Exclusive interview with Stephen Thompson

Dipublikasikan tanggal 5 Jul 2021
UFC Arabia


  • اعشقق ياوندر بوي قدوتي كمقاتل حزام اسود.وباذن الله راح يجي يومي واصير بكل هذه الفئة بال Ufc 😑❤

  • What is wrong with this channels views? the content is great but not being picked up by the ID-tv algorithm.. either promote this channel of move Farah to another platform when she can be seen by the world!

  • Farah is a beast and love Stephen. One of the best in the game atm, crazy match up for both Gilbert and Usman. Can't wait for this fight.

  • Is her voice going through puberty?

  • I think Usman is waiting for this weekend to see if Wonderboy wins. When Wonderboy wins I think Usman and him makes the most sense.

  • Let’s go Wonderboy

  • That reporter girl is freaking hot! Great job as well

  • Does she work for the ufc? She’s such a great host and interviewer the UFC needs growth in the Middle East she’s doing a good job

    • Clown, the name of the channel is UFC Arabia and that didn't give you the hint?

    • Yes, Farah is amongst the best. She works for MMA Junkie as well and UFC Arabia. Her interviews with Khabib, Gaethje, Conor, Dustin and Chandler in Abu Dhabi last year were awesome.

  • Great interview as usual. I hope Wonder boy wins and get the title shot, he deserves it.

  • Love Farah. She's an angel

  • واندربوي 🔥🔥👍

  • What if wonderboy head kicks and KO's Gilbert 2nd round

  • Hey interviewer, you single?

  • Another great interview.

  • تومبسون🔥

  • اتمنى ي اخواني تترجموا المقاطع بما انها قناة عربية