINE" McGregor

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