Everything Wrong With Dark Phoenix In Plenty Of Minutes

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Dark Phoenix... the final movie in the most recent X-men series... completed while Fox was being sold to Disney... and it's a mess, kids. A freaking giant mess. Full of sins. Oy.
Thursday: recent inclusive horror sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • It's alternative line, they established it somewhere before, so those movies with Famke doesn't count

  • wHy cIneNA SiNs nO sIn "x-women" LiNe. 🤪

  • Okay, when narrator did the strap on joke I lost it laffing...

  • Im glad you pointed out that shit at 12:33 That shit made my stomach go in knots seeing him find out. that shit was actually heart wrenching

  • It takes the entirety of the movies run time to address everything wrong

  • Timelines abit f*cked now isn't it

  • You forgot a sin at 10:06. The "raining during a funeral cliche".

  • Round 1 = Failure, Round 2 = Better but still failed, Round 3+ = Maybe one day someone will understand one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.

  • 123 sins in only 1 2 3

  • Storm used her power to keep the air inside the shuttle

  • Nerd moment: Ummm Storm can control more than just "weather" AND more than just earth. She can control earth AND extraterrestrial ecosystems. AND IN SPACE she can control the interstellar and intergalactic phenomena. She can control the air in a person's lungs. She can also control the pressure inside the human inner ear. She can cause electromagnetic blasts in a persons brain. And YES she cause cause HURRICANES INSIDE a space station if she wanted. She doesn't need "weather" to do that. She just needs AIR. Sooooooooooooooooo she plugged the holes in the space ship, because she can control precipitation, humidity and moisture which allowed her to freeze the air that was escaping. This movie was probably the best display of Storm's powers on film so far. Magneto doesn't have "metal powers". He controls magnetism and electromagnetic energy. He uses the Earths electromagnetic field to fly. He can also manipulate the iron in someone's blood.

  • that power reading part lmao

  • 11:40 I guess I'm not going to line up to the right. I've heard of this thing, might be a bit far-fetched, but here it is... steel-toed boots.

  • I'm not going to say Mystique's transformations make sense, but you know she can only take humanoid appearances, right? She's not Beast Boy.

  • I'm not a comic book guy,vso I enjoyed this movie more than most. I was darned entertained.

  • Wasn't it alluded to somewhere that Nightcrawler was the son of Raven and that red dude with the arrow tail? He looks the same age as Raven here.

    • He is their son, but the movies ignore it.

  • They nerfed the shit outta magneto in this movie

  • No sin for Mystique in this film looking like a last-minute attempt by a broke cosplayer? Seriously, the makeup on Rebecca Romijn in the original X-Men was amazing, and Dark Phoenix was almost 20 years newer and had twice the budget.

    • @Synchronizor I forgot the articles name, but she said that she initially didn't even want to do Dark Phoenix and only came back because she was friends with the directior.

    • @Synchronizor she didn't like the smells and the process of being painted (like 8 hours)

    • Issues as in an allergic reaction? Or did she just not want to deal with the application process?

    • Jennifer Lawrence had issues with the makeup. She had them in the Apocalypse as well. It's why we see Jennifer Lawrence as herself instead of Mystique in the movies.

  • I swear after the first few seasons of GoT, Sophie Turner got complacent and just stopped trying. You should not be a worse actor in your 20s after like 10 years of experience than you were at 13. She can act, she just doesn't put any effort in anymore.

  • Raven you dumb bitch the x in X-Men stands for the unknown that's why you're fucking call the X-Men because you're an unknown gean the x-gene you stupid stupid bitch I think they went over this and first class also add another Sin because they don't know what the fuck the Phoenix force is the Phoenix force is not the source of all life in the universe the Phoenix force is the source of all psychic energy in the universe. Phoenix force is a force that lives inside the entire multiverse and there's only one Phoenixit means you can go to any multiverse and they'll be one Phoenix the Phoenix Force stretches from all the Marvel universe's and there's only one. the Phoenix force is the source of all psychic energy in the entire world in the entire universe stretches from all the way from the multiverseJean was a good host for the Phoenix force in the face worse was making its way to Earth because of her sister dying yes holyshit Jean Grey has a sister. and if the filmmakers were good enough they could have led with the story but anyway the reason why the feed squirrels was on its way to Earth was because Jean Grey essentially linked her mind her dying sister and Jean experience with death was and this cry of pain reached out into the entire universe and the Phoenix Force caught on to that page and in the face force realize that it was a good house for its power Jean Grey was a made for the host of The Phoenix Force. and the reason why the Phoenix Force went crazy in the first place the Phoenix Force never experienced that emotion pain lost all of it the Phoenix Force never experienced pain never experienced emotion that's why I went the fuck crazy. coupled with the fact that the Phoenix force was manipulated by one of the members of the hellfire club but hey. Competent writers could not write something that interestingthat's sad or tragic know we had to go with this bullshit she's upset because her mommy and daddy didn't love her enough.

