"Ender Wish" - A Minecraft Original Music Video ♪

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"Ender Wish" - A Minecraft Original Music Video ♪
The Nether King sends forth a massive attack against the capital End City. Following the matriarch's last wish, the Ender Watchers challenge this fate for the sake of the future.
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Voice actors
Kestin Howard as Vordus the Dragonseer
Amelia Mader as Ceris, the End Matriarch
♫ Music credits (THR3 Team): ♫
Lead Singer/Arranger - Amelia Mader
Lyrics by Olivia Mader
Producer/Composer - Oscar Fogelström
Manager/Composer - Benjamin Maisonet
Producer/Drums - Timothy William
End city: www.planetminecraft.com/project/end-city-3831779/
Portal: www.planetminecraft.com/project/portal-warp/
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  • Enderman: -Hitted by a throwing fire ball from ghast Me: "Enderman suppost to dodge a shooting damage, right?"

  • so many jojokes


  • Ender queen:hey, wanna see a little bit of immortality

  • Bruh i wish their was a wither

  • The pigman with dark armor is wearing netherite armor. RAINIMATOR KNEW WE WERE GETTING NETHERITE

  • If rainimator was there

  • 2:47 She went straight Luffy on him 😳

  • no one else got the jojo reference?


  • Music that is so nice (○'ω'○)

  • 3:05 is honestly my favorite part

  • Darn the first part of the battle was so good-

  • Dont they remember players we beat them no matter what

  • Me want Part 13619 and this be movie in net flix

  • too much jojo references

  • Rules of epic fights when you didn't see someone died he/she will come back

  • Hey everyone there is been a corona virus we need to be careful ok

  • I love rain's channel so cool and awesome

  • Me

  • Cool

  • Everybody are gangsta till techno blade comes

  • Wildcat lost his helmet

  • I JUST REALIZED.... THATS AARON!(A.K.A. Kestin) EEEEEEEEK!!!! #Mystreet #Aphmau

  • check out this cool youtuber id-tv.org/tv/video-7pbIGAq9EZ4.html

  • Super cool

  • So cool

  • Despite how the end has been Razed the Ender Watchers were still able to claim victory they bought enough time and reach their successor

  • 0:46

  • ohh poor that almost died

  • Love the sound effects

  • what is the ceris sword and the end dancer made of?

  • Excuse me, but how does one get a Weapon that Severs Immortality?!

  • You are the god of animatiors

  • All of hes video today i watch now on 1day it was cooll edit

  • Why didn’t he kill her when he had chance

  • Nobody: Not even the dragon: The elder mans don’t use there SS cuz they are looking at its *eyes*

  • Hello

  • Like si no entendiste

  • Rain plz make more videos

  • Hehehehehehehahahhahahahehheheheheh Devils vs Angels

  • Ended king: one does not simply- Me: AHAHAHA I’m sorry that was awesome

  • Why can't they spawn ender Titan ''ender caloseis''

  • Naeus with a huge goonganginga thing battling with the ender queen that has a huge sword Both:UR GONNA DIE Me download the more ores mod and got full enhanced unobtainum gear:noobs.

  • 2:46 Hmmm?? I wonder..

  • This guy ranimator is cooooool

  • can you spot the jojo references??? if yes then time stamp

  • An upcoming minecraft movie "Europe's last stands against Russia" using that song...

  • 1:52

  • This is f*cking awesome

  • F

  • The jojo references are strong in this one

  • buat video lagi dong bang

  • You song and story is good thank because do that. Can you command me plese rainimator

  • hey gess who came to help

  • Enderman with a beard.......

  • Can I cry I watch this because so sad

  • the last enderman will not survive in the world the end is razed the nether king has the power


  • Uhh sorry Im really stupid but Who is their successor?

  • 0:47

  • *EPIC*

  • Nissss

  • This is so sad for the end

  • The ender dragon got a brutal deaht

  • This video has a JoJo reference, and I love it!

  • They can die cause they'll just respawn

  • What about the player on that world

  • Was.. that a jojo reference at 2:45 ?,THERE'S EVEN Menacing Symbols a few seconds before i think?

  • Cool 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😀😄😄😀😄🙂🙂

  • This is a perfect song for the people who sacrifices themeselves because of covid-19 Salute to our frontliners

  • 😲😲

  • Oh you're approaching me, instead of running away? 3:12

  • There is no sense that Enderman can lose this war

  • Only the faster one wins

  • I dont understand how can i big sword can slice so many wither skeletons

  • Ender queen is still alive its confirmed

    • Say name the next time-.-

    • @Dark Wølf i wasn't talking to you -_-

    • And i never said that she's dead

    • No one can be sure for that.. I want her to be alive but Rainimator Will show us about that

    • @Dark Wølf she's not

  • Ender queen name is Ceris

  • UWU