DRAGON EGG - Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)

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An Ender Dragon egg has been brought into the overworld and is lost to a deadly lightning storm. However, when Lone, a trusty shepherd stumbles across it’s hiding place in the moment of its hatching, Flynn the dragon bonds to them. Inspired to raise the dragon, Lone decides to raise Flynn in hopes of it keeping peace and keeping him hidden from the village and Steve.


Joaquin V


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  • First off, Rest in peace Technoblade. Had such an influence on so many people. You will be greatly missed but remembered. Secondly, if you're not aware, this is a 2 part animation. Part 2 in a couple weeks. Hope you enjoy this for now :D

    • He's not dedicated

    • @Oceanic Amphibian I don't know, it's hard to tell with all the &^%* lag that I get.

  • Ok, I just wanna praise this minor detail. So light speed travels faster than speed of sound. When lighting struck the field in front of Steve and his friend, the thunder was a bit delayed, which is really realistic and detailed. Great job!

    • @Karim Hylix iron golem will turn into nightmare if he has teeths

    • They start adding teeth

    • Yes, and I love how the Iron Golem creaks like metal.

  • This dragon egg has just reminded me of the awesome time i had and i think everyone had watching “Songs of War”. I think i can speak for everyone when i say we were so sad to hear it wouldn’t be continued, it had such a great story with amazing characters. I have really enjoyed the fan-made sequels, but i wish there was an official sequel. Thanks for those well spent 2 hours, 12 minutes and 10 seconds of enjoyment, pleasure and joy all in one. It was a movie worth watching. One of my favourites, it inspired me to learn how to animated. thanks

    • @MrGamerDoesVids bruh 💀

    • @Hi I'm Joe Nope!

    • @MrGamerDoesVids soooooo did ya watch it?

    • @MrGamerDoesVids its a masterpiece minecraft movie bro trust me

    • @MrGamerDoesVids it was a one season (supposed to be 3 season) series made by well, black plasma studios. Like all good series though, it was cut off after of course, a cliffhanger. This happens with all series who have a passionate creator. Songs of war is really good and probably would have saved mc animations from dark ages. Watch it, please. Its so good

  • this is seriously some of the most detailed and well executed animation i’ve ever seen in this channel. Mont, you out down your self once again! Keep it up!

    • Much appreciated :D

  • Loved this animation, the graphics and quality, story line and.. everything was amazing! Had also seen this animation being in the works. Y'all animators including Mont did an awesome job! Can't wait for part 2 :D (RIP Technoblade)

  • Awesome thumbnail! The graphics r incredible and r executed very realistically. The colors contrast very well together and they compliment the characters very nicely^^ I can’t wait for this episode, it’s going to be so awesome!^^💜 (Rest in Peace Technoblade.. Technoblade never dies)

    • @XxKiraAnimatezZ it's not graphics it's animation

    • Technoblade mustve died but he didnt go away from your souls you fans (note im not a fan but i did watch technoblade b4)

    • @XxRaiderAnimationzZ i didn’t see Technoblade in the thumbnail

    • @Mont27P amazing thumbnail great job

    • @Name She was just sayin something nice abt the thumbnail

  • The lightning was really cool and the realistic graphics/elements keep getting better! I love how the dragon just bounced when she was trying to get him to flap his wings. That is definitely what a winged baby animal would do, lol

  • Yet another amazing animation, Mont! Looking forward to part 2.

  • Muy bueno, como siempre excelente calidad, de hecho me recuerda muuucho a Canciones de Guerra Ojalá reanuden esa serie, ojalá

  • God, how cute! I hope there will be a sequel, and if there is, i look forward to it!

  • Amazing as always! I really love how the iron golem is portrayed, and everything has improved so much

  • This feels heavily inspired by Eragon the movie, it's great! Love the animation as well. Keep up the good work, I can't wait for the next one!

