Dancing to Red Velvet with IRENE & SEULGI | 레드벨벳 | 82minutes

Dipublikasikan tanggal 9 Jul 2020
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  • I would've passed out and say "peace out 😃✌"

  • Fico tão feliz de ver um brasileiro realizando seu sonho. Nós sempre somos deixados de lado, então momentos como esse são ainda mais preciosos para nós.

  • How does one get onto this show anyways

  • They very charming Omg i love them so much ❤💛💙💚💜

  • Brazil para please red velvet joy and wendy

  • this was so cute and nice to watch. awwwww

  • People don't talk about this side of Irene instead all they do is criticize her, she is genuinely such a nice person🥺

    • @n It is called strategy, if she had spoken maybe it would have been worse. And it is also called a strategy that she has to apologize to others, it is true that the side of her story is not known, but we also do not know if she really wanted to apologize or as I said it... was a strategy. And no, not everyone behaves like that, I never yelled and humiliate a person for 20 minutes or even for 5, which seems like a lot to me, and I can assure you that many people did not do it. Even so, the fact of sending hate messages They are people who want to see her fall and they are surely worse people. and I'm sorry, but how do you tell a person who thinks shes above others and is psychologically abusing you? is to be a bully ... but it does not have to be like that always, that word cannot define you for ever, people can change, for my part never publish anything good or bad in any of their accounts, because I thought she must be going through a difficult moment and I really hope Irene is well and humble

    • @maria misle we haven't even heard Irene side of the story. Yeah it was wrong of her to act that way but we all have acted some type of way before but just because she's an Idol people forget that she's also a human. None of us know her side of why she acted the way she did so it doesn't give us the right to immediately judge her and start sending her death threats or calling her a bully over one mistake. From what it seems the situation happened a long time ago and its getting mentioned now and it was also said Irene apologized in person. This not me defending her but we can't judge without knowing both sides

    • @n aaaaah ok ... so thats why she apologized ... of course because if it had not been true the company would have released a statement that said that they are already taking action in the matter judicially, as they always do. At the moment I worried about Irene because I think they must have taken her to therapy for all the hatred she received and assimilated what was happening in a calmer way, but she also had to go to therapy for the behavior she had because it shows that she cannot control her anger, and more...and there is no reason to be offended by that as you say "they are also human" but at this point do not be so ingenuous when you think that everything you see on the screen is real, they are well trained.

    • @maria misle off camera also. y'all are so quick to judge her over a incomplete story and one mistake

    • Because she was in front of a camera??

  • 커엽


  • Los tres muy lindos! ❤

  • Se eu fosse o pedro, ja tinha passado mal, todas as minhas glândulas lágrimas ja teriam secados, não teria mais pernas para ficar em pé, teriam quê le levar para um pronto socorro mais proximo, pq ela são maravilhosas e vendo presencialmente iria ter um ataque cardíaco.

  • Eu tô muito bobinha

  • 💗💛💙💚💜

  • I miss my girls so much!! Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri :(

  • Udah nonton ke 3× masih sedih😭😭😭😭

  • Pengen TvT semoga kita semua reveluv juga bisa kek gitu

  • no pude contener las lágrimas con ese final

  • As a reveluv I'm so happy to have Pedro represent us ❤ This is wholesome!

  • I loved him omg im crying

  • Seulgi was so sweet and friendlier but Irene was kind of rude. The way she answered some questions, I kind felt the cockiness. Is she normally like that? I don't think she realizes she is being cocky, there are some people who said things that way but that doesn't mean they're bad people. She kinda remind of myself, sometimes people point out that I am being rude but I don't mean to be rude (I don't even realize when I am being rude) like sometimes I confuse being straightforwardness with rudeness

    • I don't really see it as rude I just feel like she felt comfortable with him and talked to him like they were friends.

    • Agreed

  • I want to see TREASURE 😭❤️

  • Ele é brasileirooooooooooo

  • how is this man so calm? i would be DYING. honestly i really respect him. the chill enviroment made it feel like they were all friends and not 2 idols meeting a fan. huge respect.

