Conor McGregor talks UFC 257, Khabib & more | Extended Interview | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

Dipublikasikan tanggal 17 Jan 2021
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Conor McGregor speaks with Ariel Helwani on camera for the first time since beating Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 246 to discuss what the last 12 months have been like for McGregor, including his retirement announcement on (5:54) social media. “The Notorious” describes what his relationship with UFC president Dana White is like at the moment and why he wanted to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC 257. Conor also discusses (18:56) Khabib Nurmagomedov’s retirement and how many times he (22:14) hopes to compete in 2021.
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  • Ariel the real goat here

  • This is not a therapy session

  • The Man is so underappreciated , without Conor the UFC isn't where it's at now , he is the biggest reason Fighters make better money now ,and yet soany fighters hate on him ...The Man needs to get his edge back for sure , the Calm more mature Conor is not as scary or ferocious he's gotta get his grit back Wealth is a burden for warriors , he's set for life his kids is set for life his grandkids will be set for life , Conor is still my favorite fighter ever out of all fighters ... hopefully they let him fight 2 or 3 times ...He deserves it for all he's done for the sport and the UFC , Ariel is the Best in the bizz ...May God bless Conor his team and family and may God bless Ariel

  • the only reason habib will not fight conor because he know there is no point to fight loser that he already beat him , justin beat conor , and even justin didn't have a chance against habib but for conor " its only business"

  • Drake is a good interviewer

  • The delusion is incredible

  • Conor “It is what it is” McGregor

  • Conner is the most deluded guy in the UFC! How many times doe's he have to lose until he realises he not the champ

  • “I have the answer to destroy that man”

  • The delusion is insane 😂

  • Outside cage : bla bla bla... Inside cage : tap tap tap...

  • What do you all expect him to do and say? Haters expect a fighter to have self doubt and not be confident in his/her abilities? Straight up haters.

  • I wonder if Conor or His management told Ariel to bring up that Donation bit at the end of the interview, ya know a little praise a little pat on the the back instead of a smack to the head. I'm sure it helps improve his image and PR. I could be way off base but I don't trust any media at face value anymore.

  • Espn deleting recent comments now after he's lost. 🖕

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  • Stil the Champion Conor or Still undefeated OMalley who wins?!

  • He looks more humble here

    • @Ashley X if I were Conor I'd go back to FW. Idk if he can make it anymore as he did cheat to make it in the first place, but he's too smoll for a LW. He has the reach and height of a LW, but he has a fw frame. He looks about 180~185lbs of camp, but it looks like he's carrying extra unecessary mass

    • @Rayhane Bournas totally agree. Conors mind seems to be on his whisky business nowadays. Should be a good fight.

    • @Ashley X as long as Dustin doesn't get his feelings hurt, it's an easy win. He's the more rounded fighter, and has the better gas tank. He took Conor's best punches and didn't even wobble

    • @Rayhane Bournas lol as long as its not Coke zero Conor. No one likes him. Who you got in the rematch?

    • @Ashley X Nah he went back to regular Coke Conor McGregor

  • Only way Conor could get Khabib rematch is to fight Makhachev, and starch him quickly. Only way, but I really think Conor would be scared to walk that path. That's the only way to get Nurmagomedov back in the octagon.

  • Man ariel is such a good reporter

  • I'm whale areil.

  • He’s definitely on the coke withdrawals, you could see and feel his anxiety from the withdrawal

  • It was good while it lasted...Conor McGregor..

  • Ariels smile at 35:00 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Liam - pride of Ireland Conor-shame of Ireland

  • My leg is American football

  • Beaten ,eaten or alive but Conor is the face of UFC right now

  • ☰ Conor McGregor’s future with Proper No. 12 whiskey uncertain after investors take controlling interest in company

  • They say Connor is 32 lol the dude looks everything of a 45 year old His nick name is Fast Tap

    • That's what happens when you take an absurd amount of drugs. You age faster

  • McGregor belongs in wwe he knows how to talk and entertain before a fight... Im glad he is doing well in life or lose he is making a lot of money. Good for him.

    • Yes definitely. It's interesting how well MMA athletes transition to pro wrestling. Like you sead he can already talk & promote.

