Epik High (에픽하이) - Rosario ft. CL, ZICO Official MV

Dipublikasikan tanggal 18 Jan 2021
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MV Director: Digipedi
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Music video by Epik High performing Rosario ft. CL, ZICO. © 2021 OURS Co.
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  • *CC for ENG subtitles

    • ✨❤️

    • I want to be like him write Savage lyrics and raps , Hit music esp visual...god did you hear me? When will you make me famous like him?

    • I've really been missing out like-

    • Thanks appreciated it alot

    • 1:09 i seriously thought that she was lisa... This video helps us better understand our girls: id-tv.org/tv/video-6FSF_frNyok.html


  • CL's shoulders 😌😎

  • It's been over a moth since this mv came out and I still come here every other day to watch it. It's one of my fav music videos ever (if not THE fav). Does anyone know who directed it? It's not on the description so I'm here wondering who made this masterpiece

    • forget it. It's written. I'm dumb and didn't noticed it! It's digipedi (of course it is! they're great)

  • Spotify can remove the album, but we still gon listen!

  • SOTY I don't care

  • I'm back to listen to this since Spotify and KakaoM fucked us all over.

    • But now It's come back on spotify! Oh yes!!

  • hanryang and this song really introduce me to what k hip hop is all about and it sucks being removed in spotify .

  • 와 카메라 무빙 뭐야뭐야 멋있어


  • Pros.🥰

  • You can’t drag down the legends 🔥

  • Rosario

  • Coming back here to put Rosario on replay because it's not on Spotify anymore 😡😡😡

  • sadly i can't hear this song on spotify again :"

  • I don t understand this song’s views

  • Alguien sabe porque quitaron tremando rolón del Spotify???

  • i cant hear epik high again on spotifyyy😭😭😭 i mean why epik highhhhh😔🤯🤯🤯

  • ❤️

  • 개좋네

  • This song absolutely proves how views mean nothing. Rosario (and all the tracks in the album) is a masterpiece, did well in korean charts and is widely recognized by the public. Yes, they don't have fans loosing sleep for streaming, so what? Does it matter? I really wish we could all enjoy the music like we did before and stop de nonsense of who has more views.

  • Best collaboration ♥️

  • They removed this from Spotify so I bought ID-tv Premium

    • I m from France and it disappeared too:/

    • @jasmine_trbl not for me, which country are you in?

    • Both albums are back now

  • Most EPIK collab of 2021

  • 싸노

  • cl's voice plis-

  • Song of the year 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 what a smash Hit

  • I adore this song 🥺🌷💗

  • booooy this MV is art, CL is art, Epik High is art and Zico is art! goosh im a huge fan of the shining and I love this!

  • Vanished from my Spotify 🙄

  • damnnnn

  • I'm here because this song disappeared fr sp0t1fy

  • Who's here after Spotify and Kakao removed the whole album ?

  • I can't stop listening this song..

  • Legends

  • must songs return to Spotify!

  • Why was this song taken off of Spotify?:(

  • playing the MV because Spotify has let me down

  • God i'm surprised this masterpiece is no longer on my Sptfy playlist anymore. From now on as an inter fan I'll come here everyday :'( luv u epikhigh

  • Kakao M and Spotify...GRRRR😠😠😠. Aiit...guess I'll listen here. Some solidarity for the artists missing out on streams...this is an idiotic situation. Edit: Is back, me happy! ❤️❤️

  • It was lost in spotify 🥺

  • I'm listening on loop this song since it came out

  • not us listening to this here cause spotify did us dirty💀


    • Bruh, no they're not 😔😔 I wish tho

  • wow damn

  • i can't find this song in spotify

  • I'm having abstinence symptoms for not having this song available on spotify anymore

  • Why can't I listen to it on Spotify?

