EXO 엑소 'Monster' MV

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EXO has released their 3rd full album “EX’ACT” with double title tracks “Monster” and “Lucky One”.
Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music smarturl.it/EXO_EXACT
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EXO 엑소 'Monster' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment


  • Creeping in ur heart EXO

  • I miss xiumin....

  • Fighting for 270M

  • Hola...Monsters

  • ❤️

  • 300M views...... GAME..!!??

  • aguante exo y latinoamerica

  • meta che me voy a labura

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  • My favorit song

  • I miss monster so much than anything. @smtown if you really gonna make exo a comeback, please...... monster theme and concept Are THE BEST. don’t make any catchy comeback

  • 269 156 318 03:08

  • U can call me monster

  • The best kpop group ever! Im happy to discover them a month ago

  • E X O M O N S U E T A

  • Ike

  • Sampyang

  • I love u all members

  • You got me goin crazy exo

  • انا احترت والله اصير بلينك ولا اكسوال انا الحين ارامي وبلينك واكسوال

  • Sigo cebado

  • WARNING! ⚠️ If you are just starting to like EXO, then don't watch this music video. Because it would be etremely difficult for you to UNLOVE them. How I hate them for being this captivating. Like, all of them. ♥️♥️♥️

  • This music video only shows that exo has really more to offer. Not just the typical cute and handsome faces. They are all a complete package (name it) which totally made me love them even more. Ok, No turning back. A LOVE that doesnt break my heart. ♥️♥️♥️

  • \

  • 300m? streaaaaaaammmm

  • Army supporting exooo!!💜

    • Thanks fam!!

    • Thanks Fam! tbh i used to be an army still im solotian i stan only Chim as for BTS actually I'm multifandom

  • Huh

  • Crazy

  • Go exo-l

  • Keep 300M

  • Ot9 keeps on winning

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  • GOALS LOVE SHOT 200m TEMPO 200m MONSTER 300m GROWL 200m OVERDOSE 200m Fighting EXO-LS

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  • 270M 😉

  • Kai is so hot😻🤤🤤 My favorite

  • Kingsss

  • Your dance is badass

  • عرب اكسوال فايتنغ

  • The best

  • Do you love exo☝️ Yes:like☝️ No:comen📖

  • Tôi là người Việt đây

  • Army and EXO-L anyone ? Cause I’m both

  • Who else loved the part from 2:49😍😍hit like

  • الاغنيه ادمان😍👑

    • اكيد لان لل kings

  • بحب الاغنيه دي اوي💜😍

  • Let’s 270 M

  • 1. Sehun💕😘 2. Chanyeol💖 3. Baekhyun💝 4. Suho😍 5. Kai 6. Xiumin 7. Chan 8. Lay 9. D. O

  • 300M in 6/8 ??! we can do it!!!

  • i'm just into the entire aesthetic of this mv to be *quite* honest

  • Fighting uri zhang yixing....OT9 stans..hands up....

  • How many people love Lay? كم شخص يحب لاي ؟ 1like=1person

  • I'm exo-l ♥, always exo

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • اكسو ال يلا ارفعوا المشاهدات❣ لاتتركون اغنيه مونستر・゚ فدووه

  • Necesitamos que dos videos de exo lleguen a los 300M de reproducciones este año, y por lo menos tres que lleguen a los 200M, no dejen de reproducir!, hagamos lo por los chicos.

  • Vamos Exo-ls no dejen de reproducir ninguno de los videos de los chicos, apoyemos los, ahora lo necesitan.

  • Wow daebak

  • 269m

  • keep str*\ming just 30.890.504m more

  • Reproduce Growl ..200m tomorrow!!!

  • road to 300m...never give up.. Lucky;-)

  • Exo ot9

  • لتنسوا مون باليز

  • I hope exo comeback together lay back please❤😭I need OT9

  • I’m ARMY but I really do luv this song

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-3SdhxqWqwe0.html


  • Please help to stream 'growl' too.. we need only 1m to reach 200m this month ✊

  • 300 M ¡Vamos EXO-L! ¡Let´s go EXO-L!

