DINAMO ZAGREB 1-4 MAN CITY | HIGHLIGHTS | Gabriel Jesus Hat-Trick, Phil Foden

Dipublikasikan tanggal 15 Des 2019
Gabriel Jesus scored a 20-minute hat-trick as City came from behind to beat Dinamo Zagreb 4-1 and Phil Foden capped a sparkling performance with a late fourth.
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  • Jesus is the best!

  • 2 man down and where is your fair play

  • As a Chelsea fan I have to admit Gabriel Jesus is underrated

  • Jesus Christ!!

  • Famous english fair play,they scored first goal when two Dinamo players was injured...Shame for team which 1 player is more valuable than whole Dinamo players👏👏👏

  • Begitu jika Man city benar2 serius bermain. Tak ada lawan yg tahan atas grmpuran mereka.

  • I am very pleased that Man City have eliminated Dinamo Zagreb from the Champions League

    • @ante slipcevic Bilo bi mi drago da i vi jednom prodjete da povecate koeficijent lige

    • @ante slipcevic pa dobro i ja cu hajdukovim uzivat

    • Nino uvijek cu navijati protiv Dinama i uzivati cu u njihovim porazima

    • Pa i nije baš normalno nego je rezultat višegodišnjeg stvaranja mržnje između 2 kluba koja bi trebala biti bratska, a najveći predvodnici toga su klošari i drogeraši kojima to "navijanje" čini smisao života.

    • Nino navijam za Hajduk i kao navijac Hajduka normalno je da cu navijati protiv Dinama kad nema mog Hajduka u Europi

  • Congrulations to Man City on winning against Dinamo Zagreb

    • Kad ćete vi igrat igrat protiv citya možda jedino na ps...

  • That Mendy cross was so perfect it actually was more difficult for Jesus to miss that shot

  • Good 🙋🙋👏👏

  • محرز أرحل من هدا الفريق انت كبير يا محرز على هذا الفريق

  • Pep killed Mahrez's talent

  • 'No Kompany, no problem because we got Stones and Otamendi to pair up with Laporte' IQ 50

  • Mahrez need to play against arsenal.

  • And it is Riyad Mahrez who dominates this category by presenting the best ratio of goals or assists per minutes played this season in the Premier League.His teammate Sergio Aguero and his ex-teammate at Leicester Jamie Vardy completely the podium of this classification: 1- Mahrez - 66 minutes 2- Aguero - 68 minutes 3- Vardy - 72 minutes 4- Mousset - 74 minutes 5- Abraham - 81 minutes 6- Sound - 82 minutes 7- Mané - 82 minutes 8- De Bruyne - 87 minutes 9- Alli - 89 minutes 10-Trossard - 92 minutes 11- D Silva - 92 minutes 12- Rashford - 93 minutes 13- Lacazette - 94 minutes 14- B Silva - 100 minutes Source: www.lebuteur.com/article/detail?titre=man-city-mahrez-domine-cette-categorie-en-premier-league&id=93576

    • Halima katkouta خلاص يا كتكوته خليتي الناس تكره محرز منكم🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Et c'est Riyad Mahrez qui domine cette catégorie en présentant le meilleur ratio de buts ou de passes décisives par minutes jouées cette saison en Premier League. Son coéquipier Sergio Aguero et son ex-coéquipier à Leicester Jamie Vardy complètement le podium de ce classement : 1- Mahrez - 66 minutes 2- Aguero - 68 minutes 3- Vardy - 72 minutes 4- Mousset - 74 minutes 5- Abraham - 81 minutes 6- Son - 82 minutes 7- Mané - 82 minutes 8- De Bruyne - 87 minutes 9- Alli - 89 minutes 10-Trossard - 92 minutes 11- D Silva - 92 minutes 12- Rashford - 93 minutes 13- Lacazette - 94 minutes 14- B Silva - 100 minutes Source : www.lebuteur.com/article/detail?titre=man-city-mahrez-domine-cette-categorie-en-premier-league&id=93576

  • Hope man City become 2018/19 season of Liverpool by winning the champion league

  • Where is the sane??