  • Queria passar com os meninos do txt ou ateez

  • Aawww this is too sweet :(❤ kind of hoped they'd hug in the end but ok


  • I came here after Irene's scandal..i guess i emphatize with her now, i think she's often been misunderstood

    • @Jasumi who said I'm condoring her behaviour? The only statements that been confirmed that happened was the one with the stylist then after that a website that's been known for falsing stories came out with stories that don't even make sense. One of them was that Irene supposedly hit one of her staffs but if you read the article the scenario doesn't even make sense at all. I'm not condoring her behavior she could've handle whatever happened a nicer way but we also don't know her side of story. I'm not gonna start judging people without knowing both sides or calling them bullies over one mistake just don't sit right with me to start judging people over a situation that first of all doesn't involve us and we don't know what happened

    • @n lol ok so the editor she screamed at is lying of course. You're a horrible person for condoning Irene's behavior.

    • @Jasumi none of the rumors are true except one so theres no point of mentioning it. You do know why is called a "rumor" 💀

    • @n your lord and savior irene has so many bad staff rumors and now millions of people know it to be true

    • @Jasumi you can look it up of staff before talking about her and staffs who opened up when the situation was going on saying Irene has never acted that way towarda them. There's so many videos of Irene being nice of camera, you are calling her a bully over one mistake that we don't even know the full story. You can't even call her a bully over that you guys are so quick to judge her but if this was your fav or a male idol people would've forgetten about it by now

  • aeeee Pedrooooooo representou demais

  • Who's here after the Irene bullying scandal?? I can't imagine Red velvet with only 4 members 😭😭😭😭

  • I'm so glad many fans dreams come true, Pedro seemed so happy. I felt so bad when they left cause he started to cry :( I hope Pedro continues his dreams and I hope other Kpop fans get to meet there favorite idols through Hello82. I hope I get to one day🙏🏻, I wish everyone the best of luck!!!✊🏻💞🥳

  • I love Kpop world😍😍😍😍

  • Man, how does Pedro manage to be so calm? I wish I could be like this, if it were me in his place, surely I would cry or go out hugging the girls with such joy that I would be at that moment.

  • Chorando demais... Ah que vídeo lindo e como ele foi fofo com elas 😍

  • PLEASE HE'S SOOOO CUTEEEEE 🥺😭😭😭🥺🥺😭😭😭🥺😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Seulgi really being so cute with him but why irene is so mean...

    • People are so ridiculous, had the scandal never happened you wouldn't be saying that

    • how is she being mean? They are joking

    • Ye it’s kinda harshh

    • irene is not being mean to him in anyway

    • i guess she's just joking

  • Knowing Irene is basically Regina George when the cameras are off makes me like her even more lmao 🤣


  • I hope I get to meet Taemin like this one day😭😭

  • one of the luckiest guys he's a good dancer

  • Man to get a chance to draw shirts with red velvet I would die to have that chance. Pedro u da bomb

  • Umm seulgi, I sorta felt a retro concept in Russian roulette lmao 😂

  • I want Pedro to teach me some of the dances lmao I’m so jealous. I’ve been trying to learn some of RVs songs but they are so difficult. Took me several weeks to learn Russian Roulette

  • Pedro is so sweet! Man he’s so talented as well!

  • Omg he dances well and speaks Korean I’m jealous and he met red velvet ❤️

  • I don’t know how he’s so calm, if this happened to me I’d be crying

  • Lloro wey :'c

  • Perfeitas

  • Good thing irene didn't insult him like how she dose for her staff lmao

    • It’s really funny that people who don’t even work with irene are acting like they know everything😂. Did you forget over 20 staffs said good things about her when the controversy happened ?

    • theres 2 side of a story also y'all are so quick to judge someone over one mistake. Other staffs member came out and said that Irene always been a sweet and loving person. You can't really be quick to judge someone without knowing both sides

    • @KeiSarada Hime I know and I agree but she did that to an older woman also she wasn’t the only one so many staff said that she did that for them also the company made her apologize but she never apologized to those other staff if that was her firs attitude I’ll say it’s stress but she did that with other staff 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @FACHAN Awww busy?Exams are really stressful right?I just wanna stress to you that “Idol work” is very demanding they cannot even excuse themselves and take anger management class through their busy schedules.Sometimes build up stress manifest in the most horrendous things you could imagine.Like what other said” there are two sides of the story”.I don’t know about you,but since what you clearly posted above “insult” that could be taken relatively different by different people.Like if you are sensitive?you can cry in the most minimal corrections.Most of the sources of koreaboo and allkpop is found fake accounts even anyway.If you are concluding based on the facts scarcely on one person’s point of view, I wonder how are you dealing with your interpersonal relations.Then if you are busy,bye and I hope you can think more critically now.

