Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...

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disney descendants 3 animation
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...
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Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
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Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
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  • Hey everyone thanks for watching. With recent events still fresh in some people's minds I just want to reiterate that these videos are mainly just for jokes and I have nothing but respect for the cast and crew who made this movie, and every movie or TV show I talk about. It's all just light-hearted fun around here, so I hope you take it that way.

    • You're jokes are hilarious A! Keep making us laugh with more videos

    • @Jaida Evans LOL!

    • @TheRManProds well yeah if my man or woman randomly willingly ate a magic cookie just for an excuse to cheat on my I'de WaNt To Be DaNgErOuSe! too



  • How come you didn't mention the video for Cameron at the end of the movie???

  • I feel like everyone is like the movie was so good because Cameron Boyce was in it, but I thought the movie was really bad. Don’t get me wrong, Cameron Boyce is amazing, but the movie needs some help.

  • So uhhhhh so Ben proposed to mal but there were like 17 or 16 Where the hell are your parents dude

  • When mal said no spell can reverse the curse of the scepter she meant what it did to Audrey

  • Honestly, the guy that played chad did more on one episode of Legacies, than the entire Descendants franchise

  • zombies

  • Please review Popular lol

  • Is it just me or is Liv and maddie in descendants? 😂

  • Technically Audrey didn't use the sceptre to turn Ben into the Beast, he turned himself since he is the son of the Beast and did these weird roars since the first movie. So I guess he can't turn into beast like Mal can turn into dragon and Uma into a Octopus..

  • Like if Alex should do 'Rags' or 'Let It Shine' as a video

  • Cameron Boyce passed away before you made this video

  • Wait- So when Mal said nothing was powerful than the scepter y did Jane sent her mom to get the wand from the museum? Like is the wand powerful or not because supposedly the wand is the most powerful. right ?

  • I was so mad when Lonnie didn't show up in the third movie ! She became so much better in the second one and I was just waiting for even more Mulan-ish fights...

  • Mal: Ok Audrey- Audrey: QUIET! Mal: It’s not a toy it’s dangerous! Audrey: I want to be DaNGeRoUS!!!! Alex: I want to be dangerous? I mean having a full leather body suit in the middle of summer seems like more dangerous to me. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣☺️🤣


  • Water isn't a spell

  • Someone put respect on my mans name Cameron

  • Does anyone know where I could watch the full movie?

  • They fucking made a third one???

  • 8:32 her evil laugh is so satisfying

  • It’s like Rock Paper Scissors. But it’s Rock, Water, Stick

  • For him nothing makes sense 🙄🙄

    • Guess what? That’s the point lmao.

  • You start watching this in sophomore and 4 years later you’re in college...??? I highly doubt high schoolers are watching this crap. I didn’t watch Disney anymore when I hit 8th grade and that was the generation of actually good Disney channel shows not this trash they try now.

  • Is all you do hate the movies that are GOOD

  • I watched this first then watched descendants (3) and I forgot about this and I said maybe the bridge would fall then I watched this again (because it's funny) and then noticed you said it and laughed

  • God that movie series sucks. It makes fucking no sense. Bad Acting. Bad Story. Disgusting Overall.

  • I love your videos :D!!

  • 🤣

  • I found the way the characters mixed really charming but the plot just wasn’t there... they could’ve done more. ALSO the songs were awful, I don’t think there was really a good one there

  • The vampire diaries is one a lot of people would like i gues well at least i like it

  • 11:11 🎵 _my little pony... my little pony... AHHHHHHH!_ 🎵

  • Dude your the one who doesnt make sense

    • Okay you’re all like 9. This utter shit doesn’t make sense to anyone over the age of 15. His whole channel is reviewing and criticizing movies and shows lmao. Run along now kids.

    • ahah yes it doesnt

    • Yeah he is,i love Descendants If hes gonna complain why did he even watch the movie 😂

  • Somehow mel as a dragon remindes me of the dragon in Barbie as Repunzel 😅

  • I think there fine

  • I'm just wondering how they got the GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD onto the isle of the lost anyways

  • Thank the Lord I am not the only one who though about the bridge

  • "Yeah so she steals maleficents- ... whatever that is" LMAOOO 2:23

  • me in england preventing myself from watching it but gave in bc i cant wait till it actually comes out over here 😩

  • At 9:27 he said mal leave some room for jesus

  • 1:39 aren't they teenagers?

