David Beckham Reacts to Wife Victoria Trolling Him on Instagram for His Lego Obsession

Dipublikasikan tanggal 27 Peb 2020
David Beckham talks about the keepsake he kept from first meeting his wife of 20 years, Victoria Beckham, and reacts to getting trolled for his Lego obsession.

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David Beckham Reacts to Wife Victoria Trolling Him on Instagram for His Lego Obsession


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  • He was in are school

  • I am still in love with this man 20 years after. My first celebrity crush

  • The fact that he kept the ticket makes my heart melt

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  • Just watching Deadpool and I am SHOCKED

  • Proud to be British when David is interviewed

  • they are cute together

  • David: tells story of how bad a skier he is Jimmy: "are you a good skier?"

  • David true love 💘

  • as a danish person im proud for the fact Denmark is such a small country but Lego is world wide

  • u got to be rich to play with legos

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  • Where is the love botton on this vidro..hes such a decent guy so difficult to find in this generation..good job...

  • Hahahhahahah

  • He has really been media trained by the pros, back in the day he struggled to articulate himself and came across as stupid.

  • I love Lego too.

  • Lego's are fun! Those bigger sets really aren't for little kids I think the Lego people know that quite well when they come out with 100 dollar plus sets..no one is buying those for eleven years olds!

  • The more I see Jimmy Fallon the worse it gets. Now it's gotten to the point where I hate every single thing he says. EVERY comment is so annoying and the way he says it too.

  • David Beckham after receiving Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego.. "Victoria's gonna be over the moon.."

  • This is the first time I heard David Beckham speak and its like he "mouth f***ed a can of helium".

  • that lego manual is so thick give the man a break

  • He said “I’ll try” in the end. RIP his marriage😂😂

  • For indians twenty years are nothing 😂

  • Jimmy's fake laugh. Ugh I just can't!!

  • Daughter -dad chemistry is special

  • I wish God made more men like David Beckham 🤗😘❤️

  • he has a big heart and a big lego set :D 🎀

  • David’s voice is kinda disappointing

  • Sir Alex Fergusson was always right. The man with great tallent lost all because of popularity.

  • Snowboarding is easier to learn than skiing

  • It has been a year and 2 months since Jimmy gave the millennium falcon lego set to David. *Time flies fast*

  • I have the same lego set! I'm 37! (the landrover defender that is)

  • His accent is terrible and his vocabulary is limited.Its hardly the Queen's English!!

  • fake laugh number 54223 at 2:14

  • Golden Balls David Beckam Is A Little Gay Boy Real Talk 👄

  • 2:10 the smile when he said “she was obviously my favourite”

  • VB was probably fuming at Jimmy giving David a more time consuming to build lego!

  • Jimmy: *literally asks David Beckham if his favorite spice girl was his wife*

  • The Classiest Man Alive

  • He got Sean Connery face but not the voice..

  • David Beckham is so austere, he is so predictable, and has a deadpan personality. He does not deserve to live on the same planet and breathe the same air I do.

  • Well David I'm 68 and I love Lego, they should bring out a life sized Lego of you in your England strip, that would be a best seller.

  • Celebrating 21 years of marriage. A man that fine can stay faithful and committed, there's hope.

  • so romantic there love story :3

  • This man loves his woman. Damn..

  • Someone was selling a lego set in our local friday ad special edition with a real gold legp brick in...

  • id-tv.org/tv/video--5NyW3-nYH4.html

  • well well well, David Beckham has something in common with my guy.

  • I'd say he's lucky but that's hard work right there. From the football pitch to the marriage game, he always worked hard in everything and continues to do so. Legend.

  • Omg his voice doesn't suit his face.i literally thought with that face he'll have a deep, gentleman's british voice. Yet it's like a very friendly young british.

  • You can tell Jimmy didn‘t understand anything Beckham said...

  • It really is true love...

  • dude those are legos for engineers... i doubt 11 year olds would even make head or tails... hats off to the bender. he really has a knack!

  • u r host of late night...no it a jocke

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  • the first gift ever given to a celebrity on a TV show that's actually smth they will end up using because they really like it

  • You’re 45 🤣

  • He is so fuckin sweet ❤️❤️

  • I’m hear because of Deadpool. “You ever heard David Beckham speak? It’s like he mouth sexed a can of helium.” 😂

  • He sounds very cool and polite

  • hes still so handome; if he had work done it is barel noticeable

  • Never compete with your kids! They're the age you were many many many years ago 🤣

  • still handsome!

  • This is not Lego! It is CADA and XINGBAO! Much better than Lego

  • Jimmy, such a good guy helping him through the interview. Pro.

    • Jimmy's just a good dude anyway, I think.

  • Big gang ok luv

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  • He! Is! BEAUTIFUL!

  • Men don't grow up. Only their toys becomes more expensive.

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  • Jimmy gave beckham the best possible gift considering when this interview happened

  • He should have had cameo in Lego movie.

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  • Manchester United 💪🔥😍❤

  • When we moved into a new house about 8 years ago, I found a tiny picture frame where my husband had framed the movie ticket from our first date. I kept mine, but I had no idea he kept his. Married 17 years this July.

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-7CSvRJh5iv0.html

  • I mean he is pretty thick - Jimmy asks him if he's good at skiing and he starts talking about snowboarding...

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  • I'm sorry for couples who go into marriage and the next thing,they are filing for divorce.The Beckham's are truly worthy to emulate.Through all the thick and thins of marriage,they are still together and raising good children together.

  • There is no age that it becomes immature to play with legos

  • Lego not Legos !😜 David knows best!😁

  • “Snowboarding is trickier than skiing right?” ... yeaaaahhh ok Jimmy 😂🤦🏼‍♂️🙄

  • you're 44 and you're 45 LOL!!!

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  • Becks was so happy Quarantine happened so he could pursue his dream of building Lego's all day

  • 4:02 This is how u know they are married.

  • That's a land rover defender lego kit

  • I don't know which is worse, cockney or scouse.

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  • He actually looks like a fox. Good looking one

  • david beckham - i did 20 fucking years. you know if you know lol