    • @KeiSarada Hime I would like to discuss this but I’m busy preparing for my foundation block exam

  • I'm not crying

  • "The truth will win in the end." -RV's makeup artist who worked with them how many years

    • @Andrea JustAndrea get a life, RV is coming back😏

    • @Andrea JustAndrea Andrea get a life

    • @Andrea JustAndrea I bet the video is in your tl then you're finding a comment protecting Irene just to bash her . I found 3 of your replies on this video. I badly pity you 😩😗

    • *Wow, what a UNBIASED reliable source 😏🙄*

  • Would've been top tier comedy had they left before he took off the blindfold.

  • Genteeeeeeee ele é brasileiro

  • Irene best girl

  • My Red Velvet bias is Pedro

  • oh my god his korean jungmal nongdami anida jinjaro

  • omg hes so sweet! such a nice guy and an amazing dancer, im glad he got this chance to meet his fave idols ^^ and irene and seulgi are beautiful and lovely as always hehe

  • please bring exo to indian fan me because exo never been to india and indian fans want them to see they are soon being enlisted and some members already enlisted please make indian fans wish come true

    • No one cares about India get over it

  • cringe

  • This guy is casually talking to irene and seulgi meanwhile I'll probably do something embarrassing in like, the first 3 secs😂😂😂

  • Am I the only one expect them to hug?

    • @Adi Santos oh may be, thank you😁

    • Maybe because of the pandemic

    • Me too, as a fan i would expect a lil hug idk

  • 도망가 친구야...

  • In conclusion: Hard work and dedication can take you to places you never thought were possible.

  • I'm literally crying at how cute this video is🥺❤❤❤

  • Nossa ele é Brasileiro, também nosso idioma é dificil então por isso a facilidade com outros idiomas, claro se tiver uma ótima força de vontade sempre chegará lá

  • You know I really want to give Irene the benefit of the doubt. We will never know the real truth of how bad it was. For all we know, it may just be an isolated incident. There are claims, but no solid proof of how bad it was. BUT, whatever it is, she did something wrong, and it's good she owned up to it. I hope she learns and grows from this and never does it again.

    • @Andrea JustAndrea Irene was the one who apologized in person, it was confirmed

    • all of the rumors were fake except one of them. Which was the one she apologized for, I don't really think its fair of us to judge her when we don't know what actually happened. There's 2 sides of a story and we only heard one. Staffs and members came out and said that Irene always been a sweet person so what makes me think something seriously happened for her to act how she did

    • @little tath ask yourself why would she scream to begin with. I'm all with supporting the victim but there's always two sides of the story. And also don't forget that Irene is literally a customer here too and she worked with this man for one day too. I will never understand why everyone would call her a bully, is bullying the word that will be thrown on anyone? Either way this whole story for me is close. She apologized to the victim and learned that she did something wrong and could've been taken care in another way.

    • @Lili Vlog okay and honestly some of the info doesn't even add up like i even remember all the girls saying irene is just silent when she gets mad so tell me how if she's silent when she gets angry she decides to scream at a man for 20 mins? it just doesn't make sense and everyone is jumping to conclusions way too quickly. anyways red velvet doesn't need the haters so isc

    • @duda For the introvert part I meant that some of us sometimes keeps everything inside of us and when it comes out it may hurt people because we can't really control it for some of us.

  • Who's here after the scandal? Psycho was inspired by her own personality.

    • @Lili Vlog I agree with you. You can go on and on with lists of successful celebs known to be kinda asshole-ish. Not Steve Harvey type shit -- but just assholes like the one cousin of yours who you try to avoid at family reunions. Just as that cousin's career or human diginity doesn't deserve to be destroyed, neither does Irene's, or any other kinda-asshole's.

    • @Tiyas B. Menon I think that the whole industry fabricated idols to look like the most perfect human being and when they do something bad yall just drag it longer than it should be. Compared to the American industry this would have been in people's mind for one day and the next they already move on. What matters at the end of the day is that the victim already accepted her apology. This was one mistake and kpop fans already portrayed her as a psycho btch, a hypocrite. We don't really know what happened there guys. Not excusing what Irene did but let's not forget that Irene is also the stylist's customer. Something bad has happened between both which lead to this issue.

