COOLEST HACKS TO BECOME POPULAR AT SCHOOL || Sneak Food! Epic Tik Tok Hacks Tested by 123 GO! SCHOOL

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Oh. It’s another love note.
You know what?
Now’s my chance
I think I could be into her.
Tell us in the comments some of your favorite school hacks!
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  • I love you whoo who

  • That’s scarey when the cat is dead

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  • I am six

  • I now how they did them

  • i am not allowed snacking in class teachers can find out you know

  • OMG

  • new girl cool

  • Awesome hacks baby!

  • The to do list

  • Oh no no no. No no no She’s not fat

  • I agreed her about letting things happen like her nightmare.

  • I love your chanel

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  • When they say they don't have but when they make it they have it

  • Keven and lily 💔

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  • Really even Indian kids already know if the pencils eraser is finished just sharp the part of the pencil welhere the eraser is easy

  • 2:10 shes teaching kids how to cheat bruh thats bad you have to study to earn it wrong answer is wrong atleast you learnd that its wrong answer no need to cheat

  • I. Love 💕

  • Hold up, the paper was ripped then when she make the lipstick eraser thing it wasn't ripped.

  • I'm lmao lol

  • It says the answer sheet is wrong. She gets a rubber band and writes the correct answers on. Cant she just think of the answers and write then down if she already knew them?

  • Thought I was how to become a good pet owner because of the thumbnail

  • 3:12 House spontaneously combusts somehow very neat...

  • 123 go:just gonna put this on this cup me:IF YOU REMBER THEN YOU DON’T NEED IT 🤦

  • 8:54 that is my sister’s name Ava

  • 8:45 said the D Word

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  • Btw i live in phillipine's in these place mom always check if there is something wrong now what am i gonna do!??!

  • Maybe this happen's in ur country when i cheat i won but my mom is smart he tell's the teacher and i got an F-

  • How can scissers break from that small hight

  • Who is the imposter in the world and the body is on the floor.

  • Thumbnail hack is feeding your cat Edit: thats a chore

  • You should probably clean the wipe container before putting the snack in

  • I did that

  • I'm sorry no hate but why just why when that girl got hit by a golf ball and dropped her scissors why did they break, scissors dont do that....... oh ya but the rulers work as scissors 10/10

  • #triggered insaan should rost this video

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  • Congratulations to whoever is laye and found this comment

  • 12:23

  • 4:04 This is actually useful for me!

    • then you need a new clock every time

  • So is everyone not gonna talk about the thumbnail? And why do all the girls simp for Kevin?! I dont understand

  • I try the ruler hack in school

  • It’s not the student’s fault that the teacher isn’t following the dress code

  • Bruh the cat is ded and fake,the cat whit bones is edited lol

  • This is absolute scam !😡😡

  • I am in the AMC is a girl of

  • 9:09 u said u have no eraser

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  • Wow I like the hake

  • 9:09 you already have a eraser

  • Who else looked at the thumb nail and got sad

  • If she needs an eraser USE THE EASER YOU USED TO DO THE HACK

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  • cat ls sooo cute 15k

  • I like the glitery hair

  • Does she really need one hour to water the plants 😅

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  • Best cheats ever I must try it

  • I love Rosie

  • I had scary nihtmares


    • It's animated-

    • That’s literally not even scary like what? -_- just sayin don’t hate on me pls

    • Oops sorry Eva

    • @1976Frosty uh huh and someone assumed you are a girl you wouldn't say anything to them yt isnt for 2 year olds kiddo

    • Magical Avakin my gender is boy now shutup

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  • um you know. if she wrote the answers on the cheat sheet quickly before the test. doesn't that mean she knows the answers?

  • 0:11 it works I tried it on my mom and dad

  • You know that you can’t seek snack right? 😂😂😂

  • Wait how did you get that rubber from umm you need to fix that?

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  • First time nerd being the bully

  • 4:06 u need an hour to feed the cat?????

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