  • The reason why there's so many retcons in timelines and why the president of the USA looks like Nixon is due to Days of Future Past where they changed the future. In Apocalypse and then Dark Phoenix it's a whole new timeline, seperate of our own (where the original Xmen trillogy happened for instance)

  • The 'X' in "X-men" is for the "x-gene" that all mutants possess, not for the professor. Common mistake - they even screw that up in an episode of the Big Bang Theory (and, it was the earlier seasons that were still pretty good).

  • dude, are you ever gonna tell us the story of you and your college girlfriend?

  • 12:38 - I'm looking forward to when he gets an Oscar, whenever that may be.

  • God, I'm still pissed that I spent money on this. Absolute swing and a miss.

  • Convicted felons should be forced to watch this movie

  • 8:30 He forgot Loki and Star-Lord.

  • 6:36 There is also the fact that he is a cripple. He literally can't go out in the field. If the X-Men shared a universe with other Marvel Characters then he could have had Tony Stark or Reed Richards invent something that would allow him to use his legs.

  • Every movie the "new" nightcrawler is in deserves an extra sin for that abismal german accent

  • I prefer cinemawins version of this.

  • Jesus you are HEARTLESS and I LOVE IT

  • Also you should add at least 10 sins for the other car just casually drove over after the crash and no one stopped to check the wrecked car

  • This movie sucked hard. I really didnt like it. It was like it was made by a group of student film students

  • Omg G spot reference 😂 I’m dead af 😂... don’t sin me

  • this movie is to lefty and that killed it :/

  • I can't believe they did not sin that Storm is using an umbrella, I'll get it if she is so sad that she caused the rain, but like, she is basically emotionless at that funeral scene. Soooooo...Ding

  • Storm controls all weather

  • Unpopular opinion: this movie really wasn’t that bad and y’all are overreacting. Sure it was a super toned down version than the epic saga in the comics but so was Captain America Civil War. Most of this movie’s hate came before the movie even premiered.

  • Sophie Turner finds this video disrespectful.

  • 6:35 - Ummm, she does realize he's BEEN IN A WHEELCHAIR FOR YEARS, right? What's he gonna do? Get someone to hold down Mister Sinister while he repeatedly rolls his chair back and forth over him?

  • I’m pretty sure mutants age more slowly, or at least that’s my excuse for Magneto still being active when he was around during the Holocaust

  • they should put “everything wrong with Dark Phoenix” as the title on the DVD cover.

  • 18:29 = Join as well illuminattt id-tv.org/tv/video-PoWmpXP7eAY.html he is on earth now. Love you cinemasins. His writing and creativity will impress you

  • 15:22 marvel/capcom universe?

  • There’s a lot wrong

  • Dark Phoenix was so bad so this made me laugh so hard

  • Talk about a stink bomb to end off on

  • Hank simply forgot that physics do not apply to this world. So the space shuttle was orbiting at a speed of 0 instead of 17,000 mph. This video does not even come close to showing everything wrong with Dark Phoenix.

  • How about instead of making a video about everything wrong with the movie and just post the movie. I enjoyed X3 more than this crap

  • We still don't know how Wolverine got back with the X-Men after Apocalypse.

  • whatever else the movie did wrong, they didn't make the Phoenix evil or a split personality. she absorbs the Force and uses it to save her friends, and isn't killed by GaryStuverine, and she ascends to the White Room. this movie undoes the damage done by The Last Stand, and introduces a Phoenix that doesn't need to be destroyed, and a Jean that stays true to herself in the end, with her strength of emotions being what saves everyone. that's better than what the original trilogy left us with

  • Car crash happens for such a _very_ uncomfortable amount of time.. just before that the radio is playing Werewolves of London which came out in 1978, that was one long road trip.

  • The books dont matter, but Magneto doesnt need metal to fly since he is magnetism He creates a magnetic field and moves with that. Its the movie logic that places him in plastic rooms to cancel his abilities.

  • Aww no he's slowed down the speech! Better when it's quicker!

  • Storm’s powers actually adapt to her environment. She’s used her powers in space several times in the comics. Not a sin.

    • It is a sin, because they are lazy as fuck with Storm and her powers in pretty much everything. They never explain it outside of "something something weather".

  • Can't wait to see EWW IT chapter 2! Love that film so much (and chapter one) to me it's a work of art 🙌🎈🎈

  • You shouldve made this video as long as the actual movie.

  • Seriously tho, full support of his Quicksilver comment. Q was even a little self-deprecating in the first movie, when he joked about being a loser playing video games in his mom's basement to break the ice with a couple of adults in his 1st movie. Way out of character lying to kids to look cool imo...

  • I still don't know why they had an 80s car in 1975

  • This guy has a frog in his throat now.