  • This is probably one of the cutest animations I’ve ever seen. I cannot wait for part 2! Also, Rest In Peace techno

  • This was a great animation to honour the legend Technoblade. Hope Part 2 comes out soon. Also, I am still waiting for Warden Fight Bloopers to come out before the Dragon Egg bloopers.

  • Rest In Peace techno. Your reign shall be remembered for a thousand years

  • completely forgot this channel existed for a few years, then I suddenly remembered the survival games and mega skywars animations, and decided to check the channel out. i cant believe you guys are still going strong :,)

  • This animation was amazing, I just have to say I especially loved how the sheep moved it looked so natural

  • Imagine how long it took to make this I’m really proud of your work

  • i like how the animations from mont are always the most unique from all the other directors

  • This animation shows me how much you improved your animation quality over the years. Small things like smoke or water keep getting more and more detailed. Good work!

    • Thanks. There's always areas to improve on constantly, each director does it different. Animation has been the main focus over the years for me. Also tried getting into a lot more lighting/effects for these 2 projects.

    • I think a huge improvement here is the realistic movements and realistic facial animation expression

  • This was awesome, can’t wait for part two!

  • The farm girl that found the dragon reminded me of that character in your "Songs of War" series I'm just wondering if that character is a version of her. Very interesting

  • This was just so sweet! Seeing the dragon learn to fly walk and climb!!! Just the sweetest thing! :D

  • Rest In Piece, Technoblade. We Will Remember You. God Bless.

  • Firstly, Rest in peace Technoblade. You have "ascended to Heaven to take on the Kingdom of God". Keep your chin up, make sure your crown doesn't fall down. My condolences to his family. Secondly, i've seen this animation in the works for months, glad to see it finally seeing the sunlight. Great work Mont!

    • @TwinTalks like i said in an earlier reply, the reason why i mentioned his passing is since the animator of the video mentioned it as well (Mont27P) And if you wanna tell everyone else the same you said to me, unfortunately you're going to have to go through 600 comments. Good luck.

    • @Andrioane she has a point. People don’t need to reminded about it every 7 seconds on the internet. Yes its’s sad, but I would imagine that Technoblade would not like us crying about his death on every Minecraft video. This video has nothing to do with it.

    • @ForeignWitch I know that. But people including the animator of this video himself has put his condolences here. So why can't I?

    • @ForeignWitch I agree.

    • @Andrioane okay? Just saying it's not a techno video

  • Greatest thing that I have watched that has an enderdragon in it. Great work on the animation! I will say, RIP Techno. He will be missed.

  • "Technoblade never dies" Rest in peace King of Minecraft

  • Nice to see that the Songs of War assets and concepts are still being put to use, even if the series is cancelled. Great vid as always BPS :]

  • "One of the best things about him is that he never belittles his achievements, he always respects us, the audience and his team and he is always polite in all competitions. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement, more to come and everything will come "❤ ♥ ♥

  • Stayed up until 3am for this. It was 100% worth it

    • @Emet's Episodes AKA Mr Cookie Face k

    • Wow it was worth it though

    • IM DEAD!

    • @Smiley Wool I make edits on Black Plasma Studios episodes, I love them a lot 👏🏻👏🏻💙🤍🖤

    • Bro I love your content!!!

  • This is going to be one awesome adventure! The baby dragon is so adorable. I can’t wait for next one soon! RIP Technoblade.❤️🙏🏽

  • I really liked this, because it´s about a girl finding a Dragon Egg, the structures look good, and all of that gives me Songs Of War memories. Also Rest In Piece Techno

  • RIP Technoblade he will still remain as a great legend in our hearts.

  • Not going to lie, when I saw the dragon I instantly thought about the Songs of War, I wish there was a sequel to it even though its unlikely, even if I have to wait 8 years for it lol. But I agree with most of the comments here, RIP Technoblade, he truly was a great person and will be remembered. And great animation as always

  • is it sad that i am more or less focused on the iron golem in this animation? he is done very well and I think it actually really conveys what they are supposed to be: loyal selfless guardians, and good friends too. and also very intimidating.

