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Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!! . -- Dr Phil #7

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  • S E N D H E R T O T H E R A N C H.

  • shes a prostitute!!!!! send her to the ranch!

  • Rarted

  • Grandma say GET THE BELT

  • I’m a spoiled little kid 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 LOL 😂

  • This girls adult life will be on THE RANCH

  • Now I want to go to the ranch. Pewdiepie pls bring me there

  • T-Series hacked into Pewdiepie's brain at the beginning.

  • Ever notice how there's rarely boys on dr.phil

  • "I like watching children cry! Is there anything wrong with that? *didn't think so* " bro. Respect pewdiepie.

  • Shut up I am 10

  • If my mom became a Dominatrix, I’d still love her but I wouldn’t LOVE her work. But she ISN’T a dominatrix, my mom is a drummer/singer in a rock band

    • You're 40 why r u watching pewds?

  • Everyone go to 13:13 and listen to pewds

  • They are high,gay, and weird 🤢

  • Send her to the ranch

  • I think the title is wrong, the kid isnt spoiled just very very damaged.

  • Well a used tampon is pretty disgusting.

  • Idk if she has consent were she lives but she probably doesn’t so it’s kinda illegal

  • PT-BR title? Thanks Bro 🤘🏻🇧🇷

  • Send Her To Ranch Send Her To Ranch Send Her To Ranch Send Her To Ranch Send Her To Ranch Send Her To Ranch Send Her To Ranch Send Her To Ranch

  • I wanna go to the ranch, I need a break from studying

  • What a spoiled BRAT

  • The mom looks like my PE teacher

  • The mom looks like miss piggy

  • Yes

  • Can u don’t

  • But does Doctor Phil respect wemen?

  • Da apple don’t fall far from da tree

  • Listening to her cry makes me feel pleased


  • did dr.phil say " THIS IS THE MEDICAL DIRECTOR REASERCHER OR SOMETHING OF VCFS?" if so ----- i have vcfs ,,, damn :' O DR PHIL IS INPIRATIONAL :' O

  • Mom should go too

  • R A N C H

  • The ranch!!!

  • The ranch actually sound pretty gucci

  • hope the ranch equals euthanasia

  • she should've dabbed on him and he would've been overpowered

  • For every like I get I’ll add “send her to the ranch”: SEND HER TO THE RANCH SEND HER TO THE RANCH

  • dude i did go the ranch once when i was a kid and it was my best place so far she deserve to be in the ranch boy with some cows and horses boy

  • dr phil=pewdiepie/Gabrielle's mom= T series/the winner is=pewdiepie. get it?????

  • 13:13 undertale 😂😂😂

  • *WAIT* i already smash like BEFORE he said to smash like.. does that mean i *DONT LIKE ANYMORE!?!?!?!?*

  • 12k people don’t yawn

  • 2019?

  • Lol Phil da man don’t mess wit im

  • To much smoke make it small 🤣

  • Pewdiepie is something that a therapist shows to the patient

  • *Send her to the ranch*

  • To the ranch!!

  • girl why u cry it is just a ranch

  • "pewdiepie vs t series pewdiepie wins" - mr.beast

  • it is that shocking because a 14 year old is have sex

  • pewdiepie you god

  • My favorite part is when they send her to DA RANCH

  • At the begining when pewdiepie said you know what everybody hates I was like "what everyone hates is T SERIES" PEWDIEPIE FOR THE WIN T SERIES MORE LIKE T IS FOR TRASH.

  • I yawn, so i likey

  • Feminine products must be a used or unused sanitary napkin or tampon... That's really disgusting Ewww

  • I think it’s time for a petition to send Pewdiepie to the ranch!

  • Pewdiepie needs a TV show it could be called DR pewdiepie :)

  • Wait... Is the mom also named kayleigh... Don't give Kayleigh's a bad name

  • I'm at 5:46 and I can't stop laughing, you're so funny and logic Pew

  • "Let's just get into the mother"

  • You're from sweden and i'm from Norway

  • 1rst century anyone

  • Most of the spoiled childrens are girls rite??

  • 13:10 Contact lenses detected.

  • What kind of mom is this😅😂💩💩

  • I just need Jeremy Kyle to talk to these kids. I would pay to watch that.

  • im trying to listen to dr phil will you SHUT. UP.

  • She’s tryna be the next bead bhabie

  • NYAH!! 13:13

  • What if your a kid who wants to send in a letter to doc Phil about ur narsacistic dad

  • my gosh how much weed did she smoke

  • 15:48 THE RANCH

  • This video name sounds like a name for a TOTALLY different video

  • The raaaaaaaanch

  • Comment for the ranch

  • Marijuana can cause your brain to stop developing if you're under 25, so this 15 year old will have poor cognitive and memory capabilities

  • She threw her used douche hahahahaha TO THE RANCH WITH YOU!

  • 13:13 Waluigi time


  • we *all* know that Dr. Phil has more power than the authorities

  • I want to take a tour of the ranch to see the unbridled power of Phil’s healing power

  • 1:37 no that’s a Steve Harvey Mmmmm

  • Do it for the ranch gang gang

  • 15:24 I love watching children cry

  • 0:01



  • Person who made the cc’s are a hero

  • “The hole point of this show is to get you some help.” *daps and explosions the the background*

  • I cant stop laughing 😂

  • At 11:32 the most quietly goes “You’re judgmental.”

  • Ranch!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She probably won't laugh at jail

  • Pity, she looks like a pretty kid :/


  • Love it