Easily 3 Star the 2021 Challenge (Clash of Clans)

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The 10 Years of Clash Event brings the 2021 Challenge to Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth Gaming shares an Attack Tutorial Guide to 3 Star the TH14 Challenge. The New Event, 10 Years of Clash, brings a New Challenge Level every day to highlight the 10 years of Clash of Clans. Todays Super Dragon strategy is more enjoyable and easier to replicate than some of the previous spam style attacks. I'm sure you'll enjoy this one. Clash On!
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  • Best of luck with the 2021 Challenge. The challenge you can approach with a more tactical approach than yesterdays spam army, sometimes it’s just the troops we are provided unfortunately. Subscribe for the remaining challenge guides 2020 Challenge Strategy: id-tv.org/tv/video-KmL9K-CU6Z0.html

  • no useless intros, no time waste...just straight to the main content... you're a real professional

    • Thats why i love him

    • how many times you weirdos gonna comment this?

    • @Corrupt Vz true😂

    • @Corrupt Vz they just want to get likes lmao

    • "No useless intros" bro literally repeats the title every video

  • Judo: Don’t worry about the king and queen, they are fine. Me: Looking around wondering why my queen is dead

  • I wasn't a fan of the 2020 method, but this one is much more consistent, good work judo!

  • 10 years of clash is about to end and I'm thankful that I was able to finish all of it because of Judo. Thank you so much for making videos, it helped me a lot.

  • Oh! It never occurred to me that those fiery decos up top were a clue to deploy flame flinger there. 😅 Awesome strat! Edit: so excited to see the last challenge tomorrow 😁

  • I looked and immediately knew I wasn't going to be able to beat it without your guide. Thank you again.

  • This is the first challenge that I have 3 stared without your help Judo, I love the guides. I thought this was going to be the hardest one yet but watching your videos all the time helps me know what to do with such high level attacks

    • This is the only challange i couldn't 3 star with or without guide. How did i get here

    • @lavrenti emirashvili same lol, i kept running out of time

    • @Pikaprisma i used to run out of time like on last 1-2 percent and it was so annoying. I finally beat it tho like an hour ago

  • Judo has his own way of turning these challenges into jokes.

  • This one is literally so complicated took so much time and trials but still i did it after all.... thankyou so much 🔥👏🏻

  • This was ALOT more easier than the 2020 attack, Thanks judo! cant wait for the last one

  • Thank you for making all of these guides judo, also I can’t believe you are at 1.8 million subs, just 6 months ago you were at 1 million, you channel is growing so much, I can’t wait to see your channel constantly grow!

  • Judo always makes this looks so easy and simple. The way he understands hòw the troops respond and defenses reacts is serious skills

  • We're basically showing our appreciation by watching his content

  • These 10 years of clash tutorials are amazing! Thanks judo for these tutorials and tips!

  • this series is crazy for judo he’s gaining so many subscribers and getting so many views

  • man you literally make all these challenges look so easy where would we be without these tutorials thank you judo and enjoy the rest of your day man ❤️

  • this was easier than 2020 challenge not gonna lie 😂

  • I love how you've saved multiple people from figuring out this challenge. Especially for beginners. Thank you so much judo

    • Ya!

    • as a beginner, I tried it by my own strategy - got 1 star - try another strategy - got 2 stars after the third attempt - try again to get 3 stars - realizing my brain isn't as good as judo's - went to this video - try it again - got 3 stars on the first attempt. judo is helping me a lot man, I really appreciate it

    • @qeinz if it makes you feel any better he takes about 5 tries to get it right

  • Thank you so much for all of your hard work, I was able to complete the challenges all because of your guides! Keep doing the amazing work that you do ❤️

  • Would be kinda sick if the next one is a town hall 15

  • Thank you Mr Judo for guiding us to 3 star

  • This was the easiest challenge by far. Thank you judo for your high quality content 👌

  • Judo,Your attack system is much simpler than others.Thanks for your guide,brother❤️

  • Lets Just Appreciate Judo For Making These Daily Challange Guide Videos,I Can't Even Imagine 3 Staring These Without Help,Thanks A Lot❤️❤️

    • Yea bro his amazing 😊

    • I could, but who know how long would it take

    • Let's appreciate u daily comment same comment here

    • Me too, 😂 i dont even remember how to attack those challenge back then, thanks

    • Managed to do this challenge on my ≈4th attack without any help, judo’s strategy is really nice and we’ll done compared to what I did though. A nice watch for sure

  • I have to admit that, without judo's help, for sure I cannot do all of the challenges. Thank you judo

  • What would I do with this challenge if not for your guide? You're truly awesome Judo! Kudos to you ❤️

  • Old clash: Watching Chief Pat to beat a single player base New clash: Watching Judo to beat all the challenge maps

  • Thank you for this Judo!Great tutorial,straight to the point,that's why you're one of my fav youtubers ever!