  • This is so amazing! 🙂 looking forward to the 2nd part

  • Legends never die in our hearts

  • I love how detailed the Plasma studios Minecraft videos are. Ex. After the day/night cycle montage ends, you can clearly see a skeleton surviving the sun with his helmet. Edit: (I wrote that moments before the mentioned background skeleton got beheaded, lol)

  • Black Plasma, you are really taking animating to another level. These just keep getting better and better, keep up the amazing work. Technoblade would have loved this if he could see it. Rest in peace Technoblade

    • @Skeleton 🙄🙄🙄🙄 you are right

    • wait why is technoblade connected to this, seriously? everyone keeps going on and on about him with this animation specificaly

    • Yes you are right he will love this animation if he is alive

    • @BladeN mhmhm

    • @Random dude shhhhhhhhhh. I would never make a spelling mistake

  • The way this video was animated felt very different and unique from other styles. The music and humor was also different. I think this could be a good style to incorporate. Also, RIP Technoblade.

    • O ovo do dragões é um projeto bem minucioso e antigo, mas não toque profissional na hora

  • As always, impeccable animation. It is you who motivate me to create animation❤️

  • Si la parte 2 sale bien, será el mejor Steve And Alex Life que habrán hecho UwU Mucho apoyo

  • Damn, this took me back to SoW and the enderknights. Interested to see where this one will go

  • I really love these animations, they get better and better as time goes on Keep up the great work! (In loving memory of TechnoBlade ❤️)

    • @Name No he isn't it's just the whole minecraft community found out and decided to comment it.

    • @Name do you not know who Technoblade is

    • I think you missed the point of the animation

    • Good bye TechnoBlade🥺🥺😔😔

  • Well this is looking great, it's a new approach having some conflict between Steve and this girl. Can't wait to see where this'll go. And also Rest In Peace Technoblade may his legacy never die!

  • I love how he made the 2nd thunder we see realistic. Since the lightning appeared before the sound.

  • I absolutely love dragons! And the baby ones are so freakin adorable!) Also, I imagine this is how Abigail trained Luna in SoW.

  • may techno live forever in hearts and may his family heal from there wounds of losing him and great vid

  • I enjoyed this animation. Such a cute story as well. Really looking forward to the next part. Good work Mont and whoever else who worked on this! :) (And also RIP Technoblade)

  • I've always wanted to see an Ender Dragon treated like a pet and on the side of good 💜

  • Love the animation and I hope you keep the sounds the iron golem makes when it moves I absolutely love how it sounded in this animation

  • The water place reminded me of How to train your dragon. The backgrounds are amazing, they look really nice with the lighting and all!

  • I definitely wanna see a part two in a couple of weeks. I wonder what happens next.

  • So wonderful 💖

  • Legend says that the Iron Golem is still waiting for that one extra iron.

  • This is literally the scenes from "how to train your dragon pt 1" but just the dragon was an adult...amazing work

  • That was a really nice time lapse of the night/daylight cycles, nice addition of the skeleton with the helmet in the day scene

  • I love this series so much

  • I love the fact that the egg is used as a weapon haha

  • The sounds used for the iron golem sounded great! I love it.

  • Mont27P you are one of the finest animators on the BPS team! Keep up the good work!

  • When I finished watching it I really feeled like this is an true master peice it's already better than the other animation... Keep up the good work dude! You deserve a sub from me :') Edit:Rest in peace techno blade he really was a master peice he even defeated Dream he really is a true master dude RIP.

  • This makes me so exited for what’s next, no rush of course! This animation is incredible along with all others made from this channel! Keep up the great work!

