Easily 3 Star the 2021 Challenge (Clash of Clans)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 10 Agu 2022
The 10 Years of Clash Event brings the 2021 Challenge to Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth Gaming shares an Attack Tutorial Guide to 3 Star the TH14 Challenge. The New Event, 10 Years of Clash, brings a New Challenge Level every day to highlight the 10 years of Clash of Clans. Todays Super Dragon strategy is more enjoyable and easier to replicate than some of the previous spam style attacks. I'm sure you'll enjoy this one. Clash On!

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  • Best of luck with the 2021 Challenge. The challenge you can approach with a more tactical approach than yesterdays spam

  • no useless intros, no time waste...just straight to the main content... you're a real professional

  • Judo: Don’t worry about the king and queen, they are fine.

  • I wasn't a fan of the 2020 method, but this one is much more consistent, good work judo!

  • 10 years of clash is about to end and I'm thankful that I was able to finish all of it because of Judo. Thank you so much for making videos, it helped me a lot.

  • This is the first challenge that I have 3 stared without your help Judo, I love the guides. I thought this was going to be the hardest one yet but watching your videos all the time helps me know what to do with such high level attacks

  • This one is literally so complicated took so much time and trials but still i did it after all.... thankyou so much 🔥👏🏻

  • I looked and immediately knew I wasn't going to be able to beat it without your guide. Thank you again.

  • Judo always makes this looks so easy and simple. The way he understands hòw the troops respond and defenses reacts is serious skills

  • Oh! It never occurred to me that those fiery decos up top were a clue to deploy flame flinger there. 😅 Awesome strat!

  • This was ALOT more easier than the 2020 attack, Thanks judo! cant wait for the last one

  • These 10 years of clash tutorials are amazing! Thanks judo for these tutorials and tips!

  • Definitely one of the hardest challenges out there, the only reason I was messing it up was because I was just spamming and spamming my rages and freezes, eventually I moved my fire dragons down so that 1 dragon would be at the 6 o'clock are where that air defense was taken out, and with that minor difference, I got that 3 star, absolutely nothing wrong with your guide, there was just 1 thing that I didn't quite follow. Thank you judo for all of the guides, I wouldn't have had any motivation if I didn't see your guides on my recommended <3

  • Thank you for making all of these guides judo, also I can’t believe you are at 1.8 million subs, just 6 months ago you were at 1 million, you channel is growing so much, I can’t wait to see your channel constantly grow!

  • This was the easiest challenge by far. Thank you judo for your high quality content 👌

  • Thank you so much for all of your hard work, I was able to complete the challenges all because of your guides! Keep doing the amazing work that you do ❤️

  • Judo has his own way of turning these challenges into jokes.

  • I love how you've saved multiple people from figuring out this challenge. Especially for beginners. Thank you so much judo

  • Thank you judo We all appreciate your daily effort to help us 3 star these challenges

  • Thank you for this Judo!Great tutorial,straight to the point,that's why you're one of my fav youtubers ever!