Dalgona Coffee - Explained and Upgraded

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There's been a lot of requests for this video, so I hope you all enjoy it and if you give it a try then share a picture, feel free to tag me on Instagram.
Thanks to Nick Cho for some pronunciation help! (I hope I didn't mess it up too badly...)
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  • This is basically Greek iced nes coffee, but it is upside down. Greeks drown in that drink in the summer... Edit: This was very entertaining with all the geeky stuff.

  • Review Crema di caffe!!!

  • someone buy this man a silicone spatula

  • How about create your own instant coffee with your own espresso and using liquid nitrogen to freeze dry it, I think that's how you make instant coffee, but you probably need some scientific equipment for that.

  • Use an espresso shot in place of water, choose the appropriate instant by taste, do the same recipe

  • "Its still sweet instant coffee and milk" and the PSA #Love Hoffman Frankness

  • What do you think about the cheaper espresso machines. The ones about $40 to $90

  • 20 grams of sugar, does it come with an insulin shot?

  • When I saw this video, it reminds me of Cuban style coffee made with moka pot in which they use the first 2 tablespoons of the liquid that comes out to mix with sugar which you can get to a foam state as well, In my opinion I think that is the best alternative compare to instant coffee. Maybe give that go?

  • I love how the whole video is like trying to solve an engineering dilemma. It got me asking "what the hell even IS instant coffee and how did it get here?? it seems impossible" and I'm arriving at the conclusion we should just get some whipped cream and mix some espresso over it to get the best version of this experience.

  • Did the <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:3</a>:3 ratio change or did he maintain that ratio when cooling to increase viscosity?

  • Seems like a lot of hype over nothing.

  • The instant coffe whisking thing is so famous in Greece my mom said when she was in uni she had a friend who was known for being able to whisk his coffe for half an hour

  • He looks like how I would imagine Edna Mode's husband would look like.

  • I tried making this with a 2in1 onstant coffee that already has xylose sugar in it, and it didnt whip up that much, is it because of the diff type of sugar I used?

  • I guess it is kind of similar to the principle behind Cuban coffee. I have not made one of those in a long time. I should try it with the Aeropress and see what happens.

  • LOL.

  • Tip, use a bigger bowl. It helps to to build more air faster . :)

  • My coffee stays black no matter how long I stir it -__- Then, I use a 3 in 1 coffee which I finally got a lighter colour but not as light as dalgona and looks melted. Someone told me to use ground coffee but it’s too expensive so I bought a powdered one.

  • What about a syphon?

  • Vietnamese egg coffee is the bomb! Excuse my choice of word.

  • Damn, first video I see with you - Subbed!

  • Is there any taste James likes

  • Hey, so in Bulgaria since forever we have had a similar thing called Frape (the e is not silent and the a is pronounced as a:) so two things - first, you don’t need sugar to make it; second, we have little whisking machines that make the coffee foam in 30 secs and cost about £20. It is my to go to cold summer drink. I don’t like sweet coffee so I always have it unsweetened, I find that the milk adds enough sweetness.

    • From Wikipedia about Frappe’s foam: The spray-dried instant coffee used to make a frappé contains nearly no oil; this allows the frappé's characteristically thick layer of foam to form. Frappé foam is similar to crema, the foam found in espresso, but thicker and longer lasting due to its oilless composition. It is a three-phase colloid of air bubbles, coffee solids, and water. Depending on the initial size of the foam's bubbles, and the frappé's sugar content, water drains from the foam over the course of 2-10 minutes, thickening until it forms a nearly solid foam, which then slowly dissipates. Frappés made with freshly brewed coffee or freeze-dried instant coffee, both of which contain significantly more oils than spray-dried instant coffee, produce only short lived foams.

  • Could you not use some sort of foaming agent into an espresso instead of making something overly sweet?

  • Brother I got a solution. Make Japanese cold brew, add copious amounts of brown sugar and STEAM IT WITH A STEAM WAND FROM AN ESPRESSO MACHINE. Steam it like a cappuccino or machiatto. You will get carmelized coffee foam. Spoon onto milk, all foam first then coffee to create a 50\50 ratio. It's called and anti-latte and I invented it in my coffee shop. Interestingly, steaming coffee with a milk wand seams to lessen the bitterness, weird and sounds impossible but true.

