[ENG sub] [Full Ver] BTS Debut Stage Reaction | KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 190103 EP.600

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- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.600
- BTS Debut Stage Reaction Full Ver
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  • *flustered Yoongi* oh... uh... Jimin... your armpits are... uh... so clean Yoonmin.mp4 has crashed

  • I'm crying while watching this. They are truly legends

  • They all look disgusted 😂

  • When only taehyung is the only one not embarassed looking their debut stage..remember when they said in seasons greetings that he was the only one with the same happiness since debut because it was his dream

  • t-the ending caught me in da feels :(


  • Jimin: why does V look like such a baby Jin: cause he was a baby. He was still in high school

  • جونغ كوك = موضي

  • The painful words will never forget .. It is like a wound leaves a trace whenever you look at it u remembered the pain .. It stuck forever .. Even if everything changes they will remember and their eyes will tear ..💔💔 Are you happy now after saying such painful words to them .. What will happen if it happened to you what you feel will be !!

  • 지금의 방탄후배분들이 봤으면 좋겠다. 새삼..

  • Apa Cuma Saya Yang Ga Ngerti

  • this really really hurt to see they went through so much and stand at the top now they deserve so much love and respect

  • Wow y'all really tryna make me cry huh?

  • M Countdown rooted for them from the start i guess...they made a good introduction to these 7 wonders...Yoongi’s message was so touching..

  • Jimin's reaction to his voice at 5:18 is just plainly cuteness overload... 😍😍😍I love him😍😍

  • jhope impersonating jimins “YEAAAAHHH” MY LUGS ARE GONE LMAO

  • When Yoongi said "There's a reason we had so much hate", I stopped everything and was like "what are you SAYING boy?!" I'm not saying they were perfect, but there was nothing to hate and there still isn't. c:

  • 진짜 팬들이 혼자상상하던걸 데뷔영상보고...진짜 신기하다 뭐라고 말하지 이 감정을

  • It would be so cool if each time bts go up on stage to collect an award or be introduced on a talk show They would say their key phrase from these memes Jungkook: Hey!!!! Pardon V: Army!!!!!! What's Gucci? Jimin : Ah? Excuse meeeeee, I love all? J-Hope : Im your hope, Your my hope, It's J-Hope. Jin : It's me Worldwide Handsome RM: I love my Height! Suga : He said 'Infires" But something like..... Its fire maaaaaan!!!! Yeah!!! Edit: Also 😀😀😀😀 I hope everyone has an amazing Day, Stay Peaceful .. Your wonderful!!!!!😊😊😊😁😘

  • i remember all the shit they went through. i'm proud to be a fan since pre debut

  • I’ve been with the boys since freakin 2014....I’m glad I was able to be with them and cheer them on. They used to make me so happy.

  • Thank you for give me a good and beautiful memory in my days. Watching this again make me soooo nostalgic. not only about my old day fangirling over bangtan but also remembering my own hard time at that time.

  • 🔥🔥You guys are the Best !!🔥🔥 BANGTAN FIGHTING !! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • "I didn't have to look into the camera because of my sunglasses" LMAOOOOOO And this is was the time when I became an ARMY, my child lmao their reactions were so genuine i cant TT

  • 진오빠가 말했던 댓글 옛날에 아빠핸드폰으로 뽀로로 볼려고 유튜브에 들어갔는데 노 모어 드림이 똭 나오길래 봤더니 춤추고 노래부르길래 우왕멋지아다~라고 하고 댓글봤는데 어떤사람이 댓글에 "아빠는어렸을때 어떤사람이었어요?" "음~나는방탄소년단이었단다" 라는댓글이 있더라구욤.... 그때는7살이어서 무슨뜻인진 모르겠지만..지금까지 기억하고있다는게 정말 신기한일이다죳>

  • Yallll,,,, this ain’t a hate comment so don’t come for me 🙄 but when they were saying that they practiced so hard for the hat trick as if it was real I actually cried 😂😂😂 you can see jungkook already holding a hat and jimin acting like he threw his but it was all fake ahaha

