Dope Tech: The Probe Lens!

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The Probe lens by Venus Optics is the most ridiculous piece of video gear I've ever seen.
Venus Laowa Probe lens:
B&H link:
OnePlus 7 Pro Review:
The Verge's Galaxy Fold Review:
Viral "shooting macro" video
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  • So much hype over an effect. I'm sick to death of all the effects and various types of shots in the film industry. I just want a decent friggin' story instead of all the garbage being pumped out in recent years. I'm sure that story lines are often molded around what effects are available, but in the end the film lacks substance.

  • Talking about dream jobs, just playing with tech all day. So nice.

  • 5% Can’t afford comments. 95% Dirty and porn comments. Comment section in a nutshell.

  • Hire a swordswallower, get us interesting footage, and a bootiehole acrobat if u are feeling adventurous

  • 2:19 lol HAHAHAHAHAH .i.

  • Not sure why this lens brings out the inner 9 year old in so many commenters? Cool video, like you showed some really creative scenes to illustrate what you could actually do with this lens in the real world. Good stuff!

  • In the futere we are gonna laugh of the lenght og it

  • 1:13 chill dude, that's not a damned Mosin Nagant 😂

  • Oh my god, that's exactly what the Aliens had... I swear on my life dude, that was the tool. Quick, someone call Mulder.

  • Gay dudes up on Problr & Pinterest soon enough :0

  • Trying to find a comment that talks about 2:22. :0

  • $1600

  • Reminds me of that infrared detector from the first movie Alien-1 ...

  • Damn thought that was a gattling gun from the thumbnail

  • I have a vintage FD mount 75-205mm f/3.5 telephoto push-pull zoom lens made by Venus Optics. I haven't done much research on them so it was a surprise to hear that they made this one.

  • pc wallpaper ?

  • Marques flexing them photography muscules!

  • this is the Ron Jeremy camera lens.

  • 4:08 Imagine if the electricity goes out and the only torch you got is this one

  • That probe lens needs a vibrate function.

  • There ID-tv, I finally watched this, can you please stop recommending me this??

  • Amazing thing to check for haemorrhoid at home 😂

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  • No one: Marques: LiKe A bUg

  • 1:13 for a moment i believed this lens has shooting ability :D

  • good video tech ! what kind of lights are the strips for shooting smartphone ?

  • 0:41 shit looks like a vacuum cleaner

  • Amazing video! One heck of a camera

  • My proctologist has one of those.

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  • How haven't I subscribed to his channel yet?

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  • I could make some cool snooker shots with it ... both ways.

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  • is there a silicone attachment to go with the probe and will there be lube? xD

  • I wonder if dads will be taking this into the birthing room

  • Push and pull in the cd rack 🎂🎉

  • Welcome back to another episode of what is the limit of my ass? So far I can for sure fit this in

  • Did you purposely use two different coloured tubes?

  • Hey you can use that for a sigmoidoscopy

  • I seriously need Thor at the other end of that thumbnail :3

  • Oh, the Places You'll Go...!

  • Dope

  • I'm probably wrong but phone footage looks like the one i could take with my phone. And the only is is it's being sticking out for 30cm

  • Talk less

  • Anyone know what them tube lights are called? Much appreciated!

  • this whole channel cgi - i know coz i worked on multiple of these channel projects

  • Markass

  • I like your videos but this was a poor demonstration... I feel you could of took more time in creating something more creative?

  • You would need a gun permit just to use it.

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  • the One Plus shot was so unreal that i thought it was just an animated video.

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  • Really like the video... Very well explained and cover all the things that you do. Thank you so much for a great video. And Yes definitely you are Subscribed.