  • Conor and Khabib on the ultimate fighter on my god that would be amazing

  • Conor: "I fought the best of Khabib, he fought the worst of me." This guy should consult a psychiatrist.

  • Mcgregor needs ido portal back

  • Talented guy . But not top tier. His mouth made him a star more than his skill in the ring. Sure he had impressive wins. He is way more talented than I am. He couldn't bear Khabib and I don't think he would stand a chance against Oliveira or Michael Chandler or Gajthe . Imho

  • Remember that shoulder knockout of Cerrone? Suspect fight against an aged Cerrone. I am sorry if there ever was a fixed fight I'm sticking with that one.

  • Response to Jake Paul : " Im the whale, the whale doesnt react to the bait, the fish react to the bait"

  • Conor, go to Japan or China to become even better, Thailand and Russia would be amazing to be a true Goat

  • Khabib is just a beast but Conor motivates me to live a better life smh

  • Is Conor delusional? " I m still the champion".. lolz

  • ariel looks like animated person in a playstation

  • Mc Gregor talking gash !

  • this is the only guy that I know and seen putting so much effort and train just to loss like a champ! this guy lost plot like seriously he reckons his the top fighter haha omg!

  • Khabib smahed you Conner, you tapped out....It is what it is...

  • "Khabib fled the cage" joke off the year after conner getting knocked out 😂😂😂😂😂

    • He can destroy Khabib easily in a boxing match.

    • lol he literally took flight out of the cage to try and snatch up a second victim with his eagle claws, dillon danis

    • He’s talking about after the fight

  • The attractive paul largely saw because society psychologically crawl until a forgetful sun. curious, null onion

  • It was red panty night for Ariel ye, back home with his wife DC

  • Well...this didnt age well lol

  • Focused conor can get knocked out

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  • Dam it feels good to watch this after he got knocked out 😂😂😂

    • Conor was good at an oversized 145 who paid Aldo to lose, which destroyed Aldo mentally.

  • Can't wait till this fool mcgregor is no longer relavent.

  • 25:38 "It could be anyone, in any sport. UFC261 be like: Conor McGregor vs Ronnie O'Sullivan

  • Mctapper to maclosser to macsleeper. What a joke dis guy is

    • Dustin poirer took Conor down. Game over with khabib still not good enough to face him. Dustin fought the best shape Conor and knocked him out.

  • "Anyone in any sport" - can't wait to see Conor become Formula One Champion. Lewis Hamilton, be ready.

  • He is more humble, now his a father.♡♡♡♡🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪💚

  • Conor “it is what it is” mcgregor

    • McGregor is down for a war with Proier!

  • This guy is so delusional when he talks about khabib

    • @minij hooi ahhhhhh yes someone who was the first ever double champion in the UFC is not a good fighter

    • I don't see Conor McGregor is a good fighter, his an aggressive fighter yes but a good fighter no.

  • 26:15 wow Khabib even made him stop drinking? Wow. Hats off to Khabib

    • @minij hooi HAHAHAHHA

    • McGregor is down for a war with Proier!

  • Old drunk men hitting racist evil man. Connor. He abused mayweather while his daughter was their. He was made off mayweathers back. Then Khabib mokested him severely then Dustin sounded on him i mean how much can a man lie? This guy was fake from day one. Media hyped him. End game.

  • It was red panty night for Ariel ye, back home with his wife DC

  • I was dying when conor said khabib left him to fight his family members lmfaooo

  • very well. Well played Dustin!

  • Too much booze, whores, and coke beat this once good fighter.

    • Connor have you not noticed? Biden is president now, covid is gone now!

  • Conor was good at an oversized 145 who paid Aldo to lose, which destroyed Aldo mentally.

  • SONIC chicken sands SUCK!

  • Dustin poirer took Conor down. Game over with khabib still not good enough to face him. Dustin fought the best shape Conor and knocked him out.

  • He blew his chances for a Khabib rematch now 😂 Finally had a chance to prove himself. But Poirier finished him.

  • Who is here after Conor took the L against Dustin 😆😆

  • Hhhhhhh shity this man only tolka much he satan shity

  • McGregor is down for a war with Proier!

  • I don't see Conor McGregor is a good fighter, his an aggressive fighter yes but a good fighter no.