  • 난 방탄 진짜 신인 때 내 아이돌 본방 하랴고 보다 봤는데 진짜 뭐하는 애들인가 싶었음....ㄷㄷ

  • Eles tao tipo assim: Esses sao nois? É nn meu fi é nn o cabelo do tad nn é liso é nois nao Kkkkkk


  • son muy tiernos todos cambiaron😍😍😍😎 genialmente son los mejores😊❤💜💜💜👍👍👌👌👌siempre estare con ellos los quiero muchisimo BTS❤💜

  • jimin is me whenever i see tagged photos of me on facebook 7 years ago

  • Love you bts

  • 5:22 i knew it, when this part come out, they will bullied jimin. hahahahahaha

  • Jin is the dad of the band oooo

  • Look at their big accomplishment at the age of 15 plus and then There’s me accomplished nothing but games and all I do is listen to their song I mean I get touched and killed in the heart so hard with their sad songs

  • 지민 너무 귀엽다 진짜 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • do i look at the captions do i look at their reaction do i look at the debute stage do i look at who is the one speaking

  • M countdown thank I i beautiful kind souls

  • 1:30 suga:there's a reason we got so much hate god my heart hurts

  • Los amo

  • Jhope your mask was iconic ayt 😂💜

  • 1:34 Jin your armpits is lovely okay

  • If I wear eyeliner like BTS, will my mom ever see my passion lol

  • Me: I’m not gonna cry. Me 30 seconds later: *sobbing*

  • *No one can ever have a better debut performance. Ever. It was INCREDIBLE!*


  • this is so emotional 💜💜 they did it well

  • J HOPE: you can see the passion in our eyes V: that's eye liner Sorry I just find that funny😂😂😂

  • Aweee this makes me so emotional just watching this!😭😭💓💓 I am so so so proud of them👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Our boys did it!💪🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • this video is so funny but can make you feel emotional at the same time

  • Hobi seriously talked about how much passion can be seen in their eyes and Tae just replied with "thats the eyeliner" 😂😂😂

  • TToTT theyve come so far 😭😭😭😭

  • I feel the pain that Taehyung feel😭I also see the pain and sadness on Jin's eyes damn😭

  • 와 ....만 윤기 💕😍 김 남준💕 김 석 진 💕😍.. 정호석💕.. 박 지민 💕😍💖... 김태형💕.. 전정국💕💕🙌... 그들은 그것을 아주 잘했습니다! 그들의 모든 노력에는 보상이 있었고, 나는 그들에게 많은 감탄을 안겨줍니다. 나는 그들이 매우 행복하기를 바랍니다. ( I translated this so.. I hope it means what I wanted to say 😅 and hopefully you can read this guys!) 사랑해💖💖🇲🇽

  • uwu

  • 4:00 I just want to say that i can listen to this for my entire life.. Wanna make it as my ringtone..

  • 3:55 yes you did make an impact and that is why I have been listening to you guys since your debut and filling you since pre debut. Because you guys are freaking awesome to the 10th power😊✌🏽👍🏽💕

  • "M COUNTDOWN was with you from the very beginning"...... okay

  • 아..새록새록.. 특히 지민이 말한것처럼 다가진듯한 저 때의 아이들 넘 이뻣엇다~💜💜💜 타니들아!부디 아쁘지만 말자~

  • 3/4 of yall in the comments section right now weren't here - and i mean no tea, no shade, no hate. not boasting and i'm being very humble when i say that i was there from the very start when everybody was laughing at me for stanning Bangtan when they first debuted. But look at all of them fighting for tickets now that Bangtan is coming to my country and it's all sold out. Big jokes. A lil salty perhaps but just want everyone to know; what goes around, comes back around.

  • im still sobbing

  • The sounds Taehyungie made at 5:02 had my UWU jump out!! Taehyungie!! You cutie!!!