  • You didn’t talk about “ One KiSs oNE KisS OHoHOhoH” and Queen of mean

  • Im sad descendants 4 got cancelled. Rip cameron :( ❤️

  • Rest In Peace Cameron Boyce

  • The scene where they were singing the end song there was a scene were they were dancing on bridge they were singing like "let's break this down" I asked to myself "the bridge??" 😂😂😂

  • this made me realise we were cheated out of a Camp Rock 3, a true injustice

  • its a ...musical...

  • I love the Descendants series so much but I laughed so hard in this video

  • Also, fairy godmothers magic wand had a magic barrier around it that set off an alarm and yet the thing MORE POWERFUL has absolutely no protection? Also what the fuck kind of powers does that crown have to turn her purple

  • I thought that you had have magic to use the scepter..that was the most unbelievable thing

  • i havent seen the movie but i can tell at 3:04 that the trailer was better than this whole movie

  • #hater

  • I mean I think Disney is ending...

  • Ben turning into a beast wasnt Audrey's spell, in fact it was Ben's choice to turn into a beast because he is the son of Beauty and The Beast


  • Ok, I watched this because I thought it was gonna be offensive but now I think its hilarious

  • Cameron boyce

  • She took down the power so she can steal it,And the “Green eye” called her because of her rage..

  • Mal: I THINK WE NEED TO CLOSE THE BARRIER FOREVER everyone: yeah ok you’re totally right Also mal: LETS OPEN THE BARRIER FOREVER everyone: yeah ok you’re totally right

  • Who is waiting for "Teen beach movie"? ^^

  • i love desendents 3 your just try to hurting the actors and the directers feeling

    • Or its just all for fun..

  • I f ing hat you

  • "12 things happened in a span of 30 seconds" EXACTLY! I think descendants 2 is the best out of three. Descendants 3 felt like everything is rushed and congested that you're not even allowed to blink to understand what is happening. Most of the songs were..mehh. even Descendants 1 had better songs.

  • Did anyones else see an ad right when he asked for a reaction for the trilogy, and it was a dad showing his disappointed kids their new tree house?

  • Male I feel bad for you become you had plasdik serjarry and you got boleedwhenyou wer yong :(

  • actually it does ur just an idiot cause its more popular then u

  • actually it does ur just an idiot cause its more popular then u

  • Descendants does Maleficent wrong but idk Disney been fucking up. Its Disneys riverdale

  • So Descendants should of been made like R-Kelly's "Trapped in the closet" music videos were made. still continued to tell a story and it can be sung or danced through without complaint of "is this a movie or a really long pointless music video?"

  • Alex Meyers: Audrey turn mal in to a granma cuz audrey puts it... Audrey:do u think ben will love u know u old lady Alex:the only thing that makes ben feel in love with mal is cookies but do u who makes cookies yur granma the jokes on u audrey Me: *SMILE*

  • I wish they put a few more greek references there ;-; probably Hades mentioning Persephone or something idk

  • Audery never made Ben a beast he got a splinter so her turned it one by pain

  • I live in the uk and this film hasn’t come out yet so I’m so conflicted weather to watch this video or not 😩

  • Can we talk about how ridiculous and obvious Dove Cameron's lip filler looks? like I usually don't care what women do to their bodies but she's in a Disney movie looking like your typical over-injected Instagram model isn't this setting a bad example?

  • We do realise that the problem with the final plot scene is the girl ran away and now shes stuck on the castle LIKE HOW DID SHE GET DOWN! And dont mention the VK kids Were all sleeping for the majority of the movie. The Problem with descendents two was the problem was caused by MAL! so yea lest just brush off the fact that part where ponytail dude and jane are just waiting completely oblivious to the final plot where ''audrey vs mal'' starts so what are they doing??

  • Mal is canonically a half blood

  • I would've been able to understand Audrey if she was mad about losing Ben to Mal like if she genuinely loved him and lost him but she was only with him because of what he came with, her becoming Queen, therefore I really couldn't care for her being mad and I don't think they owed her an apology since she really didn't care for Ben plus it burns me that she really was let off the hook Also, Uma is the MVP and was never a villain her plan from the start was to free the people and give them a chance, she had no evil intent in 2 and she deserved to be Queen of the Isle since she fought so hard for it

  • And so they have dance off. That how they break spell. By dancing. Oooooooo.

  • It was still cool and fun to watch and it had Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron. I wont complain too much lol

  • Yeah trogdoor