  • 2:10 어깨깡패

  • How dare spotify turn epik high off. I can't jam rosario and leica anymore noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • After the fight between Spotify and KakaoM I REALLY NEED this music in my life. Where can I buy an album? I live in Germany. I don't know where to buy it to benefit the group and the artist

  • Omg this is masterpiece


  • back here because spotify is being an arse ;-;

  • I can't hear on spotify 😭

  • Can't forgive Kakao m & Spotify for what they did. my epic high playlist is gone 🤬🤬

  • this song🔥🔥🔥


  • this song makes me wanna go to war

  • Who is here after the song removed from Spotify due to Kakao? :(

  • Has anyone actually been able to find an email address for Kakao M? We all need to email them and Spotify and voice that this disagreement needs to be settled quickly. I understand Kakao/Melon don't want to lose their monopoly but if they are not willing to cater to international fans (need a Korean phone number) they can't be surprised by the outrage. The fans and artists both deserve better! If anyone does find contact information please let me know. 🙂 Until then let's please all support the artists in whatever way we can (other streaming service, physical album purchases, etc.)!

  • i’m so fucking pissed that i can’t listen to this and countless other k-artists songs now because of corporate greed this is bullshit

  • Epik High are the best Rappers add to them king Zico and the queen CL= us dead

  • Epik High plz help I cant stop playing this song and Acceptance speech 😫😍

  • I can’t believe the songs are gone 💔 I’m in pain

  • Im hanging out here until it comes back to streaming 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • spotify really tryna make the pandemic worse by taking this away

  • Why I couldn't find this song on Spotify? Did I miss something?

    • @Winter Flower I still find mamamoo's song on Spotify, I'll check it! Thanks ya!!

    • @Munif Fuad www.nme.com/news/music/hundreds-k-pop-releases-removed-spotify-worldwide-2890528 yeah there list of all the bands that got songs removed like mamamoo, IU, oneus im so mad hopefully they'll be back up soon

    • @Winter Flower Holly crap! seriously???

    • I read that there was a disagreement between the distribution company and Spotify and its not just them there's like a whole bunch of Kpop songs that got taken off too rip :((

  • KAKAO M STOP BEING A BITCH.... WE WANT THIS SONG BACK ON SPOTIFYYYY..........with the others toooo!!!!!!!!

  • Does anyone know why this song isn't available on Spotify?

  • finally, a korean music video with no group dancing

  • This song is no longer available in Spotify. I hope it is only temporary. Gosh it sucks

  • Who else is here to listen again bc Spotify took this song off 😔

  • Since this song no longer on spotify, here i am play this mv over and over again

  • Who’s here and play this on repeat after this song is missing on spotify?

