Dismantling a scam

Dipublikasikan tanggal 26 Mei 2020
This group of scammers send fake Paypal invoices and try to convince their (usually elderly) victims to login to their online bank whist they have remote access. And it usually ends badly for the victim.
This time around however, I managed to find out who they were and I slowly dismantled their scam.
Victim details are always blurred out, but I've also had to blur out some of the scammer details too. This is to meet with ID-tv's policies.
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  • Jim! Thats AWESOME! Can you teach me? 1 nigga group hacked me and took money from me...please

  • Jim! thats AWESOME!!! Can you teach me? please..theres one nigga group who hacked me and took money from me...


  • GOOD MAN !👍

  • We should be grateful that jim is on our side 🙌🙌

  • it would be cool to have a team that contacts the scammed people saying they're scammed

  • 0.38 "Peter's real name is I'm In deep" LOL

  • you are a hero

  • These scammers are targeting the vulnerable elderly and stealing their life savings. Absolutely disgusting.

  • imagine bening so low that u scam elders beacuase ur lazy ass couldnt be asked to get a job

  • 🇮🇳 Cops’ ongoing deals with the scam centres are incredible. Internet providers’ make deals with scam-centres, & won’t cut scammers’ internet. The average Indian can buy cops’ silence for < $10 over real violations, let alone over nothing at all- Yes..Everyday Indians pay cops for simple “permission” to drive on a “free,” public street.) The circle of corruption in such a country is exactly why wealthy Indians rarely emigrate/live abroad, as they already get everything they want, _plus_ “power”..

  • Yesssa i love thisss

  • He even have connections to FBI haha this guy is a Legend!

  • If i learn ethical hacking course will i be able to do this?

  • Best use of UNO reverse card

  • Watching scammers do this in real time makes my stomach turn

  • Dude this is so fucked... Abusing 78 year olds' slower minds and lack of computer literacy and straight lying to them to steal money from them. Like wtf.

  • Legend says the scammer is still saying hello

  • Wow you’re awesome. It’s so sad they target elderly mostly after seeing those bds

  • Bill Gates would be very proud of you 🤗

  • do not trust someone with common uk/usa name but they're speaking in english with indian accent 😆

  • the hellos were pissing me off lmaoooo

  • Jim you are the lad

  • It looks that the Indian police do nothing to prevent such cases.

  • What about the guys who send you your old password and send you a scary lettering saying they have all your files and passwords? Would like to see these scammers get they're A'ss handed to them. Thanks Jim

  • Oh my god!! What a bro!! 🙌🏾

  • I got inspired to do this kind of thing when I grow up.

  • What an amazing job. Kudos

  • You should receive government funding

  • What a hero

  • Someone needs to automate finding a compatible motherboard firmware, kind of like driverbooster, but literally all it does is rip or download the bios then installs it again only to kill the power at 1%.

    • You use the word campaign. Employ the nuclear option. Stop playing stupid games.

    • Destroy their shit. Im sure hardware companies would appreciate the uptick in sales. It will make their overhead skyrocket. Want to get rid of scammers? Weaponize the most basic line of code. Be merciless.

    • The more components you do this to all at once, the better.

  • Your such a great human being helping these people. I teared up when u were saving that woman from being scammed, it’s so sad that they manipulate innocent people into taking there money. Keep doing what your doing, your saving so many people from scams. God bless.

  • Jim is the best fucking person even ngl

  • Scary as hell seeing that dirty bastard have access to 100k of someone's savings with a few clicks. I know he wouldn't be able to take it all but still.

  • Absolute hero

  • You're a hero!

  • 393 scammers have disliked the video.

  • Thank you for being such an amazing person

  • Why at 7:09, was the word refund written as \'refund\' ? "This is being used live as part of a \'refund\' scam." What does that accomplish?

  • This is what entertainment has come to and I’m not complaining... *I love it*

  • I love how you are no afraid to display the IP of someone.

  • can you do a vid on security and safety tips online?

  • ur cyber vigilantism gives me such a raging justice boner. i love u.