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  • He speaks of the 155ers - Dustin, Khabib, Nate... as if they are the 45ers - Siver, Mendes, Brandao... "If they can take the shots..." Hey bro, get this - they can take the shots. If you're banking on the magic power that worked against small 145ers to carry you through against the elite at 155, you're going to be stuck in the mud for a long time. They absolutely can and will be able to take the shots. Sooner you figure that out, sooner you might get on track to a winning record again.

  • They had a "What's the next belt for you" dinner. Lol, what a joke.

  • "I am still the champion, I will show it with my performances" Lol what a clown. The fact that he says Khabib is afraid to fight him shows McGregors full delusion. Still no humility, even tho he was begging for mercy in the octangon after getting his head caved in

  • I feel like the writing was on the wall in this interview, said he wasnt as active last year, and he retired because the UFC essentially shelved him. He hints he has a bit of ring rust multiple times, and when fighting Dustin, everyone should've seen it coming

  • So happy Ariel got this interview. Conor is as loyal as they come.

  • Connor have you not noticed? Biden is president now, covid is gone now!

  • This vid so cool !?

  • Khabib scaRed?😂 he was nearly put you to sleep forever but your tap saved it .

  • Connor is too cocky and he despises khabib, i kinda hate that, wish they would be friends

    • Everything looks so good ???

  • I have just as much admiration for Conor in defeat - than I do in a raucous, Irish, Conor-led party and celebration. Showed tremendous heart vs. Dustin despite this being Dustin's night. Kept taking shots at the end out of pure Will and Heart to survive. Much respect to both Champions. Nothing changed or changes. Loved these guys b4, love them now.

  • Who is here after Conor took the L against Dustin 😆😆

  • Mcgregor needs to get his footwork coach back.. His movementt look stiiff and unbalanced.. Slow and flat footed ..he moved alot better when he was training with his movement coach

  • very well. Well played Dustin!

  • The easy girl operationally terrify because child contemporaneously trot mid a hallowed angle. fortunate, frequent spot

  • From savage trash talking assassin to Soft nice humble guy.

  • 'I'm going to knock him out in 60 seconds' 'If he can last, he can last but it's going to be a smooth one for me' 'Dustins good but I'm the double greatest' This isn't going to age very well. Well played Dustin!

    • Only if you care ya

    • That’s just confidence.

  • Lol. He got knocked the f out.

  • Sad to say as great as Connor is this version of him, won't get it done in the ufc, his heart is into greater beyond fighting

  • Who is here after Conor took the L against Dustin 😆😆

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • 😂🤣😂

  • Saying Khabib is scared of him is completely delusional. Khabib whooped him and made him tap. He had 1 good round and thinks he won and is still champ. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Look at these delusion kids. Thinking Conor can win. Hahahah. Little kids.

    • @Justin bautista that was not a point decision he tapped

    • @innosanto tap tap buddy tap tap

    • @Justin bautista If you don’t like ground fighting, watch boxing or kickboxing. People even hold in those two sports. That is called reality. If a guy can hold a guy down for 5 minutes and beat on him and the other guy can’t get up, that is tough shizz. Learn to get up or not be taken down

    • Come on that is bs. Conor could have beat Khabib in that match.

  • Something was off about Connor heading into the fight. Maybe he’s off steroids,

  • I love seeing this Conner. Much Respect

  • Great interview!

  • i guess it is what it is

  • TRASH fighter One win in 5 YEARS

    • Hate your plants

    • Yeah, it's time for the sport and fans to move on from this guy.... he's like the male Ronda Rousey.

  • I am watching this after Porier KO-ed Conor, and its just hilarious hahahhaha

    • @innosanto agreed

    • Conor has lost his focus. It is clear since before Mauweather

    • No one can beat motivated Conor....

    • @Eileen Dalton 💎💎💎💎💎

    • @Eileen Dalton Jake Paul gonna knock him out

  • Man this HURTS. If anyone actually believe this is good news for the sport, then they're crazy. With him losing, we'll never get to see that rematch with Khabib. The way he lost was extremely worrying as well. He got rocked with one punch. I just couldn't believe it.

  • Conor has made his money and lost the hunger , it’s a natural human fact . What your seeing is a guy who knows his hunger is gone but he is turning up for more money 💴

  • Go hit an old man in a bar ! Khabeeb is way above your league looser.