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*It's 360º VR video. Please move your phone or drag the screen to watch from different angles.
NCT DREAM Official
#CONTOUR_BACKSTAGE #문화체육관광부 #한국콘텐츠진흥원


  • this is my soul mate 🤭

  • daebak

  • When I have to watch it multiple times so I could focus on each member

  • I just realized they gave resonance spoiler here. 90's love and resonance's intro hahaha

  • So fun

  • Pusing gw njir 😇

  • Keren 👍❤️ bisa liat pojokannya..🌱

  • They're so cute 😂😂

  • This comback means a lot not just for us but for dreams members as well so guys let's do our best in this comback

  • Dah gila gw nontonnya nyengir2 sambil muter2 :"

  • Sm please don’t do this again i got dizzy people at the streets thought I was crazy cause yes I watched it when I was outside going to the market shopping for groceries that was hella embarrassing

  • Gilaaa keren bgt

  • 😭😭😭❤️

  • I love this kind of videooo

  • ฮืออออ

  • 360도 거지같음

  • This is innovative and sooo good, the only problem is that I have to read subtitles while I move the screen to look at everything around. Korean: 1 Others: 0

  • Not at me getting too lazy to get up and spin and just using fingers to spin the camera

  • 제노야 360인데 난 너밖에 안보인다 😅

  • Jffhdu

  • Im happy cause i can saw jaemin everyyyy time😍😍😍

  • omg wait, i can't focus

  • Me every time the camera changes: *WHERE IS CHENLE!?*

  • hp gue gembel,diputer sampe salto gabisa anjir

  • esto es lo mas cerca de poder estar con ellos


  • Really really like it!❤❤

  • 7:03 Chenle’s live vocals muahh

  • Can we talk about Jaemin at 0:04.

  • Menunggu sub indo haha

  • Berasa jadi juru camera 😮

  • Wahhhh baru kali ini ketemu konten yg kayak gini

  • 제노리 파란 머리 때문에 일단 들어옴

  • So this is what it feels like to be tall...

  • Ane terkejoed dengan teknologi

  • WoW

  • The way I am following Jaemin

  • 360° Nice


  • Dreamiesssss

  • 💚 💚 💚 💚

  • #YunnanPuerTea:My favorite Chinese Tea.운난 푸으어 차:가장 맛있는 중국차.

  • сварлжээ

  • 0:53 umm that blonde hair guy make me blushed ...

  • halu nya aku yg berpikir lagi nemenin jeno latihan

  • Berasa halu ye

  • 나만 내가 돌고 있었나.....

  • I love this so much

  • feel can hallucinations😂

  • I love raw videos like this

  • 해찬아 너무 잘생겼다!!

  • My head hurts from moving

  • 😆

  • dreams

  • 아이고 할미 어지러워 죽겠다 얘들아

  • J

  • Guys try moving and leaning your phone ....... It looks like your operating the camera

  • Why are they soooo cute I love their friendship so much

  • I think we all can agree that we don't think they are fighting but are simply just simblings

  • 4:09 drop the cover

  • Me juggling with reading the subtitles and 'chasing ' them:💀


  • haechan looks so good

  • Jujur gua norak banget wkwkwkkw

  • Omg

  • dream friendship really scream childish children with some of mature sense of think. out of unit from nct i adore their friendship the most

  • just dont mind me looking like an idiot ☠️

  • What made them think this is a good idea i was struggling on who to watch😭😭😭

  • The closest I can get to an NCT unit. 😩

  • me: *turns around bcs i'm shy😳✋

  • woi pusing:((( tapi berasa lg di tmpt latihan mereka:')

  • This is so neo....

  • Can't take my eyes of Nana❤️

  • 손 돌아갈것 같아요

  • I like NCTzen💚 Sijeuni💚💚💚💚💚

  • I missing dreamis

  • pushing njrit Lama²

  • keren anjir

  • 0:30 엔시티였습니다

  • Heh layar nya goyan goyang

  • I didn't get that I should be the one moving the camera so I was just looking at the wall behind and members' heads😂😂😂😂

  • 좀 어지럽긴한데 신기하다

  • Song?

  • Not me spinning around in my chair and getting dizzy trying to chase jaemin

  • Lee Jeno is a good story teller. If he make a video or podcast and talking about anything, even 30-60minutes, I will keep to watch it.

  • NCT dream 360° camera Me : spinning 360° my body and my phone to see them 😂

  • َ

  • I feel like travel w/ dream member haha

  • Berasa real anjrot😭

  • How can people dislike this video??

  • And this is where the long face hyuck cult began

  • This helped me know the choreographies i cant do lmao

  • Im lying down and I fcking don't know what to do because all I see is the ceiling AND THAT WHERE I REALIZED ITS 360° AND IM THE ONE CONTROLLING THE CAMERA. and got here to comment it. So thank for reading hahahaha

  • 8:17 detik guwe jadi kameramennya anak2 dreammm ... pengen nangis 😭😭😭

  • Gilaaaaaa keren bangettt coyyy.. bisa gerak 360derajat

  • my back hurts from moving around so much

  • The audacity for jeno and jaemin to play with the camera like that. I feel so dizzy just to catch their beautiful face 😤

  • it feels as if I was right there with them it was a good experience but weird specially because I had trouble finding them .

  • feels like i see them in real life. but im ✨transparant✨

  • not me following jaemin turns around the camera