  • First and foremost, rest in peace, Technoblade. Second, OMG that baby dragon is so cute!!!! I love the animation done with it and making it be super goofy. That was perfect, in my opinion. Can't wait for part 2!! Thank you for all of your hard work BBS crew!!!💗

  • The moment when you accidentally hit the golem while repairing him.

  • Wow! This is amazing! I'm waiting for part 2 :D

  • Techno will "never die" in our hearts

  • Alex's life was a great and inspiring one and he will forever be in our heart

    • @Khong Ten I thought he was saying about Steve and Alex life's Alex

    • @MoonlarktheWolf not yesterday on 30th June bro 😢

    • @Beluguga did someone told ya that Technoblade's real name is Alex. If ya don't know, it's okay, just misunderstood

    • Technoblade is dead. He died yesterday from stage 4 cancer.

    • Alex is dead? What??🤣🤣🤣

  • I just have to tell you that I know how hard is it to make animation...good work bro

  • There is so much songs of war vibes in this animation I love it! (Rest in peace technoblade)

  • Would be nice to have a statue of Technoblade in the Hypixel lobby/hub area so players can visit the statue as well :)

  • Well Great, A Girl Found A Dragon Egg After A Storm, Where Have I Heard This Before?

  • I can’t wait for this! Had a feeling it would be this episode next I also need this episode… after our beloved Technoblade…

  • This has such a bitter sweet taste for me as it is pretty much what happened in songs of war season 1. Homage to the greatest Minecraft animation action drama ever created.

  • can't wait for part 2 ❤

  • 1:07 that feeling when you accidentally make a mob farm

  • The Enderknights returned during these dark times, long having been guardians of the Overworld.

  • Rest in peace techno you will never die in hearts😭

    • Not even related like bro

    • Thats true 😭😭😭 techno will not die in our hearts ❤️😭

  • I love how Steve go in and ruins everything

  • *epic dance* heee one of my favorite animations, now I got a moti, impressive how you do those animations you must have a lot of patience

  • The Idea of a ridable dragon in an inevitable future End update is really cool. 🐷👑🗡️

  • Rest in piece techno he was loved by many

  • Love the expression the characters have. It makes me happy to see the interactions they have.

  • This new video is awesome, Black Plasma Studios, can't wait to see part 2. Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.

  • This one was rad, can't wait for part 2

  • Hi guys, I love your animations, you guys do such a great job, and I hope you continue the series because I absolutely love it, good job guys, keep up the good work!!!😎🔥😘❤️🥰✌️ Also rest in peace Technoblade😔😭, you will be missed, but never forgotten, you are a legend. Remember, you were a crown for a reason, your a great person👑❤️❤️❤️👑🌹

  • First time seeing splashes and ripples on the water. They really improved on the animation

  • Firstly, RIP Technoblade, he was such a nice humorous guy. Well done, it was a very nicely animated and plot gave a sense of curiosity all throughout the animation! Great job Mont and the other animators!

  • bloopers idea: instead of steve taking the dragon egg at the first part, take the azalea bush in the background

  • Congratulations Black Plasma Studios, you gave us the birch forests we never had

  • Rest in peace technoblade had such an influence on so many people you will be greatly missed but remembered

  • The lightning and egg designs were fantastic! But the best part, baby End Dragon!!

  • This is just good to tell. Funny, action, amazing. All in one. Bravo

  • Your animations are so good ❤

  • God: "Techno your terms of being the king is done.... You shall rest now Techno" R.I.P Technoblade 1999-2022

  • Your Minecraft animation is amazing I like it and if there's a part 2 in this dragon that would be great 🤩🤩🤩

  • Animations are spot-on, as always! I especially like the iron golem animation - the robotic movement and metallic sounds make it feel like the golem is actually made of iron.

  • Great animation - one of my favorites

  • Techno is such a legend, I see comments of RIP techno in almost every Minecraft video, he will be remembered.

  • Man your animations are so gooooooddd, im subscribing right now! For me this is better than the official trailers of updates of Minecraft!