Everything Wrong With Dark Phoenix In Plenty Of Minutes

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Dark Phoenix... the final movie in the most recent X-men series... completed while Fox was being sold to Disney... and it's a mess, kids. A freaking giant mess. Full of sins. Oy.
Thursday: recent inclusive horror sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • I unsubscribed from this channel months ago, but this part (6:45) brought me back into the fold.

  • Listen,I don't care about this movie or its Sins,I'm only here to hear some Sansa jokes. 13:09 - 13:22 Uhm...thanks?I guess?...Is this the best GoT joke you could come up with?O___o

  • Entire 'young' series: Raven, Raven, Raven, Raven, Raven, Raven, Raven, Raven, Raven, Raven, Raven. End of movie: Jean Grey School. ugh... hwat? Also, x-men apocalypse: magneto uses amplified magnetic fields to cause trillion upon trillions in damage/historical monument destruction the world over. U.S. Government: here, have a free island to start a commune! x-men dark phoenix: Jean Grey smashes a police car and knocks a hole in the roof of her childhood home. U.S. Government: ACTIVATE MUTANT INTERNMENT CAMPS! SCOUR THE EARTH FOR THAT BITCH! WE MUST FIND JEAN GREY!

  • You should know by now that everything in movies is made of scriptium.... The most powerful element in movie reality... Anything the script says happens, happens, no questions....

  • I like the X-Men movies Ivan like Last Stand Wolverine Origins is not likeable though but the other ones all kick ass and I also happen to hate this channel I think it's totally ID-tv's b**** but anyway I have to agree with one thing he's absolutely right that this movie could have been called X-Men a huge waste of time and probably would have made the same mentally I guess that's two things but yeah I mean anyone who didn't think apocalypse was badass just has no taste in movies no granted I don't like the direction Hollywood's taken towards all superhero movies I would rather watch you know better dramatic movies with good plot incredible performances by the actors and actresses yes I said f****** actress f*** you pathetically correct people anyway yeah you know I'd I'd rather see you know that kind of thing then a bunch of CGI but the extra movies especially the beginnings Trilogy had incredible performances by actors and actresses it had good plots great plots if it wasn't for first class which still was a good plot and a great idea and Incredibly acted however my point is that I was incredibly slicked up for this movie Apocalypse f****** ruled and this was so damn boring. Was it as bad as the Last Jedi absolutely not but was it as boring as The DaVinci Code hell no but you know it was pretty f****** boring. I mean yes this movie was boring it was just so awful it's like what did you expect when Disney bought house oh my God Disney has the X-Men Disney has everything oh no no no I need a ride on a truck and have some fun while we still have cash in our society and I can already have been pronounced dead add my organs donated and been cremated before they start turning people into part machine like I really don't want to live anymore that's how boring this movie is

  • I wish I could shape shift I would turn into that hot ass hurdler and just stare at myself all day nude in the mirror. Micheal something is her name she does the dance and all that she’s a bad bitch.

  • Yeah. I definitely need @Th3Birdman to slay this one. 😂😂😂

  • Raven Darkholme's ability is literally to be able to look like anyone, old, young, male, female but CinimaSins chooses to sin her because her "not true" form hasn't appeared to age since 1962..?

  • I burst out laughing at Mrs. White’s line from “Clue”!!

  • This movie is really bad, but the action scene on the train was really good

  • Commentary at 11:30 ish. About Magneto flying and does he have metal shoes. (sigh) Magneto doesn't control metal, per se, he controls magnetic forces. Hence the name Magneto.

  • It has been stated that storm can control all weather anywhere

  • God damn it the amount of respect you give to actors even in films that suck but they shine! So much respect for everything you guys stand for! So much!!!

  • Honestly I thought this movie was okay but needed work. Though I will admit I absolutely love how this movie shows how dangerous mutants are during the train fight scene

  • X Men needs a 20 to 30 year gap and then a whole new set of movies that follows a timeline and the source material whole providing "logical" explanations as the plot progresses.

  • I'm kinda surprised how he didn't sin the fact that Nightcrawler went full on Mad-Lad when some random security guard died. Like it was a badass scene but the dude didn't provide much except for removing their chains like ffs.

  • So, Am I the only one think that after Days of Future Past, that they were planning on making the same movies that they did before but changing them so that I could accommodate the ending for Days of Future Past. Then decide to say, Fuck that, let's just change the whole series and gave us this movie shity movie instead. Because that what is seems like.

  • 2:40, Probably suppose to be George H.W Bush

  • As of February 8th 2019, Dark Phoenix is nominated for 2 Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies): Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel and Worst Supporting Actress for Jessica Chastain

  • I'm here to sin Cinema Sins sin on Magneto flying - because as a construction worker; boots with steel in them are like ... basic parts of my life. I have ones with steel plates in the souls even in case I step on a nail!

  • Their Sims player, turned aging off.

  • So....Jean basically did what Lucy did in that movie called Lucy? Did X-men copy Lucy or did this happen in the comics too?

