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Mr Bean gets out his tools!
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  • 首切られた将校みたいなの日本人?

  • 33:26 who is she

  • Mr.bean is the best bean

  • English idtiots

  • 26:07 British lol ;D

  • u are swit Mr dean

  • هههههه مستربين روعه مضحك جدن

  • هههههههه مبتربين روعه

  • Love u mr bean from 🇮🇩 indonesia

  • Saya suka mr bean , sangat lucu😂

  • Good

  • 1:01 that box says lapin kulta thats finnish words

  • 터미네이터 첫 장면?

  • 29:23 zici ca era Katalin Talent 🤣

  • Why move the table? There was plenty of room?

  • H E L L O O O

  • Будто снова окунулся в детство))

  • wow 18.3m subs fair play and congrats loved watching this show when i was a kid

    • Fuak man mister jfdmhgdsfjhs

  • I legit didn't know episodes were this long

    • Yea the full series had only like 6 episodes or so i think....I cant remember exactly, but each one was 45 minutes long.

  • You are here because you don't have friends or family or any one. Have fun 💙

  • As lonely as mr bean is with no friends I can relate to him.

  • so uncomfortable too watch lol

  • Vegemite is far superior to that stinking Marmite that smells like an infected vulva

  • I like how the saw bogged down when it hit the muscle man's crotch in the picture. lol

  • Honestly, boomer comedy is pathetic, only times i laughed was only because it was that terrible. what boomers consider funny is terrible, if this was what they grew up with no wonder they have such bad attitudes and cant take a joke.

  • He drives to hotel, gets out and gets his suitcase in boot. Yet at reception the steering wheel is in his suitcase?! How?! lol

    • When he refused the waiter to help on carrying the suitcase, there was a short skip. I guess that where things happened

  • Watch this again thousands time still funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Waikoula

  • Stupid

  • when he threw away that caliuflower* and popped baloons...

  • Keren

  • 7:45 When I saw that as a kid I wanted to jump into the tv to hug him

  • 1:01 Lapin Kulta bongattu, torilla tavataan

  • I was a kid when seeing this, and I always wondered if the intro was an indication that Mr. Bean was an alien :)

    • @Lovelyjubly Aliens are within the laws of reality... Demons, are magic fantasy things made up to scare stupid people.

    • hes a demon not an alien, they come to and from the earth

  • bendul

  • I wonder how is outro made.. like Bean is pointing on subscribe how it was done...

  • Back in those days, we had our own Charlie Chaplin!! It was one of the best shows of childhood. Interestingly, still I am enjoying these repeated episodes, I wish if he could come up with more episodes of Mr. Bean.

  • i missed this

  • Am I the only one who noticed that in the first shots the calendar for December 1993 is of by a day? My birth date is in 22 and it was on a Wednesday, but on that calendar it appears as it was on a Thursday. WHY?

  • how to apply DIY life hacks

  • Most beautiful comday

  • Great British Classical !!! Many Thanks Mr Bean . God save Bean !

  • This guy has the same energy as Charlie Chaplin

    • @NOPE 👌

    • In my opinion he is the best comedian ever, way better than Chaplin

  • 20:18 me with my friend

  • whats mr beans job?

  • ج،…كح

  • it's so sad

  • his face is better than most comedians punchlines

  • 0:40 calendar he's already dead

  • 美好的童年回憶,多謝戇豆先生

  • mr bean and tom&jerry was my childhood. asked my student (12 Yo) how he think of mr bean and tom&jerry. he said both are lame and not funny. apparently new generation doesn't like this kind of stuff (tom and jerry, mr bean, etc).

  • Pretty cool how they made a live action remake of the cartoon

  • Everytime I hear the theme song, I always feel like putting my hands together and pray. lol

  • Mr. bean is the best , but he’s not even talking 🤣

  • 47:30

  • Cwc should we do this weekend and I have to get to school and have some time

    • I have a couple friends 👬 is a good game

    • 👋 has always happened in life and

  • Oilers

  • 1993 thats roughly 26 years ago i was born on 1994 mad how time flies

  • Mr Bean the name of happiness I hope one day you consider returning back as Mr Bean or even star in more movies.

  • 24:07 As a kid I always thought this scene was real, and all room was painted in white. If you notice the clock it's just white paper covering, also in all walls and everything. Genius episode.