  • You are just so straight to the point, very easy to follow guides. I was getting so frustrated at 2018-2021 challenges, you have saved me on this. Thanks man, continue being the best clash youtuber out there, I am supporting you on clash now!

  • Thanks Judo!! You helped me a lot with these "10 years of clash" challenges! Keep it up man!🔥💪

  • Incredible increase of views. Happy you see the channel grow! You deserve it with this quality content and thanks for the tutorials, Judo.

    • This is the only coc channel that gets massive support

  • Definitely one of the hardest challenges out there, the only reason I was messing it up was because I was just spamming and spamming my rages and freezes, eventually I moved my fire dragons down so that 1 dragon would be at the 6 o'clock are where that air defense was taken out, and with that minor difference, I got that 3 star, absolutely nothing wrong with your guide, there was just 1 thing that I didn't quite follow. Thank you judo for all of the guides, I wouldn't have had any motivation if I didn't see your guides on my recommended

  • The 10 Years of Clash is almost done. Thank you so much, Judo!

  • I'm back again after 7 years and I've been binge watching Judo Sloth's tutorials. Thank you so much for the help Judo. Wouldn't make it without you.

  • Man you literally make all these challenges look so easy, where would we be without these tutorials. Thank you Judo and enjoy the rest of your day man‼️

    • This one was easy man

    • Glad to help Ronny

    • @Random Gaming as a th10 player it's kinda hard

    • @AK HIL bro I am very new th12 but cause I watch all judo's videos challenges with high level players I am close to understand how this level attacks works so go and give it a try by your own

    • @Riham thats another thing but you have to try this at least once

  • Great work as always! Your guides and fun content are always appreciated!!

  • We all should appreciat Judo for the hard work and dedication put into these videos. He seriously is the best CoC content creator .😀😀❤

  • 1 hour before 2021 was released, I'm already here at Judo's channel. That's consistent.

  • Thank you judo We all appreciate your daily effort to help us 3 star these challenges 😍

  • This challenge was so much easier than the 2020! I still can't 3 star the 2020, but at this point 2 stars is good enough.

    • Try another method maybe it’ll work

    • I used Judos methods for all these challenges but I tried for a good hour and half on the 2020 challenge and it still wasn’t working. So I tried Kenny Joes method for that one and got it 3rd try. Maybe try that…

    • @Nathan Jordan Kenny Jo's strategy doesn't 3 star. Tried it many times now and can't get above 92%.

    • @VideoManDan at first i tried judos method but the base was really hard I couldn’t make it and then i tried a method from a guy’s channel named sturge and i was able to finish it

    • @Reem Baluoshi I tried to watch Sturges video, but his step by step instructions were trash. He was saying stuff like, a few of these here, and a few of these there. That's not easy to follow at all. Judo is much more specific with his instructions so all you have to do is listen to his instructions instead of constantly having to look up to see what he's doing.

  • We all appreciate your daily effort to help us 3 star these challenges.

  • Thank you so much judo. Without your guides, I wouldn’t know where to start.

  • This guy will always be a legend salute to this man for making strategies for us everyday

  • Your videos has helped me a lot! I was easily able to 3 star all the challenges because of your easy tutorials! Thank you judo!

  • Thanks Judo for making these challenges easier for us..😍👍

  • Much easier as the 2020 challenge, thanks for the awesome video and the daily uploads

  • This challenge was much easier than yesterday's challenge I was able to finish in one go. Thanks Judo

    • Yesterday’s challenge was a menace, I hated it so much lol

    • @Alex swear took me a good 15 tries 🤣🤣

    • @De La bruh I wish it took me 15 tries. It took me 2 strait hours which was like 50 tries

  • This method is so good that you don't even have to perfectly match everything he does to 3 star. God bless you Judo

  • Man, thank you so much for doing this. You're a real hero.

  • I love your videos, no extra talking straight to the point ❤️❤️❤️

  • Thank you for helping us do the challenges 🤩❤

  • Let us appreciate this man whose put an amazing effort everyday for helping us.. people like Judo who makes Clash of Clans still alive

    • Let's appreciate the "let's appreciate" commenters who are just trying to get likes

    • @AlmondButton 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bruh i know right

  • Thank you Judo For this Tutorial ❤

  • I really enjoy seeing the differences in your strategy and mine when these videos come out. Or rather, the differences and similarities!

  • Thank you judo, we don't forget who helped us to win these challenges, thx man🙏🏻♥️🤞🏻🛸🎨

  • If it weren't for you Judo, I would have been able to complete none of these challenges. Thanks a lot mate!

  • You are the one and only guy who shows so simple and easy way to beat so high TH.. Love you brother from INDIA 🇮🇳

  • I have completed every previous 10 year's challenges with your strategy.... It really helps a lot..😀 Thank you judo.