  • I just made this today. agonizing process for a fairly generic taste.. but at least it looks cool s'up quarantiners?

  • So i can replace the water and instant coffee with strong brewed coffee?

  • Use half the amount of instant coffee, and use espresso instead of water. I bet it would taste so much better and you wouldn't need a vaccuum chamber. Also I bet adding a pinch of baking soda would vastly reduce the unpleasant bitterness of instant coffee.

  • It actually works without sugar as well, I've added some maple syrup for a slightly healthier option 😊 (not using a hand whisk though omg)

  • I made coffee like this by accident twice and the first time I poured it away thinking it was going to be disgusting then the second time I did it I actually tried it and it wasn’t bad but I don’t know how I managed it. Edit ok not quite like this but it did look like it... what we have here is a smack substitute when you can’t get a buzz you make this coffee and you’ll be buzzing like a smack head 😂

  • Does weight equates to volume?

  • What if you made this with actual espresso, way less sugar and thickeners like xantham gum or soy lecithin to increase the viscosity? Both are fairly heat stable so you could make a hot version and technically you could foam it up enough to make it like a dalgona no?

  • I don't buy instant coffee, but owing to the simplicity if this experiment, I'm in. The first coffee I tried was also instant and I was a mere kid. Gross. It put me off coffee for years. How could something that smells so good, tastes to so bad. I rediscovered real coffee in my late 20s, but I lean toward dessert type concoctions. (Love a handsome face with a British accent).

  • "Whisk it for a miserably, miserably long time"...3 whole minutes later you are done... Man..you sound like someone who hadn't a honest day's work in a long time..

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-oOuQPraVfNw.html the best coffee I have ever tried

  • This was glorious! I used monk fruit sweetner, oat milk, and a milk frother to make this and it was so good!

  • Young Michael Gove does coffee.

  • I love his content. But his voice and dynamism is nails on a chalk board. Idk..

  • Couldn’t you use a whipped cream dispenser made with chilled espresso and a little bit of sugar for flavor and to cut some the bitterness from the espresso? Now I know everyone doesn’t have one but you still might get the right texture for this drink.

  • The foaming is in the core of the refreshing Frappé coffee ever so popular in Greece. The heck with Ouzo or Retsina, Frappé is the de facto Greek national drink! How about an upgrade on that?

  • Actually, you CAN whip up a “dalgona” with only espresso and sugar. I’ve been to bars in Italy - from Rome to Padova - that do just this. And, it’s really not so “labor” intensive as you fussily suggest.

  • You should use actual volumetric measurement tool to measure 15 ml, and not just eyeball it. You had way different amounts of all ingredients as you just used regular spoon

  • i like take one scoop and stir it in the milk then top as much as you want and i heat my milk

  • Runs off to order French instant coffeeo

  • When I fist saw this trend, I thought of a similar textural experience with espresso that is respecting both the coffee and the milk. It is called Freddo Cappuccino. As far as I know, it comes from Greece and it is a wonderful summer coffee drink with a fluffy gorgeous top. Here is how is is made (literally the first link from ID-tv I found): id-tv.org/tv/video-htrbw3tIKXs.html

  • All b..kcs get rid of the whole visual aspect of that trend, do a simple espresso shakerato! Your best espresso shot, crushed eis, little milk , a Boston Shaker, well shaken,Pour it in to a Italian digestive glass, done! Like past 50-60 years we 've seen. Using sugar to get stuff foamy is last you want to do if you don't like it Sweet. As I always thought from the beginning to be a coffee roast Meister you need to come from kitchen Brigade. Not from Bar- Waiter section. It is food, not a service, people need to bring with more knowledge of materials being used, tastes, how to combine elements , their interaction with each other. We learn these by cooking not by serving them. That thing is nothing more than cool looking slow-motion Instagram video-calming crap. As always for gastronomy: if you can sell it, it is good. If especially you describe it with best materials you can get in your hands does just tastes: sweet , milky kind of coffee tasty: it ain't good and will not get in to long lasting good drinks lists.