    • @Lili Vlog I'm really not that severe in my opinion of her dude. I don't think she's an evil sociopath nor do I think her career should be ended over this. She's nothing more than a minor league Karen kinda -- just a mediocre person. She absolutely doesn't deserve to be the subject of this vengeful, overeager, sexist witch hunt. And all the 'look she mildly shoved Wendy one time oh my god Jimin 2.0 burn her at stake'. That's a completely disproportionate response. BUT she also doesn't deserve the desperate apologetics coming from people like you, or the gajillion twitter threads about how this whole thing is a planned attack against her by illuminati reptilians. What she does deserve, is for people to realise and accept that she's just your everyday, run-of-the-mill, ill-tempered chick with entitlement issues, and then move on with their day. I think we can all agree that the frivolous cattiness of an unremarkable person is as banal a preoccupation as there is. So let's treat it as such, instead of pretending like she's any more profound than that -- profoundly good *or* bad.

    • @Tiyas B. Menon which she apologized move on.

    • What psycho? You guys know only a bit of it and already made a whole story about her whole life? Yes what Irene did was very very wrong but this doesn't mean that you guys will tag her whole life story as a mean person. Now I understand that one sentence that says people will remember you for your good deeds for only one day and forever for one bad thing.

  • Pedro 😠

  • Seulgi is such a sweetheart and kind. I don't know about Irene

  • What do you think of this video? Me: J E A L O U S

  • I wonder what he thinks of her now

    • @Beatriz Almeida And Irene learned her mistakes she's human after all 🤨. You also did shitty stuff in your life I bet.

    • @Beatriz Almeida The stylists evidence is about what happened on day 1 but what about all these people who came and talked about how Irene isn't usually like this?? You only know one side of the story. And this apology isn't for you to accept the victim already accepted it, I bet that most of you never Stan red velvet before but are just here for the comments and to comment mean stuff. Hypocrites behavior from humans are we surprised.

    • @Beatriz Almeida if irene now learn the mistakes, you should learn not to bitter other people with your bad comment. go learn some moral values there.

    • @Beatriz Almeida and are you on that scene to speak and make false accusations like this? come on you are SO WRONG. GEEZ WHY KIND OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU EXIST IN THIS WORLD. you are such a witch hunt. stylist also state irene has make an apology and DEMAND TO ALL PEOPLE ESPECIALLY HATERS LIKE YOU STOP MAKE IT WORSE WITH BAD COMMENTS.

    • @Beatriz Almeida you just comment just from your opinion, just from 1 information, and what do you see. You never know about the fact. By the way the stylist no said what the reason irene get angry to him. And do you know more than 25 stylist defend irene ? . And why him not tell to agensi ? Why should in media ? Yes because irene will comeback with double patty film. He just work with irene only 1 day ( its a fact ). Irene get angry because now she don't want anything to go wrong like Wendy did. Honestly if he's wrong, and he gets angry. that is fair thing But I'm not completely defend irene. Irene was wrong too because maybe she hurt someone else's feelings. But she not completely wrong Please don't forget about irene's 1000 kindness only because of 1 mistake

  • At the end they said you never know you will be next um-

  • Salute...BIG RESPECT ❤️❤️❤️


  • Que lindo Pedro y las chicas super adorable 💞💞💞

  • does anyone knows his istagram? i want so bad follow Pedro

    • same !


  • he's actually the 6th member

  • Como ele chamou a Irene? Noona? Lá é sinal de desrespeito chamar pelo nome, eu não entendi como ele a chamou, alguém entendeu?

  • He's so respectful. I'm honored to be represented by him, as a RevLuv. I'm thankful for Pedro. I'm so happy for him. ❤️

  • I wish all fans where respectful like him and also his dancing soooo good

  • do Twice next omgy...🥺❤

  • 페드로는 82분인데 나는왜 16분39 초밖에 못보내!?

  • 9:32. Good question ask...

  • 5:05. Irene smile..

  • Awesome moment

  • CARAKHO humilha.

  • i want with TWICE

  • Me still waiting for Pedro to debut in redvelvet:🧍

  • 14:46 When he said forever T___T

  • Okay im here, are you happy now ID-tv???

  • One of the Most Patient Fandom: Reveluv

  • 미챠버리겠네.아이린보면 아이린이 젤 이뿐거 같고 조미연이 보면 미연이가 젤 이뿐거 같고 둘중에 누굴 선택해야 하지.미치겠네.

  • Me a Reveluv is really happy for another Reveluv dream came true

  • Meu deus do céu ele é um brasileiro que conheceu elas aaaaa

  • 4:12 a bandeira do Brasil! Ele é brasileiro mesmo???

  • He so so so so so so much luckyyy I'm jealousssssssss😩😫😩😫🥺🥺



    • Brasileiros são icônicos.

  • I bet he can't do Naughty 🤣

  • waaahhh .. you see seulgi and irene eyes .. omo i wanna cry