  • Why sane didnt play😪😪

    • Bro he suffered injury right at the beginning of the season And probably he'll be back next year

    • He is injuried

  • Zagreb is a good team and they can’t be eliminated, but VIVA CITY

    • No the real name is Dinamo Zagreb you stupid

  • Great game! We need to beat arsenal today! Mahrez need to play against arsenal.

  • 💙💙💙💙💙

  • wow what an hatrick

  • WOW

  • Thank you from Bergamo (Atalanta)❤️

  • Jesus didn’t really show much for the last seasons but this seasons he has been a beast

  • Who is a fan Man City Like👇

  • Foden 💯 is best

  • All credit to Man City, but I really wish Dinamo won The loss would mean nothing to City and Dinamo could have been 2nd and now they're 4th

  • Foden 💙💙💙

  • This team is ready to win the champions league


    • What a prediction mate!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Why so late? Pse. reply@Mancity.

  • Jesus,Aguero,Mahrez and Sterling can score many goals for City. That is if the Lb,Rb and the midf controle the game and pass the ball to the strikers on the right time and on the right place... City problm is because the midf the back4 and the GK hold the ball to long....the two wingers and the striker waiting to long for the ball from the Midf or the back 4.that s City problm....i think City can play every game ten or more long balls for the wingers and for the striker....Is nice if the midf and back 4 can score goal...but City have very good striker and good wingers leth they score the goals...the midf must controle the game 90 min long and the back 4 must read the game 90 min and strikers and the wingers score the goal....with these system every game bring City the 3 point home....Time will tell....

    • Forgot de Bruyne He creates some wonderful chances

  • Volta pro Verdão

    • Ciai ciao from Bergamo 🔵⚫🔵⚫💪💪💪💪👊😜

    • Né pow kkkkk

  • Love Jesu ! Keep going the good work we have a chance to win !

  • Shortest highlights ever ! Title should be GOALS ... not Highlights !

    • No the titles should be highlights because there are still just highlights

  • why don't city go back to omary abdulham

  • Fight fight...city and pep

    • Till the end💙 remember 93:20⏱️

  • Channel bolan paling rajin buat konten

  • So lovely to see Jesus get this Hattrick, he seems so happy

    • he will probebly walk on water next game

    • He is playing well this season

  • Let's get those 3 points vs arsenal 💙💙💙

  • I'm from Italy. Today on Sky Sport Italy at half time the commentator said: "Now we'll show you English teams' CL highlights" but they didn't show Man City's highlights, just Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs🤬 so thanks Man City for uploading this💙 P.S: I had already watched our match on Wednesday but I think that's not fair...also, here many commentators always seem to support Liverpool just because they haven't won PL for 30 years...I can't stand this.

  • Highlights are a lil too early

  • we are desperate for sane right now

    • Not true, we're creating and scoring enough still. We need Laporte.

    • Even if sane is fit, he will leave man city

    • I think we need laporte way more right now since stones is still regaining his form ,fernadihno isn't a natural defender and otamendi makes mistakes very frequently

    • And laporte

  • 나는 한국에 사는 맨체스터시티 팬입니다 I am a fan of Manchester City living in south Korea.

    • Kanyyeee haha you thought he was gonna lash at you but he responded nicely, probably leaving you pissed off

    • @Kanyyeee Thank you! There are many Manchester City fans in Korea. But there's more Tottenham fans because of Son Heung-min. I'll wish you luck in Manchester City. Thank you.

    • 자그레브 you’re a glory hunter living in South Korea

  • Iwill come 👌🏻 To be soccer player .


    • Fock off. Cmon City

    • Wtf are you doing here then?


    • How high are you on a scale of triangle to potato

  • who is the Manchester City top goalscorer?

  • YEAH GUYSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! ( actually im dutch, but i like man city so much that my room full is of posters from man city and Ajax

    • everyone thx for the likes and i hope that man city wins the champions league

    • Rayaan Amirkhan pray for our team win the champions league this season

    • @Cruz Morris thank you very much

    • Rayaan Amirkhan thank you for supporting city I love Ajax too

  • Ayyyyy

  • Best team on earth let’s win the league again come on city

  • Come to Galatasaray aguero

  • gogogo city👑

  • Man City plz favourite dis

  • Destroy arsenal tomorrow please

  • Yes

  • Insta :kaan.g19

  • Ilkay gündogan