Cooking My Boyfriend A Meatless Meal!

Dipublikasikan tanggal 13 Peb 2020
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  • 15:50 Just the way Ryland said it and the confusion on his face and the others laughing is EVERYTHING! 🤣

  • Am I the only one that keeps coming back to this video missing these random cooking videos?

  • I don't know why I do this to myself!! These cooking videos make me cringeeeeee but they make me laugh sooo much!! I am confused!!!

  • HEY SIRI Oh man it gets me every time😂🤣

  • It's so unsettling to watch vids with shane after the drama...

  • Sunday watching all of cooking with Ryland videos.

  • I've watched this like 10 times lol still lol for real when Shane closes the eyes of mini Jeff .

  • He should've put "cooking my family a meatless meal" 😊😁 its cute


  • I love ryland shit hell no do you need the emergency room ???!!!!

  • 32:20 Shane looks so depressed after being around family and friends

  • Disslikes are from good cooks

  • The good times before they knew these were the good times 😢

  • This is the most I have ever laughed at Shane. And I already thought he was hilarious but him and that damn Furby might be the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life.

  • This is my sixth time watching this and its never not funny

  • Omg are you a feeder?? It totally makes sense now

  • It's kind of crazy to see how scared Shane was when he heard he was trending. It's like he knew he was going to get caught with something.

  • Shane should do a series with David Dobrik and it would be The Secret World Of David Dobrik

  • Gay

  • 5:56 wow, cmon Morgan that was the fakest staged question ive ever heard

  • Wash down wipe down things before bringing into homes so many people touch before gets to you besafe

  • 27:03 I hate furbees...also 26:32 and 29:20 I'm sorry to say that Shane really does need help. That face is not the face of a functioning human that thinks normal thoughts..

  • 11:37 is when they start cooking literally 11 minutes of them talking about celebritys

  • These videos make me so happy I always come back to these when I feel sad.

  • I watch videos like this and think that Shane finds Ryland boring. He interrpts him so much. I think Shane's too famous for Ryland and Ryland is too healthy and wholesome for Shane.

  • SHANE POST PLS like if you agree

  • Rylands so obnoxious omg no celebrities don’t want anything to do with you honey

    • Lmao he's only "dreaming" about it, what's the big deal? Also, why are you watching an old video of him if you hate him so much?

  • Shane the whole video "COOK!"

  • Am I the only one that watches ryland's cooking videos like all day ? loveeeeeeeee them w Morgan too 💛💛

  • Morgan trying to open the wine is iconic

  • ryland: "because you're iconic" yes he is😎

  • I watch you all pretty much every day. Thank you for being entertaining and making me forget my troubles for a bit


  • 17:53 22:12

  • 4:48 that was terrifying

  • 'them not having any pots or pans or other things" "me having a mom who is a chef" "my kitchen T-T"

  • Rylands face at 15:50!!! So funny!!!

  • OMG I LOVE SHANE SO MUCH!!!! so iconic. ily shane. yes everything is pointless to life and ily :)

  • i like how morgan accidentally stumbled across nihilism

  • When people say the salt makes the water boil faster...

  • This video is the definition of ADHD and it’s amazing 😂

  • Shane shouldn’t be on your channel your going to get in trouble for having him on your channel

    • Ahahahahahahah he's going to get in trouble? Are you 10? They're a couple, and this is the internet, he can do whatever he wants.

    • This video was posted back in February calm down

  • Lighting bold on shirt & throwing up them devil horns👿👹

  • Morgan is a beautiful mood

  • Omg 🤭so cute when ryland say insert hot water, look at the small 🛒 shopping cart 11:55

  • Literally watching this while making crapes for my boyfriend for breakfast 😃

  • Don’t drag my man Justin Bieber is one of the men on my list of 5 men who are mine

  • Am I the only one who thinks that there’s parts in this video that are different from when it was first posted

  • I wish you guys were my parents because mine are mean

  • 15:50😂😂

  • 7:10 : when someone steals a joke you said and then says they made it up

  • Rylands forehead is ✨g l o s s y✨

  • Why did ryland really sound like shane at that one moment in the video

  • The fact that Ryland says "SIRI...Set the timer for 9 minutes please" lol....So courteous to Siri :)

  • Watching this video for the 5th time

  • This didn't age well 1:15

  • Now I want to it that

  • Anyone know what brand the pot they are using for the quinoa is?