  • I cant with these dorks 😂😂😂

  • I'm happy that they are still proud of their debut

  • this is more worth then gold or diamond

  • 0:46 hoseok is a big mood

  • Oof I didn’t ask for those feels at the ending :(

  • Im so proud of them I became an ARMY on 20 January 2014 and now its 17 January 2019 its been 4 years since I became an ARMY seeing them growing up like this is makes me want to cry out of happiness BTS we love you ARMY will always be with you we love you we really do thank you for everything you've done you worked really hard day and night for hours and hours ppl used to laugh at you but now no one dares to because you showed them who BTS is you showed them that they are the ones at wrong you showed those haters what BTS can do and what they are made of and we ARMY we'll always be behind you supporting you and helping you with all we got we PURPUL you BTS you are our stars💜

  • 4:06 Tae imtating Jin at no more dream it's so hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • i'm not a fan of bts but i go to them when i wanna laugh lol. i've never heard or seen any suga aegyo but that /GASP/ 'WAOOO!' was very adorable. i nearly snorted in sudden laughter LOL.

  • Amazing

  • 너희들이 행복하고 건강하다면 그거로 됐다💜

  • So proud of you guys 🌈

  • Woo thank you!

  • Fudge I just cried..... But When Jungkook said " you're to tense Loosen up... Kid" to his younger self sweet I lost it he's so cuteeee

  • 4:40 look at yoongi biting his nails while checking out his boyfriends abs

  • yoongi's stuck in the cringe position haha

  • Proud to all of you BTS.

  • I know this is impossible but what if *old* bts reacted to 2019 *bts* 😂😂💜

  • 저 무대영상만 봤을 땐 별로 오글거리지 않았는데 애들이 부끄러워하닌깐 갑자기 같이 부끄러워지는 느낌..

  • wow i miss this times

  • so P R E C I O U S

  • That serendipity in the end makes it sadder omg why why you do this to me

  • Some how this video heels my heart 😢 BTS all the very very best WE 💜 YOU

  • "Oh no my armpits" 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻

  • Excuse me who took my tissues ?

  • So emotional 😢💜

  • Me: 😭

  • I'm watching this over and over and I'm loving and enjoying it... I haven't been with the boys since debut.. only found out about them in 2015 when I was like, 18, and got to know them more in 2016... So, I would love to praise every army out there, especially the ones that's been with them since debut, just wanna say *THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE WITH THEM FOR SO LONG* And, hopefully we still keep supporting, loving and granting them the awards they deserve.... I have never been this proud enough to say *I'm proud of joining this FANDOM* Let's all stay strong and healthy for BTS, and let's not loose the love yet... They are still there... So, I'm proud of Y'ALL.. Especially The boys and the whole of BIGHIT.... Plz, plz, plz, don't mind the toxicity... Trust me, it have always been like that, and It's always gonna be like that... Ignore those ones, and just move on... What matters is, we all are HAPPY and ready to fight this battle till the end💪 And, Remember to always Love yourself 💜

  • I told myself I wouldn’t cry and I failed 😭😭😭😭😭

  • In all honesty tho, when Yoongi mentioned how they got so much hate before, that kinda hurt. They really did get so much unnecessary hate in the beginning, especially from the korean gp. They were ridiculed so much because of their concept, the way they looked, etc. People thought they wouldn’t make it because they came from a small company. This is why I’m so happy to see them soar. They’ve achieved a lot and had gained so much acknowledgement locally and internationally. I’m so proud of them for staying strong and for overcoming every obstacle they faced. I’m even more proud of them because despite all their achievements, they still remain the same humble, hardworking boys I stanned in the beginning.

  • HS: You can see the passion in our eyes TH: That’s the eye-liner SKDJSKDJKSKDD TAEHYUNG-

  • i went from laughing my ass off to being soft asf in the end

  • 진짜 이건 아미라서 하는말이아니라 모든 아이돌 분들도 많이힘드셧겟지만 방탄소년단은 정말 피나는 노력끝에 좋은 결과를 얻은게아닌가 싶다 ㅜㅜ

  • Where the heck r eng subtitles

  • Lmao jimin kept on emphasizing that tae was such a baby

  • 1:21 someone add that to "things jin says that looks like fake subs but aren't" compilation

  • "That's the eyeliner" 😂😂😂😂

  • RM : why are you doing this to us? What did we do to you? Army : well that's our line everytime you know

  • J-hope : You can see passion in our eyes V : that's the eyeliner RM : I know what you mean 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