Conor McGregor reacts after his submission loss to Khabib at UFC 229,Tony-Conor is scared

Dipublikasikan tanggal 7 Okt 2018
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Dana White on Khabib,
Khabib's team get arrested,
Dana White on Conor McGregor,
Tony Ferguson on scared Conor McGregor,
Khabib gets a call from Mr Putin,
Conor Wants a rematch,
And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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  • We support from India love you khabib you are a great fighter in the world

  • as a muslim i fockin love him ! as a person he is INSANE !

  • Losser

  • Any one of you niggas McGregor or anybody in UFC there in MMA right not but before they were even trained they wooped over 30 men by themselves. They ain't gone never loose to no week white nerds that just got tough after being bullied in grade school like McGregor

  • M hoping all good fighters leave UFC and fan over the world stop support that racist bald head WHITE.

  • 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺😉

  • Fuck Khabib.. Conor all the way!

  • If they sanction khabib then they have to sactuion corner also.he got what he asked for.some people don't no when to shut. There mouths.

  • Nothing much happened to either one from ufc.

  • Michael Besping needs to shut his mouth, he is most arrogant prick in the UFC so for him to say that is just stupid

  • Fucking dumb what Dana is saying, Kabob deserves to fight as much as anyone. Put the fucking belt on him! And the guy that wants the challenge fight can't they just shut him the fuck up please

  • This Dana idiot should not be talking after invertigating the situation. Conner throwed the firs punch to the teammates of Khabib.

  • UFC need khabib not the other way around.

  • tony just stfu

  • Conor will win the rematch

  • Fuck ufc

  • Khabib is great. Mc= Mother Chod

  • Khabib is the man!

  • Partiality MMA

  • Conor is the evil loser he is a cowred

  • When dana's boyfriend gets beat hes so ignorant to everything conor does

  • Bir daha mı yenilmek istiyormuş bu gregor anlamadım 😊

  • Allahu Akbar khabib ist Hiro alhamdulilah

  • khabib issssss the best bravooooooo

  • Anybody insulting anybodies region is not a good think

  • Don't talk about region

  • уменя ода идея паявилось еслибь каждий прамошен как АСВ белатор юфси раизин ахмать и другие прамошень каждьй вьвилбь своево бойца балшой турнир мма это блбь грандеознь матч баиов мира .

  • Connor need fight against Tony Ferguson or Ferguson khabib nurmagomedov why Dana white protect to much Connor MacGregor ?

  • People are getting all fussed up because kabib jumped over the cage, meanwhile mcgregor was calling kabib every name under the sun, attacking his religion, attacking his father! Throwing the thing at kabibs bus! And Dana white is a complete asshole! Because he allows this name calling and these attacks! I hate mcgregor! He has no God damn respect! But kabib beat the shit outta him and made him tap out for all that name calling, and for all those attacks on his religion and his father! Mcgregor should be charged with verbal abuse and major disrespect! But Dana white allows this shit! Also Dana thinks that by name calling they will get publicity for the fight! But you don't need this name calling for people to buy tickets to watch the fight, people are gonna buy tickets anyway! Because it was one of the biggest fights in history! No need for the verbal abuse and the major disrespect.

  • I don’t want to see Conor in the ring again. He’s disgrace to Ufc!

  • Dana White need his head to be smashed , he is a divel, looks like a pig

  • CoNor is now, just a piece of joke

  • Connors style is antagonistic, that's his style. Khabib, has panache, cool, can sit and smile, when Connor is bad mouthing him. Khabib knows this trash talking doesn't give you the belt, its what happens in the octagon. My opinion, is they both should made to publicly apologised together, accept what they did was wrong for the sport. And fined. No special treatment for connor from Dana white, BOTH. Fined. Khabib knew there were top celebs, governors etc there, causing that riot after winning, what the fuck was he thinking ? Connor ? Yep, he is as bed, as much to blame. If not a little MORE so, than khabib. But, I like Connor as a personality, I like khabib as a fighter, I'm sickend by what they both did to the sport I love.

  • Khabib broke all records 2 wins one night biggest PPV and most views on MMA world damnn

  • a rematch . ALRIGHT .

  • Mc Gregor comes back from this, no problem...

  • ALLAH W AKBAR ..................KHABIB...............

  • Hhhhhhh khabib strike u like Su 35 RUSSIAN Fighters vs Daesh I.S.I.S Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Allah w AKBAR KHABIB ALLAH W AKBAR PUTIN

  • Fuck Danna White!!! It's ok when a white fighter like mcgregor acts stupid, disrespectful,out of control and racist, but if is someone else is not ok. Fuck him.

  • Dillon piece of.....jajajajaj!

  • KHABIB biggest cry baby in MMA history lmao! remember the time when you chanting conor's name before this. bunch of bandwagons pussies!