  • Let's appreciate Judo for making these daily videos super quickly

  • Just never stop making this useful tutorials 😉

  • Love the tactical approach this time. Worked like a charm! Cheers Judo

  • Thank you so much judo! Without these tutorials I would never be able to beat the challenges. Keep up the good work :)

  • I couldn't do the the 3 star but after seeing this video ...it was like a piece of cake 💖 . Thank u so much 💕💕

  • today's guide is way easier than yesterday's but thanks anyway appreciate it 😊

  • Took me 5 tries 😅 I can't do it without your tutorial thanks to you Judo😁

  • I don’t know if you’ll read this but here it goes.. I would have given up on this game along time ago but you made it interesting and fun.. You’ve developed my skills through your easy to understand analysis.. You’re the best!. I’ll always be your fan by supporting you in-return. Thank you soo much! God bless

  • Straight to the point is hard to come by now days, well done bro

  • Clutch, just finished all the challenges thanks to you! These guides were righteously appreciated.


  • All credit for my rewards in this event goes to this man, thank you judo ❤️

  • Judo you should get in contact with some clash people and ask for an update we're they add 2 trainers that work twice as fast as normal builders, but they can only upgrade heros and you can only use them once a week or maybe 2 weeks.

  • So much easier than yesterday's! Thanks as always for these vids

  • This is the 1st challenge to beat in my very 1st atttempt ☺️!! inspite of your tutorial.. Thank you so much judo!! 💐😊 Let's not talk about yesterday's super baby spam.. 🤣 it took literally 13 attempts to beat that challenge.. even if I'm playing with th13 now 😢

  • This works quite well and consistently, which is a huge relief compared to yesterday's challenge Thanks!

  • The hardest one yet but I got it done thanks to your tutorial! It was a great atta I when it went smoothly thank you judo ❤️

  • Thanks Judo I really appreciate you doing these tutorials I wouldn’t have won any without you❤️

  • I think it doesn't really matter which group goes to each compartment for this challenge, as long as the super dragons are deployed bottom of the base. I personnaly used each rocket balloon to take out the mortars and cannons surrounding the scattershots compartments, then used the flame flinger to take out the left side compartment, heros on the eagle artillery, RC on the right side scattershot coupled with a rage and a freeze. I spammed super drags bottom but used warden ability as soon as the drags were placed. Got me the triple too

  • Idk if anyone is going to read this, but I forgot to place the 3 balloons for the 6 o’clock air defence and I still 3 starred. Just shows how good your tutorials are judo. Thanks buddy

  • Thank you again Judo! I got another 3stars from this base too just because of you, your strategies are awesome man! Thanks again💯❤️

  • Instead of tryin to memorize the attack points, I watched the video, loaded up clash then replayed the audio while I was attacking. Couldn’t have went anymore perfect! Thank you Mr.Judo

  • This was more on the easier side tbh. It's surprising how different you usually take the challenges down

  • I can’t wait to see what creative chaos the 2022 challenge brings us, supercell is sure to do something cool

  • Thanks judo.. Last challenge was bit harder. I have to try multiple times to complete that. But today's attack strategy makes easy work for todays challenge. Thank you ❤

  • Man judo i hope u read this but thank you for all these videos they are very fun and educational to watch much love! ❤️👍

  • Got a 99% because a troop did something it shouldn't have, but watched it again, placed a bit better and got the triple, thanks mate, love your content, been a HUGE help to me, keep up the excellent work

  • Thank you Judo without your guides I can't finish the 10 years of clash

  • I was stuck at 96% for so many tries.. One shot the 3* with this 👍🏻 nice moves

  • Thanks judo you helped me alot! Happy 10th anniversary my friends! Massive appreciation to you!

  • Thankyou judo for the daily content wouldn’t of been able to do it without help 😁

  • Judo's videos are so good and helpful you can see dedication, thanks man

  • Thanks for making this video Judo! Its makes the challenge easier because of your tutorials.

  • I’m curious about the final challenge, will it be an epic reveal or will it just be a pixel scenery challenge

  • Thanks for your help judo I wouldn’t be able to beat these challenges without you

  • I’m very appreciate you for helping us get 3 stars easily in this series of challenge❤️

  • Thank you so much Judo for the guide. I wouldn't 3 star last 2 maps without u.

  • Judo you are the man. Thank you so much for your hard work and everything you do for this clash community. We love you. I added judo to for creator thing. I will do that weekly. Thanks brotha!

  • Thank you for your sharing the attack tactics. I wouldn’t have 3* without watching the videos 🤣

  • Thanks, Judo, I got it on my first attempt!! You had not let me down once from the beginning of the challenge...Kudos Judo !!!

  • judo is legit doing an amazing job thank you so much again for helping us with this event

    • Thanks for your support buddy!

    • @Judo Sloth Gaming glad to be a part of your community