decorating my FIRST christmas tree!! Vlogmas Day 5

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  • Where is your sweatshirt from??

  • hey what is dog breeds dalsy

  • Did anyone notice that the intro said day six

  • Y’all so cute 🥰

  • Rémi and cal are so cute!!!!!!! Awwww

  • I'M DYING HERE @17:21 LOLLL you guys are too cute!

  • It days day 6 btw

  • You’re coming to MN! EXCITING! Thats where I’m from and live! Are you going to do a meet up?

  • you guys make the cutest couple

  • i’m literally refraining to watch all the vlogmas videos because i love binge watching her videos on my day off😍 (obviously i can’t wait...already on vlogmas 5)

  • Now your bf is all vlogger now. ..interesting.....


  • Omg flocked Christmas trees are so cute! I loved this video! Ps. Small ID-tvr here!

  • You’re coming to Minnesota?!?!!! 😭😭😍

  • The way they both ran😂😂😂 so cute!

  • Cal is the definition of midwestern lol. So happy for you, Rem💕

  • You guys are the absolute cutest couple ugh I love it!!! You just seem so happy Rem and that is so awesome to see :)))

  • we need merch bby !!!🤍💝

  • Accidently disliked 😂😂 *no hate* ❤️

  • Go subscribe to my ID-tv channel, Lauren Marie, it sucks, so comment mean comments 🤪

  • he is the cutest to help! my boyfriend and i did my families tree and he wound up doing most of it it was so funny

  • Where did you get your coat?

  • LOL at when you tried to scare Cal 😂😂

  • Get way more ornaments

  • Aw naming ur tree Aspyn is so cute lol

  • lol random question, but where does daisy go to the bathroom

  • Can yall like get engaged??

  • ‼️please Be Carful With That Security Camera‼️

  • Who else bought a Winter Candy Apple candle because of Remi?

  • It so nice to see you Happy. I love watching you girl. Who gave you that pink hoodie it’s cute and can we order them ? Love ya ❤️❤️❤️

  • It so nice to see you Happy. I love watching you girl. Who gave you that pink hoodie it’s cute and can we order them ? Love ya ❤️❤️❤️

  • Are you still seeing your nutritionist?? I miss those videos!

  • I love how happy you are I honestly have been watching for so long and your videos always cheer me up. I love you keep being you!!!

  • Also love your hauls!!

  • I love your vlogs! Oh my gosh Remi you’re so beautiful! 😍❤️

  • I bet daisy is HELLA CONFUSED who remi is talking to!!Bahahahahahahahaha

  • Blue dress is fabulous, and you look amazing 🥰

  • you look so happy

  • Aspyn Ovard is so cute!

  • I’m so glad to see you happy with cal❤️

  • I love you Remi but the music is obnoxious.

  • waju buy mi

  • Ahhh!! Welcome to Minnesota! Best state hands down ;)!

  • You’re not supposed to be eating Romain lettuce, it’s killing people. Search it up!!!

  • Your boyfriend kinda looks like chandler Bing! 😂

  • Remi you're seriously the best and the cutest and I'm so grateful you're doing Vlogmas!! It's definitely the pick-me-up that I need every day HUHUUHUUU

  • Remi please send me those air pods i’ve been wanting them but i’m BROKE

    • Rzebra Apple should include them with all phones not the corded ones

  • ❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚

  • One of my favorite youtubers talking about my other favorite youtubers! Love Aspyn and Rem!💓💖

  • When you starting running. It’s like me running from my boy problems 😂😂 LOVE IT

  • Shoot all the good comments are taken. Happy Vlogmas Day 5 😍😍😍

  • You and Cal should get a ornament for your 1st Christmas together :)

  • Dude you’re too cute lol. Your love for all your youtube ladies is incredible.

  • Every time you go to your nail tech I always think of myself because that’s my name lol. I feel special. Love you Remi! ❤️😍🥰

  • LOVE U!!!! And i love the star!!!

  • LOVE U!!!! And i love the star!!!

  • The hug with the height difference is awwww you are so cute together

  • I love how you‘ve got a boyfriend now but still your dog is your screensaver

  • I love Minnesota!!! 😭

  • Oo your using the shane dawson mirror 🤪❤️

  • Where can I get that sweat suit...looks so comfyyy?????

  • I need that onesie! Where is it from?!

  • Omg your boyfriend is so sweet to you!

  • love

  • Hi, I was wondering from where the dress is from?

  • I really want your couch

  • Wait what foundation??? 🤩

  • the tree can be Aspen Ashten


  • As a long time viewer it makes me smile to see you so happy with cal! You deserve loads of happiness girl!! ❤️🙌🏽

  • You and Cal are so cuteeee! Lol I love it.

  • I'm Canadian and I know how Ardène is supposed to be pronounced (the way you said it Remi) but where I'm from we all say "Ardeens" hahaha.

  • Omg Christmas with your boos family !!!! That’s beautiful 😭 now I know this is SERIOUS ❤️💕


    • Ahh I love it😂

  • Aww remi yalls tree is so freaking cute!

  • the christmas onsie is so cute!!

  • I think we all need to find ourselves a man like Cal

  • this vlogmas makes me so happy bc ofc you and now Cal whos making you laugh and smile 1110000000000X more

  • Us short girls love a tall guy!!!! They are handy for sure!!!!

  • 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  • What eye shadow did you wear? I have been looking for colors like that

  • who else noticed that the intro said vlogmas day 6

  • Just waiting till aspyn ovard meets aspyn ovard

  • i love your blue dress


  • Love it

  • remmmm wheres your jacket frommm??!!!

  • As soon as you said 4 boxes of 60 lights I was like “oh no that’s not gonna be enough” lol

  • When you realize that Cal has a key to Remi’s apartment 👀 Get it sis!! 💕

  • Rem + boyfriend = couple goals ❤💕

  • That whole pre - surprise BOO! was awesome! Lmbo!

  • Love love love😻

  • LOL LOVE the shoutout to Aspyn Ovard and Cove and Parker!!

  • Remi’s little run HAD ME DYINGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • Remi is so gorgeous ❤️

  • Lol “it’s like a rave” 🎄

  • yes rem we are loving the vlogs 😘

  • Yay we’re twinning on our color theme for our tree & yours is a snowy tree mines not 😂💞

  • 17:19 me running from all my problems

  • I swear u stayed at big bear for like one day