  • I'm from Indonesia. Bravo...bravo...bravo to my brother Khabib. You're very very impressive my brother. And to Conor 👎👎👎 and 🖕🖕🖕 To you Conor 💄💄💄💅 👗👠👡👜👛👒👙👚

  • Khabib jumping over the ring is nothing compared to Conor breaking glass window with a metal dolley. Shit so biased, it's crazy.

  • Bruh! Did you give Aldo a rematch? Then there's your answer!

  • I was hoping Conor would win but kabibi beat the dog shit out of him & made him give up.

  • Conor is a disgrace hahaha

  • Why isn't this video called; Conner does NOT react to loss???

  • Good job 👏

  • Fuck youwhite. Habib smash him down shut your smelt death fuck up

  • fuck dana white and conor ....bulll shit

  • Connor's a little bitch just like his fans any of you pussies want smoke come to long beach we'll be waiting for you fuck boys😭😂

  • Money white

  • Wow.... 15 Millions viewer...

  • Conor have a big heart.

  • Nike tmer Conor McGregor l'islam reste numéro 1 pour tout les megreant sache que vous pouvez rien contre nous

  • well done Habib I notice it's the one's with the big mouth that can't back it up. McGregor can but he deserved to get beat. if Habib gets stripped its because the governor is as scared as McGregor now is u go Habib let the fight do the talking

  • As of nov 4th , i think its looking like khabib maybe perma-banned. The state of Nevada is going to investigate it and determine it being a planned event from Khabib’s team.

  • Why dont u see act of McGregor

  • conor is a loser loser

  • `Don't you tap the machine`, khabib nurmagomedov.

  • Conor should listen to everything he said at the press conferences. He got dominated. NO REMATCH NECESSARY

    • +Paul Jameson he did and the balls of McGregor to call the shots saying he wants a rematch. How about go back and earn it. I understand he is Dana's boy but really it wasn't even close

    • no rematch needed u right Habib done a job on him

  • conor stupid igly ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Dillon danis you suck!!! Kahabib just proved your opinion wrong! 🤣 kahabib mopped your team as well as ur ass was about to get whipping too!! Fucken LOSERS!! (Dillon ur jits game is Lame!!) Strait up.. frm: *jits eMpire*

  • Mcgregors bitches got mád cus he got hes ass kicked

  • Cornor loss the match in the interview by saying unnecessary words about khabib again he will loose and want rematch

  • Conner you are a poor loser and do not want to give credit to the better fighter Habib. You talk too much trash and I am sure if there was a rematch Conner would lose again within minutes

  • What is done by khabib at the end of game is the result of an exaggerated act of connor ... why are many people blaming khabib? Insulting religion and families is very reprehensible

  • Ha ha ha avry possition chityng in game conor u suuport conor i suport khabib india suport

  • Connor McGregor will convert to muslim, amin

  • Hee hee hee rematch I think he wanna tap again he he

  • Uncle Bobby Dana still not acknowledging that conor threw the first punch.

  • Dağıstan lı 🇮🇳🇹🇷

  • Tony needs this fight. if anyone is going to beat bob, its him.

  • KHABIB is russian pride.....N don't mess with a Russian guy.....Awesome khabib

  • UFC a bunch of fucking crybabies about their poster child.

  • all that shit was a show, all of it, fucking meet up in the alley no cops, no fucking security, no rules and bang it out!!!

  • You just dont fuck with the russians lol

  • McGregor stay i'n thé dk fucking rasict ... khabib ils best and Nate diaz

  • Dana White is the Sarah Huckabee Sanders of mma

  • Fuck Dana White. He's a Conor ass kiss

  • Don't dare to fight with habib again habib never let u alive

  • Dana - a loyal dicksucker of Conor

  • Conor needs to fight someone he can beat. He should steer clear of Ben

  • Connor talks shit and can't back it up!!!!!

  • Connor is a sorry a** bi***!!

  • Another rematch?...still Khabib will win..Insya Allah..

  • fuckin retards. Didn't like Conor and now Khabib ruined his rep. fuck em

  • Dillon took Khabib down.

  • Never cared for dana or noticed him his whole career but now i think hes just a peace of s###

  • Dana white goes where the money it has nothing to do the goings on after the fight

  • Yes babe Khabib don't give a fuck about Russia cause he is chechenyan and we r from Russia but we hate Russia and we hate asshole putin.

  • محسن

  • Very bad sportsmanship 👎

  • just bally up av it done with collin lad

  • Connor the best, fuck


  • "you just don't fuck with the russians" i think that we saw a live example here

  • The UFC obviously would punish Khabib, not Connor. This is an act of equality, and raciality.

  • Dana is a pimp who's earning money on mcgregor

  • All of the mcgregor team was beaten like a bitch by the great khabib and they said khabib was just talking ....