Everything Wrong With Shrek Forever After

Dipublikasikan tanggal 10 Sep 2019
Well, this is a movie that happened. We counted the sins and, honestly, didn't have a lot of fun doing so.
Next week: survival sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • This movie was terrible but I loved the game on my mobi go

  • This should be a 0 second video because nothing is wrong with shrek

  • there is nothing wrong with this film

  • Picnic dick Pic-dick? Dick pic?

  • Direct a movie, then make a movie sin about it

  • Pussio in boots

  • Trash

  • How dare u disrespect my senpai shrek San

  • please do alladn

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  • I’m sorry but you’ve gone too far this time...

  • You copied little flutter fim!

  • You have officially gone to far buddy

  • *Everything wrong with Shrek* Everyone disliked that

  • Nothing is wrong with my gospel

  • Can't wait to show this to jacksfilms

  • Plot twist: Shrek is flawless

  • This videos a sin


  • Scroll: *Everything wrong with Shrek Forever After* Me: *It's blank*

  • Ffs finally

  • 600+ sins i a shrek movie?!?!?!. You are now a sin by yourself.

  • Sad

  • Cinema sins has done one of the unholy sins...they sined shrek

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  • there is nothing wrong with shrek

  • Hi fan fiction. Wait this is an actual movie? Yikes

  • Do Terminus

  • Geez, be careful don’t do the actual shrek...

  • There Is Nothing Wrong With This

  • do toy story 4 !!!!!!!!!!!

  • There should be no sins on this movie made by god

  • shrek : you need to calm down cinema sins :taylor swift

  • Oof

  • CinemaSins: [doesn't mention the Donkey falling into Fiona's waffle joke] Me: That's... illegal.

  • This movie throws off the whole point of the other three movies

  • I would be upset that you're pointing out the flaws, but this shrek movie is pretty bad. 1 and 2 were cinematic masterpieces tho.

  • Typical, a no-talent critic thinks he can write...1000 sins for being a cliche.

  • Wtf it’s blank

  • Vid: things wrong with shrek forever after Me: its blank

  • Before doing all your sh*tty review, do a movie and then you'll see how hard and painful is

    • Not gonna lie it's a great movie but there doing this for entertainment and it hard to make videos like these

  • Its..... Blank?

  • Me, a shrek and CinemaSins lover: *sees title* also me: you had my trust

  • This is completely wrong no shrek movie has a sin

  • One more sin: This whole movie is based on the idea that Shrek apparently preferred being a hated, feared outcast to his current status as a hero. Okay yeah, he seemed to sort of enjoy f***ing about with those hunters in the first movie and that a-hole kid probably isn't the first "fan" he's had to put up with, but Shrek was only isolating himself because he thought the world hated him. I'm just saying, he should know better after the last three movies.

  • It’s shrek there’s nothing wrong with it

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  • Cool

  • Do shriek the third there’s s lot of mistake Nvm I came back from the video ._.

  • •Cough• *two minutes late* •cough• •cough• Everything wrong with shre- *NO SHUT UP*

  • *you have provoked a gang war*

  • is this a discount demoman

  • Agh crap PINOCCIO

  • "No leader should go on a mission" Not to compare this to Halo, but Field Marshalls are always on the field

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  • You dare

  • Okey, this is definitly not the best shrek movie.. but how low does jeremy have to stoop to talk smack about a fucking kids movie set in a fantasy land with talking animals and the lead is an ogre? Hahahaha 😂😂😂