  • Hallo My name is Jeff

  • Ok but how can I prevent you from getting into my computer lol

  • but why are scammers usually in India?

  • Watched a bunch of your videos, and you show where they go to your stored passwords on the browser. Now, are you saying that they unencrypted the passwords without you giving them the login password? I just always find this part confusing.

  • Hi Jim I am Anurag and I am from Kolkata seriously telling you we appreciate you but I think the Kolkata police is not taken your request seriously !!

  • Bro this is the type of guy to go leave his social security number on the dark web and just wait for something bad to happen to go destroy the scammers😂🤦🏻‍♂️


  • I wish I also know what you know and also acquire the skills that you have, I love what you're doing it's like being a good samaritan. Sir continue what you're good doings and may God bless you always

  • You are amazing! ❤️ I would need you year ago before I send all of my money to a scammer.... Damn I was so stupid!! 🤦‍♀️ Too expensive lesson to learned

  • Not sure if it matters to you but at 1:26 we can see your email (ivor.bi....etc)

  • Excellent work that you are doing.

  • A scammer called me and he was asking for my ssn number I only gave him my name I need to know if he can do anything

  • ah yes, the official billing email of paypal, christiebass072@gmail.com

  • why the Mi6 didn't recruit you yet

  • "I you want you can have now a glass of water man, or coffee as well" how generous these scammers are

  • You saved that woman from having her life savings ripped of by something that cannot even be called a human. Good job! What you do has an impact!

  • Why not delete all their files any chance you get?

  • Currently binge watching

  • your a legend, I have shown my mother a few of your videos and she thinks your amazing!! I have taught her that when she gets emails or phone calls that they are almost 100% a scam, now when she gets a phone call its hilarious as she doesnt even give them chance she just says F*CK OFF and puts the phone down !!!!! I think it would be amazing if you could do a video on how to protect your pc and what people should be doing to avoid these the links and emails they receive.

  • Sir i need u r help

  • I wish you live in 50million home, have the biggest TV, have the costliest car on earth, because it is a person like you who deserved this kind of things in life.

  • FBI has entered the chat*

  • You are a saint. Ty for doing this.

  • you’re like the green arrow when it comes to taking down scammers

  • i am surprised that the FBI didn't offer you a job yet? Or they already did :)

  • i fucking love this guy xD

  • Hahaha hell yeah springfield armory is a real business... but being that you are in the UK and not a US citizen it’s not legal for you to buy anything but a weapon sight from them hahaha. For $499 you can get a gen 4 Glock or a super cheap AR15... also it’s amazing for anybody to make a firearm purchase with a number that clean... hahaha my last big purchase was $673.47 with tax... lvl 3+ AR550 spartan armor plate carrier and 5.11’s all missions plate carrier and some goodies.

  • Wait... who keeps a scanned receipt of their internet installation?

  • The saved passwords from my laptop are the emails my school gave... Imagine the scammer doing my homework for me 😊😌

  • This is a true hero it’s just satisfying to see scammers seeing things not working out for them

  • what a guy

  • Good work but on the other hand I don't think it's gonna help much in sending the details to the cops. Even sending it to FBI isn't gonna help much in timeline.. they would destroy thousands of ppl's hard earned money before things come to end. I appreciate wat you do, When scammers can have offices and employees, there should be a group or a team together to track these ppl let their total information out to public from their personal info.. might least scare others to do it, tis might work faster than sending details to cops Gotta find a betta way to shut them totally.

  • You are good, wish there are more ppl like you to shut these B's.. Scamming ppl for a living, betta to suc* COC** on the roads for living

  • Wow. You are amazing. Thank you for putting this out there & helping others.

  • Imagine being that innocent woman, and getting a call from an uknown person who knows you are on a call and on your computer. And starts to instruct you on what to do. Man that woman must have gone into full panic

  • Are there any scam busters like yourself that infect scammers PCs with massively nasty viruses? That sounds like it would be hilarious to watch.

  • How are you able to access their computer and files? Do you have your own program on your computer that does that? Or is it some kind of glitch in the program?