  • This is like probably the 10th time I seen this, because this looks so yummy.. even the finished product like 🤤🤤🤤❤️ ugh. I want SOME.. lol

  • Morgan opens wine like me hahah 😂

  • Miss Shane so much

  • I like how ryland is just trying to do his ad and they are talking about random shit 😂

  • Fun fact: in order for the stuff to not boil over put a wooden spoon over the pot that will not let it boil over

  • MY SIRI ANSWERED HIM 😭 I have this video playing in the background and I’m just scrolling on Instagram when Siri popped up talking about I said hey Siri and she responded yea what’s up . Let me tell you my heart STOPPED cuz it’s almost three rn until I realized what part of the video I was on 😩

  • ooooooooh the pig cut board is iconic

  • Here the part where we goin swaybee oh hey y’all yeah nice kitchen how is the cheetah crazy Lyon stuff huh 4%1 well I, am a math addict. Saw train train train train cluckuty CLACK NKT ENOUGH shane u can sing good but spoiler alert ;) they was gonna never let u cover this now we cover this with wubs well dang let’s just wait for Andy to show himself again then we just floo and woo

  • i have a confession am i the only one who watches Rylands videos cuz Shane doesn't upload and that's the only time me a fan can see him????

    • Same don’t worry but Rylands lowkey a vibe so I enjoy watching him to

  • I wish they’d come back 😭😭

  • have you ever had new mexicos enchiladas? they are the bestt


  • (NO HOMO). But Shane is very attractive

  • forever my favourite video, i always come back to this video makes me so happy!!!

  • youtube is listening to me and my fam i was watching youtube wall my bro and dad were cooking blue apren resepy

  • Missing Shane

  • You know when someone is rich when they have a sparkly coffee maker

  • why does it say boyfriend and not fiance

  • "I'm saying I'm tired." this is why i love Morgan, she's so relatable 😂

  • i love you sh much shane and ryland

  • Ryland: *reads* 8 minutes into the oven Also Ryland : hey siri,set a timer for 9 minutes plz Me: O.o wait what

  • you guys are literally the Walmart version of the vlog squad

  • Who loves Shane Dawson? Love you Shane wish I was your real daughter. Your a cool father 💖

  • my mom was upset bts didn't get a grammy

  • its so sad to watch this after what happened...

    • Not trying to start crap but honestly go somewhere else with the drama.

  • The 'philosophical standpoint' Morgan is referring to is called _nihilism_

  • Ariana imo didnt win a Grammy because nothing about her music is that unique or groundbreaking. Any decent r&b singer couldve released the same album. No offense to the Ari stans but she's rather basic.

  • I’ll tell you what worse than Ariana not winning a grammy Harry styles not even being nominated

  • He says he's never cooked a blue airplane male 2 years ago he's cooked one

  • I love watching Morgan and Ryland interact. Such good sibling chemistry

  • In Ryland's defense, Morgan asked what's in it for her when he asked her to be a part of his Christmas house makeover video, so that's probably what he was remembering when he said that there has to be something that she has to get out of being in one of his videos. Exhibit A: At 1:35 of the Christmas video above, she says it. Yes, I stan Ryland. And Morgan. 😁

  • I miss Shane 🥺

  • I look forward to seeing Ryland cook because he never has the right cutlery 😆

  • “The game of life and how to play it”. By Florence Scovel Shinn. 💕. Free audiobook here on ID-tv.

  • 20:58 morgan has a point tho 😂

  • ngl i miss shane like this he was too quiet in the recent one

  • You all are making me want to try a vegetarian meal for once. It actually looks amazing.

  • 5:28 *ᶜʰᴱᵉᴿˢ*

  • i love shane so much!!!

  • I love how excited Ryland gets to eat the food he cooked and how much he enjoys the food too

  • Ryland its Flexitarian

  • I would love to cook for you guys❤