Equal Rights Amendment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 10 Jun 2019
There’s still nothing in our constitution that explicitly prohibits sex discrimination. John Oliver talks about how to fix that.
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  • I'm actually surprised by the fact that it is not the exact same sentence in different languages. In my country the very first article of the constitution says: All those in the Netherlands are treated equally in the same cases. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political affiliation, race, gender or on whatever grounds is not permitted.

  • Is anyone surprised Texas ratified it? I’m a Texan and that shocked me.

  • Virginia is well underway than Arizona 13:27. Sorry Victoria Steele.

  • its going to be Virginia!!!

  • And now that the Democrats took control of Virginia, we're closer than ever before.

    • Yeah but further acts by Congress have to be made before they can do anything

  • Lets go Virginia, let’s go! 👏🏾👏🏾

  • I am actually embarrassed to see that North Carolina is one of the states that hasn't approved this.

    • rkovac1023 Same my home state of Georgia but I currently live in Virginia.

  • who’s here in 2019 after Virginia turned blue?

    • @Patrick Daniel That changes all the time. Give it a few years and it will swing again. That's what happens in politics. For example, usually the White House is controlled by the two parties and switches every one/two elections. Also take a look at California. For most of it's years it was a solidly Democratic state. Then in the 50s it switched red and voted for Every Republican presidential candidate until the 90s. And now it's back to being blue. These swings happen all of the time.

    • @Michael Soudah well the democrats now have Governor, Lieutenant gov and both houses of state.

    • it's purple

  • Virginia is on its way ... ❤️

  • Women have equal rights and all the same opportunities in this country.

    • @Thomas Heath Sure, Jan.

    • There will be more lost it will really give men more control lol and that’s not what these feminists want

    • Then what is there to lose by passing the ERA? If you believe women are already totally equal, then it'll change nothing so there's no downside. It also costs nothing. Doesn't require any taxes, doesn't require any government spending. It's just paperwork making what you say is already the de facto reality, offical in the Constitution. So there's no reason to be against it!

  • "Constitutional amendments are safe from Donald Trump." The second amendment sure was not safe from Clinton and Obama.

  • 4:34 I don't get it? What she said wasn't that horrible? She put it quiete direct, but this was progressive for the time. Bit too PC for my taste, otherwise great piece John!

  • I absolutely believe that all genders should be equal... BUT... Having an amendment to the constitution (or any law, for that matter) ensuring equality really makes me remember a magnificent comment in the phenomenal 'The West Wing' TV show. (This is also one of the very few times I've ever agreed with a Republican, on or off a fictional TV show...) Ainsley Hayes, a Republican lawyer working for the President, while in a meeting about an ERA says (after Sam Seborn asks her how she could possibly have an objection to an ERA): "Because it's humiliating. A new amendment we vote on declaring that I am equal under the law to a man, I am mortified to discover there's reason to believe I wasn't before. I am a citizen of this country, I am not a special subset in need of your protection. I do not have to have my rights handed down to me by a bunch of old, white, men. The same Article 14 that protects you, protects me, and I went to law school just to make sure." (S02E17 '17 people').

  • This is why you vote people. Virginia is going to be the 38th state to hopefully ratify it into the constitution. People if you are registered do it now and then come next year you fucking vote and if you can early vote then do it. You get your friends and family to vote.

  • John I really think you are pussy wipped, and brainwashed by the left wing.

    • Chris Renaud Go back and watch Steven Clam Chowder.

  • Oh you say a lot of bullshit that she was against sex segregated bathrooms, know look at your past hypocritical statements that we should be all inclusive. I think your a hypocrite yourself and should do more research on yourself. You commie leftist.

  • Good news for the ERA - now that Democrats control the government of Virginia it could well become the 38th state to ratify.

    • Quick Virginians! Pester your new Blue legislature and Governor to get on this! Call them up, write em letters! It's possible they won't remember to take care of this if they aren't reminded.

  • Democrats now have control of all 3 legislatures in Virginia now. A 38th state ratifying the amendment is now inevitable.

  • Phyllis Schlafly was basically the (un)intellectual forerunner of "Girl Defined", "Transformed Wife", and other famous anti-feminist ID-tvrs.

  • Who is here after Democrats won Virginia?

  • Dems have taken the Virginia state legislature, and have promised to sign the Equal Rights Amendment into law. It looks like the ERA will finally be put into the Constitution. Virginia is #1.

  • I love that "Florida" comment ... and that's where I live. So much corruption each and every election and the voters keep putting those involved right back in office.