  • Jangmiro wa Gasiman namgigo Tteonagabeorin nae nima Yeah, yeah, isseul ttae jalhae Eopseul ttaen dakchigo isseul ttae jalhae Jinjeong geureoke pyeonhi swigireul baraetdamyeon Fuck rest in, geunyang Peace man malhae You ain't missin' nobody, you're missin' a heart Swipge han salhaemankeum swipji annya? Mwonman hamyeon jugeul joe, dadeul tikkeul hana eomna? Seongjaga mwo iri mana? Jitjimara, nareul wihan teardrop Beobeun duryeopjiman none of y'all fear God Kkaekkeuthan cheokagin, aesseunda aesseo Kkaeeoisseumyeon mwohae? nuni chunghyeoldwaeseo Mamdaero hae, fuck out my way Eorin saekki eotda daego banmareul hae? Nan eochapi jonjaehamgwa dongsie oerowotji Ul ttae gyeote eopseotdamyeon useul ttaedo eopgil Do what I wanna, say what I wanna Eoseo mureotteutgo tteodeureodae Don't want your prayers, don't want your roses Ain't no one dyin' today Out of my way I am a legend and I'm here to stay Did it my way, balgiman hamyeon da giri dwaenne Biga naerimyeon I'll dance in the rain Mari manne, ain't no one givin' a fuck what you say Thank you my haters, i yeonggwangeul neoege Akpeullo sonsu nae seosareul sseojwosseuni Nan gatollik, jugeul wigie cheohaedo jeolsilhi yesureul mideosseotji I stoop to conquer, domangchineun cheok Apjangseo gasseo, you didn't know? Silpaereul gidae mara, nan swijireul ana Maja, mot haneun geon naege neungnyeok bakkui irin geol ZICO deudieo kkeunnanne, yeah, geonbang tteolda huk gatdae Geurobuteo 1nyeondo chae an dwaeseo melloneul kkeopjiljjae samkyeo Eonjjaneun nyeoseokdeura jjigeo, jwapyo Naeyongeun molla, geujeo chaek japgiman Silmyeongeun kkeorigetji, boineun ge danikka Nan moduege myeongpumeul eonbaksinghal gihoereul jwosseo Ja, tteudeo, bite me now Out of my way I am a legend and I'm here to stay Did it my way, balgiman hamyeon da giri dwaenne Bbiga naerimyeon I'll dance in the rain Mari manne, ain't no one givin' a fuck what you say Michin gaedeurui ulbujijeumi deullyeo onjongil Seon neomeun dobare neomeogal ttaen tteutgyeonaga saljeomi Eodum soge sumeo kalchum chuneun geu yangsoni Mal hanmadicheoreom swipge deonjyeojune Gasiman nameun kkot han songi Gyeogui eopsi, jabi eopsi Dwiheundeureobwa, nan kkeutteogeopji Niga deonjin dolpalmaero gyedan ssaa Byeogeul neomeun nae moksorin gukgyeongseoneul neomji Neon yeojeonhi nae nune meonji Teona mana deugi eopseo, an hae ppeoljit Pyeongsaeng gongeul deullyeo tabeul ssaado muneotteuril sesangijiman Ttodasi dol hana eonji Do what I wanna, say what I wanna Eoseo mureotteutgo tteodeureodae Don't want your prayers, don't want your roses Ain't no one dyin' today Out of my way I am a legend and I'm here to stay Did it my way, balgiman hamyeon da giri dwaenne Biga naerimyeon I'll dance in the rain Mari manne, ain't no one givin' a fuck what you say (Out of my way) Out of my way I am a legend and I'm here to stay (Did it my way) Did it my way Balgiman hamyeon da giri dwaenne I paved the way (I paved the way) For everyone that is pavin' the way (Mari manne) Mari manne Ain't no one givin' a fuck what you say Moment of silence

  • CL still queen, epik high and zico best

  • Im here due to a disagreement between Spotify and Kakao M

  • I like the collab

  • Wow

  • I‘m in love

  • Damn

  • This really feels like a Born Hater Pt. 2 and I’m here for it

  • Bu mğkemmelliğe gelmemek olmaz

  • I need this song on Spotify again, why did they take off the album?

  • This song makes me want to burn Kakao M and Spotify 🔥

  • I'mma make a "fuck kakao m" playlist to spite-stream everything they had deleted

    • Please do it!!!! Also some CL's and Zico's songs were deleted :'(

  • was listening to it on spotify til yesterday and for some reason it is not available anymore...

    • Its because Kakao App a korean music streaming has beef with Spotify and thats why they removed from like 20 korean artist the songs or made thrm disable. Mammaoo, IU, Giidle and Epik High are only a few of them 😭

  • Legends in one frame aackk. too bad Kakao M & Spotify r being unprofessional (the dobermann was so pretty😍😍 and damn huge)

  • This stupid "mass elimination" of korean songs on Spotify. Trying to make the best out of it by streaming the mv here. ♡

    • @Hayden feel you. I hope they will renegotiate and make all the songs available on spotify again. :/

    • FR THO, Rosario was my favorite song in my playlist. I’m so ticked.

  • Allahımm bu şarkı harika yağğ

  • CL you are a real Queen

  • İ think it is the Best collabration in the kpop

  • amazing 🔥🔥

  • Sgshhs bitch bring back the whole album to spotify 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • When it’s not available on spotify anymore becus Kakao M and Spotify decided to have petty beef

  • i'm gong to physically fight kakao m who's with me

  • Rosario is no longer available on spotify :( As if melon and others were as easy to use on my country..

  • im gonna listen it here like a weirdo plsss


  • I don't understand why this song was removed on Spotify

    • kakao m is their distributor and they cut their contract for distribution or something so now everything that belongs to them isn't on spotify worldwide anymore