  • the best part of the video is when james personifies a whisk three times in a row

  • Lawd you need a kitchen aide. XD Love this video. Love your explanation.

  • 이분 채널에서 달고나커피를 보게될 줄이야ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 달고나커피가 한국이 원조는 아니지만...... 어쨌든 기분은 좋네요!😁

  • Strikes me that the easiest way to make a sweet coffee foam with espresso would be to use a isi and nitrogen bulbs. Would be cold and shelf stable without oxidisation. Also lots less work and scalable.

  • Instant coffee gives me a headache, anyone else?

  • You are so well informed and knowledgeable, without being pretentious! Subscribed

  • Suggestions for the future: Affogato recipes - ration of ice cream to espresso, temp of ice cream, ice cream variants (coconut milk, etc), flavor choices with coffee

  • For me I think I'll just stick with a good Affogato and then I've got coffee, sweet milk, cool, and yum and it's an actual espresso.

  • P.S. I acquired an Osaka coffee maker. Please, please, PLEASE, could you do a feature on how to use this properly? Thank you.

  • 1) You need one of these (or something similar): www.ikea.com/us/en/p/produkt-milk-frother-black-30301167/ 2) It would be so wonderful if somebody could figure out how to make this with real coffee.

  • a surprisingly inefficient wisker

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a> WOW bro. Your pronunciation was insanely good. Like completely spot-on I'm super impressed. I can tell you do your research well :0

  • I lived in Cyprus for 10 years.. a colloquially referred to "frappe" is consumed, I would guess as commonly, if not more so than fresh coffee drinks. Its made whizzing instant coffee, sugar and a small amount of cold water. Its whizzed up with a long wand with a small spinning plastic disc at the end. Moving the wand up and down creates the gooey-foamy instant coffee in about 10 seconds. Milk or water and ice is added to complete the drinks. Its like an upside down Dalgona with less sugar and made in under a minute!

    • I forgot to add also, that the most common brand of instant used for this drink was standard Nescafé.

  • Well done James. Cooler to make it than to drink it. I like to add peanut butter.

  • Hello James! I am a coffee lover and I love your Channel! Have you ever tried Frappe Coffee? It is like a national coffee for Greeks! It is soo similar with this coffee. We have a special equipment to prepare it. The link shows how is made. id-tv.org/tv/video-lbmWtPtZIZA.html

  • if you wanted to try with a pulled shot, you could add something like xanthan gum and then whisk it to add air? not sure how much this would affect the flavour though...

  • Every time James is saying “not drinking this one” my anxiety kicks in. 🥴

  • Rather than using a whisk I use a imersion blender

  • Maybe sub out most of the sugar for gelatine - it works well for making cheffy foams

  • This is very similar to a Cuban coffee....I think they use the first part of a shot of espresso, whisked with sugar (similar to this, turned into a paste) then added back to rest of the espresso shot. That one shot is split up among a few people, served in tiny communion cups. I have only found these in the Miami, Florida area. I typically drink black coffee now, but Cuban coffee will always be my first love.

  • Anyone else see a long rendering glitch at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a>?

  • a blender works well if your fine with making a lot of it

  • Cubans foam the first most concentrated part of moka coffee with sugar, could it be done the same way? Measuring with a scale, of course

  • Loved this!!

  • Don't add the same volume of sugar:coffee. It will taste horribly bitter. Use more sugar than coffee about 1tsp coffee: 1tbsp sugar and whip it until its lightest brown. It will taste like you've added milk in it.

  • why dont you just use espresso and sugar with no water or add just enough water to level the liquid ratio?

  • This is delicious on butter pecan ice cream.

  • supposed to mix it all together. It then tastes like a coffee smoothie. Also, I use my electric hand blender

  • Seems bassackwards, but to each their own I suppose.

  • James I adore you and your comfortable attire and sonically delightful tenor. You are a treasure sir

  • Try Xanthan gum.

  • 6 g 21 g 20 g

  • OMG... I am utterly disturbed seeing him not mixing it properly before drinking. I think he forgets about the milk-coffee correlation after the 3-minute of intense stirring. hahaha. Btw great explanation about the surfactant and health concern part.