  • -Poor acting from most of them (Specially Jean) -Everyone accusing Charles for everything bad ever happening -Cheezy feminist lines -Storyline all over the place Didn't even bother to finish seeing this is dog sh!+ movie, so fckng disappointed 😑👎🏼

  • i figured the plane was hidden,was so anyone who isn't qualified to fly it, can't access it..(kids or enemies)..like the same Reason why hangars are made..also..you asked why Mystique won't age...she was like 60 when she met him..as a kid.

  • “Raven died what she did best” “Getting impaled” Hauahahauauaua

  • Best line in a long time, in any media: "And you shouldn't have washed that cashmere top on high heat because those buttons are holding on for dear life". Her psychic powers are all that's stopping them from pinging off like bullets.

  • Another white propaganda film telling little white children that they are GOD and deserve everything regardless the mistakes they make. Entitled, weak, psychotic and delusional they try to portray themselves in a positive and kind light when history and reality tell a different tale, The surge in feminism and women empowerment is just an attempt by white women to get the same privileges their men enjoy which is "telling little white children that they are GOD and deserve everything regardless the mistakes they make" and if anyone says no throw a temper tantrum in the form of violence on a massive scale i.e. "mass shooter". This is what Birds of Prey is about, "white" women (lets be honest the star is Harley Quinn....the female who chose to be in an abusive relationship) taking revenge on men who do kneel to their entitlement.

  • I dont know, what is worse, Turner's "acting" or script. This xmen movie is absolute garbage, and i'm huge xmen fan.

  • 4:04 because Charles doesn't read minds unless absolutely necessary

  • Ugghh..... Another Woke Girl power movie = Sin

  • 1:12 Because Charles has telepathic abilities that let him control people.

  • Female staffing issue fixed 7 more females in the room.

  • I'm here to satisfy my dark desires to sin the movie, but mostly to just watch cinemasins remove sins for Fassbender's pure existence in this film. Thank you for those removals!

  • Am I the only one that just assumed Magneto would keep metal in the soles of his shoes so he can levitate on command? I mean, Eric is far from stupid. That'd be the first thing I did given his set of powers.

  • That car crash singing has me dying

  • 9:15 had me dying lmao 💀

  • I just saw the movie and I am so fucking confuse, Wasnt Mistique alive in the future? when Xavier and Magneto were old guys, and Mystique saved Magneto from prison, how she could die in this movie, it makes no sense, same as the faking line when She blamed Xavier that he did nothing, and they should rename Xmen to Xwomen... rofl

  • ...Their outfits are So corny lol. They were The best in First Class .

  • Why is mystique still Wearing her Human face ? Wasn’t that the whole center of Her conflict in First class? Wasn’t that what Mageneto was teaching Her, to be Herself ??? Jeez this movie is terrible and I haven’t even Seen it.

  • ... Why is Mystique Literally The Leader of the -Xmen ?

  • Sometimes He Adds sins that Have nothing to Do with the movie being bad. Like why is the actress Eating a Cinnabon in Office Christmas Party a Strike against this Film?

  • What was right About this movie ..?

  • jen lawrence is trash complete normie

  • 9:33 X *person*

  • That's my Raven a brand new television series coming to the Fox this summer. Who are you Who Who Who Who so tell me now Who are you Who Who.

  • Negative 4 stars

  • They stole the story line of fantastic 4 lol 😂 this movie fckin sucks

    • You don’t know what you are taking about.

  • Cant believe they went the cosmic/alien route instead of the Hellfire Club one.

    • The Hellfire Club were in an earlier version of the script.

  • i have no idea how to react to this movie.. is bad? Well probably

  • I swear you just hate every movie

  • I fell asleep watching this movie. On two separate occasions.

    • @jbgaters Are you referring to The Last Stand? Because that certainly wasn’t a psychological drama. That was mindless action movie with zero character development. It didn’t even explain why Jean killed people.

    • Cosmogenus seeing as though we’ve lived through the retelling of that aspect of the story as well as the fact that they really didn’t do that well at this time around, I believe they should’ve stuck to the superhero movie script, if you will. Probably would’ve made a more watchable movie

    • @jbgaters In the behind the scene content they said they weren't trying to make it feel like a superhero movie but a psychological drama. Hence the emphasis on Jean's traumatizing experience.

    • Cosmogenus well what was it supposed to be? I mean being a marvel comic, under the X-men franchise and all

    • It wasn’t made to be a superhero movie if that is what you were expecting.

  • I think the biggest problem with the xmen movies is that the newer films keep changing everything around movie to movie so that when dark phonix came out it untimely took a hit.

  • Raven died doing what she did best..... CinemaSins: Getting impaled! lmfao

  • What basketball court is big enough to hide a jet? Wouldn't a soccer pitch be more appropriate?

  • It should have been called "The Last of First Class"

  • Power reading? What is this, Powet Rangers?

  • Haha, didn't think anything good would come out of this shitty movie... But it lead me to downloading "Office Christmas Party", which was actually fun. Tnx again CinemaSins. :)

    • Nothing shitty about it except for the villains.

  • 2:50, Fast and Furious 9 to be specific 😉

  • this movie was awesome 10/10.

  • The reason for my unhealthy diet and lack of exercise is my emotions