DAY6 "Zombie" M/V

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DAY6 "Zombie" M/V
Listen to DAY6 "The Book of Us : The Demon"
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  • I just watch this because of Denise from Secret Number..this song is so great!!

  • I'll always love and support you DAY6

  • International fans rise

  • i can't live without listen to this song everyday

  • stop saying that they deserve more, obviously they deserve more but the important thing is that they enjoy what they do so please just enjoy their music

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • I wish I knew day6 way before this. Its a pity I missed on all those great songs. I have been enjoying their music a lot lately. This deserves some great awards. Glad I came across day6 via Twitter, wish they were well promoted.

  • Not gonna lie, most of the views here are from me.

  • Day6 made me realize I’m a zombie, also I hope these poor babies get well ❤️❤️ They’re amazing y’all should stop sleeping on them and stan👀

  • 7.274.156

  • we do be living in a society

  • wooooooooww that was awesome

  • This song make me want to listen like a zombiee

  • كيوت💜😭

  • حبيت بجد

  • لازم توصلوها 10M تراها تحفة فنية

  • كيوت

  • حبيت الكلمات

  • Wow

  • I am not fan but i love that 💜

  • Nice

  • i didn't realize this group has beautiful song until i heard "i loved you" for the first time,then ifell for this group. yes new fans here♥~ thanks jyp for debuting this group

    • Listen their last álbum: The Demon!!! You will not regret Sorry for my bad english 😗

    • Almost every idol knows and covers You Were Beautiful. Check it out!

  • Heard this in Chan's Room and man it hits HARD

  • stream

  • no puede ser que tenga 7M a penas 😐

  • this song is so comforting :(

  • Si alguien ya supero esta cancion que me.diga como hacerlo porfa 😳😚

  • I think they deserve more

  • This made me a myday

  • Stream Zombie for clear skin. Stan Talent, Stan Day6~

  • Deserves more views than all these kpop groups that are "hot" right now

  • Sorry Zombie, I got distracted by Paris in the Rain.

    • I knooooooow such a romantic song and he sounded so good

  • Hello again Day6! here we go again.

  • Nice

  • I Love You, My Boys! 🧡🧡

  • 7.256.048

  • 나만 조용필 바운스가 생각나는건가....

  • 7.3 M. Go go go....

  • i can’t stop listening to this song.. it’s so good

  • Go to Billboard

  • Crying in the corner for hndred times


  • mom, I love them...

  • Who cares abt the dislikes? This is still a masterpiece anyway

  • i cried listening to this song ;_;

  • *i suddenly decide to search for the doll:>*

  • Now this is why I like Stray Kids and Day6. They don’t only make quality self made songs, but the lyrics are so relatable and so comforting 😩❤️

  • I LOVE YOU 3000 DAY6

  • 2020.06.04 - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="596">9:56</a> pm pst

  • Legendary representation of everyday life

  • I need to know more of there songs

  • Loud & Rat 8 movie

  • Im liking this sounds like a blend of kpop and western music..

  • Day 6 the bestttttt!!!! 💛💛

  • 751k?..wdym..that's it!! 6 is an amazing band with amazing songs..

  • every song of day6 never dissapointed me. thank god

  • Yaaay Day 6 are so amazing I just wanted to explore a new band and i become a fun in one minute XD

  • Good night DAY6 🌃 🌌

  • day6, even though I'm sure I can't meet yu, I'll still support you from my room. I'll continue to watch this video, and live life well.

    • @Ben Hakim I agreed, quite sad to hear that. bc after all the promotion activities boy groups are not as often as girl groups XD

    • Well boy groups are so irrelevant compare to twice and itzy lol. Seem like everyone talk about jyp and no one is talking about boy groups hahhaahha

  • Dounnn

  • This is the first time I've heard their voice but damn Its very beautiful 👏 Im getting addicted 😅

  • Mydays, this is what we take away from "Zombie": Stop living like everyone else as this society will turn you into a zombie cuz you wont have any excitement or happiness as you live. this is when struggle begins

  • I am graduating soon and this song hit me like... I don't want to become a zombie..

    • @Ben Hakim

    • @Ben Hakim Ben, I'll give you points for persistence. But then I'm going to have to take some points off for flogging a dead horse. Good luck with TWICE, not that you need it though cus, in case you weren't aware, they're really popular 😇

    • @Life's a Beach streaming more and more by twice. You should as well. Ignore the boy groups in jyp and shit they so irrelevant stream TWICE. Twice don't even know who these boy groups in jyp and that shows how irrelevant they are

    • @Ben Hakim Hi again Ben. We have to stop meeting like this, people will talk. So, what you been doing other than spamming Day6 M/Vs? Anything interesting?

    • Go stream more and more who the fuck is day 6 lol the views on zombie wow ew

  • 2020.06.04

  • ohhh god the lyrics

  • Am I allowed to join the fandom? I know it's late but I think they're very talented and beautiful people🥺 not even one song that I've heard is something I don't like, they're truly amazing and so underrated💕

    • Give a listen to their videos on YT to get to know them. There are also guide videos for funny moments.

    • Welcome new MyDay 😊

  • it just hits harder when you're losing hope and wanting to quit. it hits so hard

    • @Ben Hakim Hello Ben, good to see you're still coming back to listen to Day6. I think you're here more often than I am, thanks for the views.

    • Hope you find your joy!

    • Go stream more and more who the fuck is day 6 lol the views on zombie wow ew

    • Now go watch Best Part - Dance Dance - Emergency - They help me feel better, hope they work for you too

  • I cried when I heard this song and how similar it is to my life... It's hurts everyday when you have to act happy when you're not even for stupid reasons.

    • @Ben Hakim Ben, you're getting lazy with this copy & paste of the same comment. Come on, you can do better than that.

    • Go stream more and more by twice n who the fuck is day 6 lol the views on zombie wow ew

  • 일본에uverworld 보컬이랑 겁나 똑같넹

  • 30mins left for YOUNG K STAGE GUYSSS

  • Oh, I absolutely love this.

    • @Ben Hakim Honestly Ben, I'm starting to think you're in deep denial about Day6. You just can't stay away can you.

    • Go stream more and more by twice n who the fuck is day 6 lol the views on zombie wow ew

  • I like this 👍👍👍💕💕💕

  • Gooooo 10M

  • Love love saranghaeyo

  • I like this song so much!!!!! I want to listen life content in the song like this. Day6, I love you. 💕 I’m crying when I listen this song. This is my life, haha.

    • @Ben Hakim BEN. It's been so long since you visited to show your appreciation for this classic, we were starting to worry.

    • Go stream more and more by twice n who the fuck is day 6 lol the views on zombie wow ew

  • i dont even skip the ad for appreciate this masterpiece🥺🤍

    • @Ben Hakim Ben. Buddy. Pal. I'm worried about you. Are you sure you're ok?

    • Go stream more and more by twice n who the fuck is day 6 lol the views on zombie wow ew

  • I love Day6!!!

  • OneWe brought me here

  • This song like about everyone situation right now.