Damage filmed inside warehouse after fighter jet crash in California- video

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A warehouse worker filmed a gaping hole from inside the building where a F-16 fighter jet crashed on Thursday. The footage, filmed just outside March Air reserve base in California, shows what appears to be the tail of the plane buried in twisted metal and piles of cardboard.
The pilot ejected moments before the plane crashed into the roof of the warehouse, and there were no immediate reports of injuries on the ground. The cause of the crash was under investigation
Fighter jet crashes into California warehouse


  • waiting for the US to blame Iran and start a full scale invasion

  • Do you at least get salvage rights?

  • Umm you might wanna step back a bit F-16s carry hydrazine.

    • @5feetgoaround fullflapsC150 Preliminary reports suggest the F-16s hydraulics failed making the aircraft uncontrollable there is no recovering from that.

    • @Schmitty -- Added so F16 pilots decide to bail out and destroy the plane instead of landing it and saving it from destruction. Look at the Cal Nat Guard that crashed on a warehouse a few months ago..

    • @5feetgoaround fullflapsC150 A very dangerous and toxic liquid used in the F-16s Emergency Power Unit.

    • What is that??

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  • I worked near that building ‘ I was supposed to work that Thursday , damm! My last day of work was Sunday !

  • I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often considering how low U.S. military standards are today.

  • If you can’t fly, make peace. And you will make peace 😂😂😂😂😂

  • All i see is a heap of rubble...

    • The tip of the vertical stabilizer is clearly visible above the pile of rubble.

  • There should have been a warning about the language.

  • This is what happens when Trump takes money away from the military to build his stupid wall.

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  • почему он просто снимает, почему он не помогает или не зовёт помощь? неужели все в сша такие?

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  • Thought it only happened in movies.....

  • No fire? Ok suuurrreeee we believe you. Probably found his passport too

    • @Agrokangaroo gaming Fair enough :)

    • EasoLV yeah no I know they don’t explode like in movies. Just saying there was live ammunition.

    • @Agrokangaroo gaming Doesnt really matter still. They do not have to explode just because of that. Once more - not a movie.

    • EasoLV the plane was carrying Missiles. At least that’s what I heard about it bc the 215 was closed due to live ammunition. I mean that’s what I heard from the news.

  • March Air reserve...........has been nearly deserted since the late 1980's............there in grass growing out of the streets and parking lots around many of its vacant buildings.......why was a F-16 fighter jet ......even there...??

    • its part of the air national guard and tanker re-fueling...The Air Force base has been closed for a long time , but the base is still open

  • What’s with all the terrible pilots out there?

    • It seems as if it was a hydraulics malfunction, pilot couldn’t do anything about it

    • He was on his phone.

  • uhm, no parking sensors, I suppose.

  • Never knew Iranian missiles could reach so far.

  • Yep military plane in building, the question is, what is doing there ?

  • It's an F16 , it's probably meant to do that

    • He means the Flanker and Fulcrum killer.

    • You mean the most currently used fighter airplane in the world?

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  • There's something you don't see every day. So happy the pilot ejected. Hope he's okay.

    • happy no one in the warehouse was injured, right?

  • death machines are deadly........ live by the sword.....

  • Just another day at work then?

    • Or at home in Virginia Beach

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