Eli Roth and Lorenza Izzo Talk ‘Green Inferno’ and the Unprecedented Shooting Conditions

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It’s been two years since Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, but the time has finally come. The movie is making its way into theaters on Friday, September 25th! It stars Lorenza Izzo as Justine, a college freshman drawn to a group of campus activists. She joins them on a trip to the Amazon jungle thrilled about the possibility of making a difference, but then her bubble bursts when their plane goes down and they’re captured by a village full of cannibals.
If you dig Roth’s films and some heavy carnage, Green Inferno is a must-see. I certainly fall into those two categories so it was quite the treat to get to sit down with Roth and Izzo to discuss their insanely unique experience making this movie. Check out what they told me about locking their shooting location with the help of Cannibal Holocaust, the “Hell Hole” set, fighting off tarantulas, and loads more.
By Perri Nemiroff
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  • Goddamn she fine....🤪

  • Americans should be more like the natives in Peru, who don't get offended about specific storytelling

  • Nice to hear these two talk about their passion and the making of this movie. Two very cool people. Eli Roth is one of my fav directors.

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  • It's interesting that when he mention about the location and the tribe. I thought the tribe, well more like they mention it's a very small community, but I thought Peru/ the natives gonna be very offensive when Eli Roth explains about the movie and showing them Cannibal Holocaust. The natives know that it just a movie, storytelling, it's not real and cannibal thing is way not in their culture or whatever. That makes me wonder when the directors made those Italian cannibal films back in the 70's and early 80's, did the tribes got offensive when they explain the cannibal movies to them? Were they ok w/ it? Not really?

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    • Rayne Love not everybody is conservative about the body of a girlfriend, they think its fine. But Eli and Lorenza engaged to marry a couple of years later they make that movie. The movie had problems to be realeased because the censorship, they married a year after the official release. When he directed her they didnt thought they were gonna be a couple.

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  • Eli Roth talking about and explaining the movie was way more interesting than the actual movie. There was soo much bad acting and writing choices that he made that made the movie tough to watch. The gore was the easiest part to watch that movie

  • --Piff... *Cannibal Holocaust*. Has no one else seen that movie :D sure.. it got "banned", but still. Its old as shxt, but this movie has to have taken a great deal of its kontent from that movie. Dam near a mirror image.

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  • Reminds me of Jaws , and people started hating sharks and killing them. For cheap thrills we are making people in the amazon look really bad. Shame on this movie, director, cast everyone. Eli Roth is scum

    • You're the kind of despicable social justice warrior that should have been in this movie.

    • +moh soh Oh shush.

  • I'm hesitant about giving this movie a try because the last movie I saw of Eli Roth's was Hostel and that was pretty heavy but then again I was much younger. This interview was nice made me a little more interested in this movie.

    • Desert Eagle it was true..PIZZAGATE

    • +Desert Eagle its a very good horror movie but it is on the same gore level as Hostel,possibly worse just to make you aware but i loved it :)

    • +Tron Cat Well sorry if I am not as desensitized as you when it comes to the ultra violence, I'm kidding. Must have been a hell of a ride for a 7 year old. Honestly though these type of movies are not my thing but funny thing you made me remember something. I was 8 when I watched The Exorcist and as I mentioned Hostel being heavy The Exorcist I think is a really hard movie for myself at least, to watch.

    • @Tron Cat The age of 7?

    • +Desert Eagle Holocoust is way harder then this movie but still bloody

  • Good interview!