Everything Wrong With Ride Along In 13 Minutes Or Less

Dipublikasikan tanggal 11 Jul 2019
Man, this movie is not good. And they made another one! I guess if you like lazy comedy and lazy situational conflict... maybe. But Ride Along has sins out the ass, and we listed them, because we do our job, dammit.
Next week: Recent live-action BS and not-quite-so-recent weird drama about pills.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • I think you missed a trick to not add 3 more sins somewhere along the line so that the final score is 126 like that silly code thing from earlier in the film.

  • Do more complicated jokes like the Dr. Dre joke. Got me thinking a whole 3 minutes about it. Or maybe I'm high.

  • Loving the "Beverly Hills Cop" reference at the end "Phil? I knew that was you." said Axel Foley drunkenly. In an attempt to distact an armed robbery. One of Eddie Murphy's greatest movies next to "Changing Places" & "Coming To America"

  • Does anyone know how to unclog a toilet with poop in it?

  • “Punching!, Flopping!, Quipping!, Excitement?” 😂

    • When Jeremy said “excitement?” while zooming into Laurence Fishburn’s face I couldn’t help but laugh 😂

  • 62 degrees is really cold what are you talking about

  • at this point in my life i just watch cinemacins version of movies

  • Heh hee I think I need to see this all over again now 👍

  • *Only intellectuals understand the first sentences of this video*

  • Technically the blankets are for if someone goes into shock the correct sin is that the arnt given oxygen and comfort

  • 21 Jump Street was my first featured extra role. "Infiltrate the dealers, find the supplier." "We get to be brothers?" (slams desk) "Infiltrate the dealers, find the supplier!" "But if we find the supplier first, we don't have to worry about the dealers." "God damn!" (slams desk again) "Infiltrate the dealers, find the supplier!!"

  • I Fucking Hate Ice Cube

  • I don't think you like movies 🎬

  • Can you do a video on the Princess and the Popper

  • Holy shit! It's like the Cinemasins team took all the hate and criticism from all of the internet and just embraced it, took all the worst parts of their videos and kicked that shit up to eleven! I actually respect that; do it more like that and admit you're doing it just to piss people off.

  • Can we also talk about the fact that a blocked number sent a text message to someone No no one ok

  • The temp change is fairly accurate for Atlanta trust me

  • So.... what’s up with endgame dog? 🧐

  • My husband says dr. Dre wasn’t in training day. He says it was snoop dogg. Idk myself but hey 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Your husband is right and wrong at the same time.

  • MAN WALK ALONG XD XD XD God only you make me laugh LOVE YA WORK MAN

  • For a channel that finds "Sins" in movies, it sure blasphemy the name of the Lord alot. ✝️😐

  • Pls sin all the Austin Powers movies

  • The hammer is my penis

  • Sin “Hidden Figures” please ^^

  • Schtick can work. I will watch Patton Oswalt's schtick on repeat over and over again. But Kevin Hart is the polar opposite for me. His over the top characterizations, that NEVER vary in any movie, have worn me to the point that I will no longer watch a movie that Hart is in.

  • she's in shock. look, she's got a blanket

  • “Big expensive city like Atlanta” ....... heh heh... you’re kidding right?

  • Do cinema sins for The Ride Along.... Podcast

  • First movie I walked out on 😟

  • Do pulp fiction

  • Do everything wrong with breakthrough

  • Hilarious keep making new vids please

  • Dr. Horrible reference!!!

  • This was so bad it wasn't even entertaining to listen to Jeremy make fun of it.

  • Starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart = 2,000,000 SINS

  • there's apparently something you just can't understand in regards to a certain Cypress Hill song being perfect for that "dream sequence"... it definitely doesn't deserve a sin

  • if Omar pulled that watching me sleep thing I would jump out of bed punch him retreive me my gun from the night stand and fire twice before realizing it was just her brother and not a sexual assault. Furthermore Omar would be shocked that a naked man with his dick hanging out just shot him. Yeah I sleep completely in the nude.

  • Good movie, and I think I'll watch it again at this very minute..

  • 3:13 If anyone Didn’t get that reference is because Cypress hill and Ice Had beef

  • Cinema sins really needs to everything wrong with final destination, please. That would awesome!

  • soul plane was his best movie

  • Roll Cube-its LMAOO

  • You wrap people in blankets to prevent shock and/or treat it.

  • 3:58 I knew I recognized that guy! Bruce McGill is Jack Dalton from the original (good) MacGyver! Fancy seeing him around here :)

  • I'm sitting the narrator for using the word "bounces"

  • Ice cube..with talent😂😂😂

  • How about everything wrong with “The Island” my favorite.

  • The biggest sin in this film is Kevin hart’s Sense Of humour.

  • Speaking of 21 Jump Street..... Do both of those movies next!!!

  • 7:53 not "getting too old for this shit." Getting to old for this BULLshit! AAYYYOO!

  • Please do good will hunting

  • Please do silence of the lambs

  • 1:08 id take several sins off Bc SRT-10

  • do everything wrong with The Hangover

  • 3:30 Turning a car around in that space is easy.

  • Can you please do The Pacifier (2005)?

  • Also how about the "Atlanta" car chase being clearly filmed in LA

  • Uhh alanta is cheap not expensive lol

  • Should have sinned it for Kevin heart playing Kevin Heart and Ice Cube just playing Ice Cube. I swear they always play the same characters in every movie.

  • t h a n k y o u a s s f a c e

  • actually backing into a spot like that is very easy. its called pull ups

  • Do everything wrong with Good Burger

  • I just felt tired watching this endless bullshit.

  • Tika Sumpter tho 😍😍😍😍😍

  • "Theysaiditwasn'tPhil,butit'sPHIL!"

  • When is endgame coming yet

  • Misleading title. Theres only _ONE_ thing wrong with Ride Along- that it got made.

  • Next is limitless

  • I’m convinced that the dude who runs this channel is the biggest hater

  • Rarely is a movie so bad that I can't even sit through the CinemaSins treatment.

  • Everything Wrong With The Warriors

  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THE STRIP CLUB DIDNT DESERVE A “this scene does not contain a lap dance”

  • Recent live action bs? Aladdin. Calling it

  • Do the Spongebob movie

  • the random childhood photo as a glamour shot i think is a nod to the wire with barksdale and his golden gloves

  • It's always better to back INTO a parkingspot that OUT OF :P Tactically you should always position the car so you can do a quick exfil too ;)

  • Cinemasins gets way more dry ass hate than I thought jeez.... But I think Comments section should be changed to Opinions.... Wow the internet is cruel (behind a screen) but still cruel

  • @Cinemasins Do everything with Wrong Turn (2003)

  • Yet another video made to judge a movie that is designed for entertainment, not practicality. Imagine making money from ruining films for people.

  • it made ice cube a joke and has stupid none funny dumb ass Kevin