DIY Snake Trap Technology - Learning to make Bamboo snake trap

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DIY Snake Trap Technology - Learning to make Bamboo snake trap
This video just for survival of knowledge purpose only and killing animal not recommend from Show All Channel.
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  • How dare you!? You thank it’s okay to just leave a frightened snake that been cramped in a cage struggling to move out in the open?! Snakes rather stay in dark small places dish as logs and other things! If they are scared and they are in the open they will either have a seizure, get killed by a predator, or die from stress! I’m sorry if I’m angry I just freaking love snakes 🐍

  • good bamboo snake traditional khmer trap

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  • If I ever move to a place where they grow bamboo I'll remember this ..tyvm good lookn out🤗🍜

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  • Las serpientes no se matan son animales aunque sean malas no significa que halla que matarlas

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