  • C'mon Virginia. Drop this on McConnell's Senate lap and dare him to not vote for extending the deadline for resolution.

  • Schlafly was the Jordan Peterson of her time. Misrepresenting shit for clout and profit.

  • Where abortion is concerned, Dave Chappelle put it in the most succinct way possible, "If you've got a di@k, you need to shut the f@$k up about this one".

  • Phyllis was a big fucking cunt, wasn't she?

  • The Grand Canyon is in Arizona? I’m American and I have been to the Grand Canyon but I never knew it’s in Arizona

  • 14:59 John: "Arkansas it could be you." Me (a person that lives in Arkansas): No. I highly doubt it. I think it would be amazing if we did, but I highly doubt it'll happen here.

  • 0:36 WcMonald’s is real.

  • I am sorry, but it was my people who are responsible for denying the Equal Rights Amendment. Female Zhor'i do not see themselves as equal to male Zhor'i and they believe it is cancerous to say otherwise. Why? Because in Zhor'i society, women believe in hardening themselves while giving me privileges/exemptions, because men are not as necessary for survival if they are just as capable as women. However, women being given the ability to live a nicer, safer and less burdensome life will end up being softer, weaker and less independent. That is unacceptable to any Zhor'i woman, which is why it is never accepted. What is given for granted must be earned no matter what it is.

  • Nobody is born privileged.

  • Uses a reference to baking to plug the ERA...

  • How come every single problem they talk about this show is already taken care of in Europe?


  • 6:09 uh yeah guess what asshole.

  • Why do we even have to vote on something like this? This should not even be an issue. If the politicians in power don't understand AND embody the fact that everybody deserves equal rights, then they shouldn't have been voted into office in the first fucking place.

  • 7k elderly white males from mississippi dissliked this video

  • 'or any other state',im all for equal rights but why the fuck should an amendment of the US constituition apply to all other states ,because that would undermine their soverignty

  • Men will sue for equal rights with respect to planned parenting. This amendment will cut both ways. Not an opponent of the amendment in theory, but the litany of frivolous lawsuits that will ultimately follow has the potential to alter the landscape in not so helpful ways. Clarity is key. The language it contains may need some revising.

  • 15:00 I wish it could be Alabama. I was born and raised there. Which sadly is part of why I know it won't be. :(

  • 5:22 John should try some good slow roasted BBQ to truly appreciate the time it takes to make something that tastes magical instead of just boiling everything the British way, or since it's only 5 seconds... blanching them.

  • Love Phyllis. She believed women were different from men. What a radical.

  • You mean privileges. We don't have actual rights. We have privileges. Something that can be taken away due to the whim of some figurehead pretending to be a leader, usually a religious idiot, are privileges.

  • wacdonalds!! yay inuyasha!

  • Dear Virginia, I was born in your land, filled with hopes and dreams and-- HURRY THE FUDGE UP, THIS ISN'T THAT DIFFICULT.

  • WTF? I've always thought that the ERA was the law of the land. Christ, what century is the south living in?

  • OK, John, let's see if you can get the Left to actually start talking about the E.R.A. on a regular basis. Please, go for it. :)

  • Don't you ruin the McRib for me mr Jamie Oliver!

  • Abortion shouldn’t exist. He’s right

  • Oklahoman here: SPOLIER OKLAHOMA SUCKS! We will always be the last to do something so yeah that's not gonna happen lol

  • Of course the south holds out and the women is in the kitchens

  • Come on North Carolina...

  • So many issues with mixing up gender & sex. AHHHHHHH

  • It's depressing that literally every problem America experiences is down to one common denominator: *Republican Men.*

  • We need an ambitious political party that says equal opportunity to hit it and sex is what everyone needs. Also less hate and everyone needs a chance especially abortion which is life begins with in u life is life no ways around it

  • I live in Oklahoma we won't be passing any equal rights anything here ANYTIME soon unfortunately... alot of people who have the influence to do so, are all sexist or racist or both.. mostly both. God's sake we were the last state to legalize tattooing if we were the last to do something as trivial as tattooing do you really think that we'd step up to the plate for something as important as equal rights? They are roughly In the same category just not the same genre. Only reason medical marijuana was passed here was because of the people getting enough signatures to actually get it on a ballot. That and pretty much everyone who isnt a politician smokes cannabis is Oklahoma lol

  • Why am I still not surprised America doesn't have equal rights?

  • 3:20 these states do not surprise me

  • You know this section was written by a woman because it's much unfunnier than usual.

  • Where do I go to vote? I’m not gonna stop until men and women are clearly recognized as equals under the law and by all those who follow it.