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Dappy - Oh My (Official Video) ft. Ay Em

Dipublikasikan tanggal 17 Mei 2018
'Oh My' Available to Download/Stream here:
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Snapchat: TarzanKing100
Produced by Jay Weathers
Mixed by Michalis “MsM” Michael
Mastered by Joe Laporta @ Sterling Sound

Video directed by Jay Parpworth


  • Lit bro

  • Sorry Dappy

  • Sorry sappy

  • Sappy you are fit as

  • that main girl is gorgous

  • I love you

  • this was filmed on that shit estate in Thamesmead 😂😂 I swear Thamesmead is like one of the shittiset parts of London

  • I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • 0:27

  • My name is Kiyana

  • I like Dopey. No.1 XD


  • Boo

  • Fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Man the song is sick, but what the fu*ck is with this video? :)))

  • On the bridge with the four Wheeler opposite is my school

  • Oh my wiked song im in love

  • Love from KENYA💕😭 We will also be here at 1B!👏

  • What is this?!! Where is the real dappy?

  • Ohmygod its been so long

  • 2018's answer to Ali G

  • He walked alongside her, beside a body of water, and, didn't... push her in?!

  • Is Dappy part Jamaican....?

  • Hey u get the text

  • Sik song

  • ‘Escoooos me darling’ his Willy Wonka looking ass needs to move, he ruins the song

  • Hey bro nice girlfriend and nice singing bro

  • This is fire

  • Oh moose fuck

  • i swear this was filmed where they made that E4 TV Show: Misfits.

  • Oh my 🤭

  • what a tune only heard it 2 days ago and cant get it out my head, go on dappy bring it on fam!!!

  • My g

  • Sortttttt

  • What great song

  • get off the wall ladies, they don't look clean!

  • Big up Dappy 🎮🎧🇬🇧 Yeah !!

  • Ahhhh I dont like the videoooo. I was expecting a beach set, jet skiing, shisha

  • Ay em can i get two extra sauces please 👊

  • anyone see him at fairweather festival ?

  • this is shit only watched it bcuz he fillmed it near were i live, he looks like he been smoking drugs

  • savage dappy is

  • I know a kiana 😂

  • What girl with any iota of self respect would go with that grotesque gremlin midget ?

    • Haven't you heard he's got a massive cock ?

  • Man touch

  • Love him😍😍😍

  • Smashed and lucky I got a girl bair fit like if u got one

  • Fire

  • Ooooooooo peng ting 😍😍😍🔥🔥

  • Nutty geezer

  • Way to ruin a good track dappy putting that muppet on the track .

    • With u 100 on that. I love the song with just dappy , no need for a collab , first half is a banger 2nd half my guys got a bunged up nose

  • Shut up mate you're boring Instagram is better song when you

  • Oh my great song not mate who comes up with her mine

  • I love daphy

  • My bestie

  • Where my fans from the states🤷🏻‍♂️🇺🇸

  • I'm only listening to this caz the boys at the back of the bus has got it stuck in my head lol

  • I love this song

  • Fire

  • Lol. My sister is called kiana

  • My name 💖ki'yana💖

  • Fav song

  • Absolutely a bangers

  • Some boy said I was the baddest from oh my

  • Dappy your a legend do you keep in touch with the other people in ndubz

  • This looks like it was filmed in london

  • Swear he's on the set of Misfits

  • Best pickup line ever Excuse me darling, what's your name what's your number

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tune but I miss ndubz like if u agree x

  • You guys saying ay em ruined the song he made this song in the first place lool

  • Tuesday 11th Setember lol Cein Anna - Marie rain Houmeowork Cein Anna - Marie Houmeowork 22:04 ****

  • So catchy

  • love it

  • What a crock of shit!!!!! This looks and sounds the same as the majority of shit you see on MTV etc!

  • What is the name of the girl in the beginning? Research reasons.

  • fuck this cunt annoys me, just his looks. He desperately needs a bang to the teeth,

  • Go'on bruh still gets me dancin weres this joint you passing got my speakers blasting full volume like its a crime this tracks devine just wanna grind man can't get you out my mind press play then rewind, rewind Lol just had to do my own for a laugh not being serious shit getting hilarious

  • That buggy was repaired with flex tape

  • And Cadet calls himself underrated legend...

  • punana and dumpling in the lyrics. what a guy.

  • I love this song oh my

    • I love this song oh my 😍😍😍 and happy is a good singer 🤟

  • This nigga is like 31 or 32 still looks young af

    • R- Jay sn bro, how long have you been listening to dappy

    • +Matrix Vortex Regardless if it's correct age or not... straight up I don't wiki people up

    • R- Jay you didn’t know his age and I confirmed his age 😅

    • +Matrix Vortex you basically repeated what I said

    • R- Jay he’s 31, he looks like he’s 25

  • Good

  • Hit it if anyone in 2018

  • Name of the city?

    • Rly? It looks like eastern europe like russia and ukraine

    • London.

  • Dappy looks so cute lol

  • DAPY


  • Dappy has been built for this sound from early, needs to drop a full tape or summat! Na na nineee

  • Damper

  • Misfits location?

  • Dappy is SO COLD. Always comes with the bangers ALWAYS stays current and he’s been making them since 2007 and before that!

  • Here cuz of Chunkz lol

  • Such a Banger 🔥🤙👌

  • Banger

  • I love dappy

  • I usually don’t like UK music but this right here 🔥

  • Should be more popular

  • This song is lit