Exclusive Interview with Dustin Poirier

Dipublikasikan tanggal 7 Jul 2021
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  • wow .. girl you are doing an amazing job. Keep it up

  • She seems like a cool lady !

  • I use to love Megan Olivi but now I love Farrah ❤

  • She's a great interviewer. Her MMA knowledge is impressive.

  • Such a well prepared interviewer, really good job lady 👏

  • She's right. Karate stance is susceptible to leg kicks.

  • Damn Farrah is slaying in this interview business

  • Hire me I’ll make your thumbnails.

  • Forsure

  • dustin brother you've done nothing wrong in that video. it's just part and parcel of sparing. all fighters get in that zone.

  • Need a colored/decorative background girl.

  • She makes me smile. Think the fighters enjoy her interviews

  • لماذا لايوجد ترجمه ؟؟؟؟؟ هذه القناة والحساب مخصصه للعرب؟؟؟ لماذا لايوجد ترجمه

  • Love your work Farah 👍

  • One of the best interviewers! Salute!

  • Ufc arabic is exremely underrated.

  • Another amazing interview

  • Farah coming for Helwani's job

  • Best interviewer in the UFC

  • Jorge in the back playing ping pong Hahahaha

  • Very intelligent interview. All the best dear Farrah💝

  • Great interview.

  • Farah if you're reading this , please know that you ask really great questions and would love to see you to mainstream MMA journalism.

  • I love you Farah Hannoun

  • Thank you for great interview.

  • I always wait for a fighter's interview with Farah during fight week because the questions and the vibe isn't the same boring one with everyone else

  • Farrah such a good interviewer. Give her a raise

    • She's terrible. The questions are too long and plodding. It came off like she was the star and Poirier was just checking in.

  • At the point Dustin knows that composed Dustin is a key and if he got emotional attachment of any type it will be his downfall I think he will win

  • Wow the interviewer should know the name of the fighter she is interviewing. It's Dustin " Soyboy" Peahead.

  • UFC Arabia 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Love, from Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦

  • there is a chance that conor vs dustin could just become a karate vs bjj fight just like gilbert vs stephen

    • @Enyang Wang I agree :-) Both are great counter punchers and can be aggressive as well in their approach, especially Conor who loves to have octagon control and manage the distance. If Conor uses the overhand shots, he would be able to stop the check hooks by the help of his triceps and shoulders. Another way of doing it would be by moving in and out with the jab and then throw it inside of Dustin's chain hook along with some uppercuts but that would be better when Dustin comes close and moves to the sides because he has a habit of getting timed whenever he adjusts his trunks and leans open and down with his upper body after his combination punches. And Dustin should be more agressive from the start unless he wants to get to the later rounds because he looks much bigger than Conor now and could use his weight, the clinches and his wrestling and grappling skills as well... Conor's toe kick is extremely effective and like a jab, he should use it again. And his spinning wheel kicks used to be so great to setup his left hand shots and make his opponents move in a certain directions. His timing is great and could be compared to Terrence Crawford, which is amazing... Conor starts so strong and I think he was flatfooted against Khabib and Dustin as well just to save energy because he understands that it could go all 5 rounds... He learned it after the Nate and Floyd fights. Having said that, Dustin is more reliable during the fights and a better lightweight than Conor who used to be a better featherweight... And Dustin can take a lot of damage as well. Gonna be a great fight. Who do you got this time?

    • @alcott devalte we will see my man, hopefully it will be a good fight, no matter what strategy they choose :)

    • Nope. Dustin vs Conor won't last more than 3 rounds, both are strikers and that's what they do 95% of the time... Dustin could submit him though but Conor doesn't stay down long unless you're Khabib...

  • She is a great interviewer! Knowledgeable, Friendly and new questions each time! You can tell Dustin is more willing to engage. Need to get her on all the major platforms so her skills can be enjoyed

    • Yeah im going to start watching her more often

    • @A J I'm embarrassed for you. It's pretty straight forward.

    • @Ravishing Beast why?

    • They just shouldn't put her on camera. Just go with the voice only.

  • Great interview as usual, I liked the hot sauce talk the most near the end..

  • It’s 3:30 am where I am but im here for it😂