"Ender Wish" - A Minecraft Original Music Video ♪

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"Ender Wish" - A Minecraft Original Music Video ♪
The Nether King sends forth a massive attack against the capital End City. Following the matriarch's last wish, the Ender Watchers challenge this fate for the sake of the future.
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Voice actors
Kestin Howard as Vordus the Dragonseer
Amelia Mader as Ceris, the End Matriarch
♫ Music credits (THR3 Team): ♫
Lead Singer/Arranger - Amelia Mader
Lyrics by Olivia Mader
Producer/Composer - Oscar Fogelström
Manager/Composer - Benjamin Maisonet
Producer/Drums - Timothy William
End city: www.planetminecraft.com/project/end-city-3831779/
Portal: www.planetminecraft.com/project/portal-warp/
Rainimator Season 1 Playlist (Herobrine's Revenge, Cold as Ice):
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  • Thank you so much Rain for the opportunity to work together again!

    • Bang apa nama baju yang warna hitam ungu itu ya bang

    • Oh, no-o-o!!! Ender-Girl has died too! I want, that Nether Princess and Ender-Girl be alive! (Sorry, I bad speak English)

    • THR3 love the music keep is up

    • XD

  • Crea más música asi


  • 🥀❤😍

  • OMG it was awesome 🤯😁😎👍🏻✌🏽🤝

  • ok

  • GG ez

  • Good

  • finally noticed that he wasn't a skeleton but a enderman wearing bones like armor

  • Oooh rain is bout to whoop someone I hope anyhoo so glad h added another

  • I think I have an idea for the next episode and season I feel like the over world and nether have a rematch that end killing both worlds as the last episode of season 2 for season 3 it should have a whole new cast and villain which should be entity 303 and he united the over world and nether and took over the end diemension and they must train to fight against them

  • Hackera vs nether

  • Like like suskard

  • Endermen

  • The nether princes is ded

  • The ender princes is ded

  • Fun fact about end stone: it is basically cobblestone in reversed colours

  • Nooooo :( why do the girl has to die :((((( i thought she will liveee :(

  • Rainimator wy herobrine dead is strong

  • Wait at the and i saw rain has still red eye didnt he get curse of in wither hart?and gigabone and more characters died before and i saw them in other animations after they died ....so rainmator you shall watch all itger animations(yours) before making new to make sure to dont animate the death carscter or something like that.NO HATE BUT I SAW OTGER PEOPLE COMMENTING ABOUT THAT SO AND I DID JUST TO LET YOU KNOW TO EXPLAIN SOME OTHERS WHAT ARE SO CURIOUS HOW DIDNT THEY DIE.........

  • That girl has a thousand hands

  • Project Zorgo is Watching

  • And btw the girl in end city is sexy

  • Lol herobrine is much stronger at all of you guys cause herobrine is pro ohhhhh

  • I Think The Final Will Be Biggest War Who would win? Human Or Nether World? Let's we Wait the next 😲

  • Сними на русском роли

  • Enderman or the pigman Like : enderman Comment :pigman


  • Fiuft

  • End basically replace the sky dimension so this is heaven vs hell

  • Ну почему ну почему они умерли

  • That zen from aphmau?

  • Epic Battle About The Overworked Realms

  • No Way An Epical Battle

  • Enderman

  • This is why my daughter lives ener watchers

  • very good

  • stella survive

  • Ramator when do you reackon the need song is coming out

  • Im the solo french

    • Je suis le seul francais