  • come on EXOL we should keep str3aming till the next comeback ! TEMPO AND LOVE SHOT as well 🔥

  • let’s go 300M !!

  • Me palpita algo y no es el corazón uwu

  • My story? Back then, I'm really not fond of Kpop, but I am in Kdrama. I've heard the songs of a lot of BG and GG, especially Blackpink and Bts. Honestly, while my classmates are really into thoae groups.. You can find me just listening to english music. I was like, "what in the hell are they listening into?"... A year later, as I've said earlier I'm a huge fan of Kdrama and I happen to watch GOBLIN, and when I listened to all of their Ost's, I stumbled upon STAY WITH ME. I find Stay With Me really good. The song itself to the singers. I've already heard Punch singing (with Chen which I didn't know an EXO member) and her voice? It's dayum. One of the best. And then this is it.... Chanyeol. Chanyeol, goodness who knkws how much thankful I am to him FOR MAKING ME AN EXO-L. HE HAPPENED TO MADE ME AN EXO-L. i reallly really really got curios as of who is this talented guy, 'cause bro he got the looks yes.. But his voice? His singing skills, his rap? Dayum that's what got me interested. HIS TALENT MADE ME INTERESTED. And then right at that moment, I just found myself looking up to them. And I NEVER REGRETED IT. WILL NEVER REGRET. EXO has a huge part in my life. I.. I'm so lucky to meet them. EXO IS THE BEST AMONG THE REST. THEY CHANGED MY DAMNED SELF INTO A USEFUL PERSON. They encouraged me. They made me feel like I am being loved. That I'm nit useless. That ai ahould exert effort to pay off everything. THEY INSPIRED ME SO MUCH. AND I LOVE THEM. SO. MUCH.

  • 170 million fighting


  • My first k-pop song which made me fell in love with Kpop♥️

  • Sehun my heart

  • you can call me monster

  • EXOOOOOOOOOOO I am crazy

  • She got me go crazy

  • Sahuuuur....sahuuuuuur....streamiiiiiiing.......streamiiiiing

  • May 2019? 👇🏼

  • hei i make monster in rock version here id-tv.org/tv/video-9fXFeJSlrMM.html


  • Team Monster por esos 270M.

  • Kai? I don't know this will be real or not, but I hope it will become a reality whether it's clear when I always wait when that time arrives. Yes, me and you meet :) even though it sounds so impossible, frankly since I dreamed that I met you. My feeling is that it will happen ^ _ ^ even though it's a dream, I'm very happy and happy. You are too beautiful so I can only meet you when I go to sleep :) I love you, really angat very much in love with you and love you .. I have never met an idol like you, you really are different. And I can only find it only with you. I love you without but, because, I love you very sincerely 💜 Be an idol who is always humble :) I like you simple, never change your physicality because you are very perfect. Be a real man who doesn't hurt women 😊 I love you, but I realize I'm just a fan :( I have no right to forbid you from falling in love with another woman, even though I'm sick. But when I see you happy with the partner you choose I'm also happy too 😀 I'm one of the women of millions of women who hope to be with you :) Kai? I beg you, don't ever stay EXO-L, EXO is very valuable for EXO-L. EXO-L loves EXO very much 💜 enough for us EXO-L around 3 members, we EXO-L still feel lost and sadness is still felt today. Luhan, Tao, Kris is an impossibility that EXO-L hopes to get back with EXO. and being 0T12 💜 Forgive us (EXO-L) who can't give much to you (EXO) votes from us can't afford to win you guys, but believe EXO always becomes No.1 in the hearts of EXO-L 💜 EXO-L will always support EXO through Do'a We Are One EXO !!! I LOVE EXO 💜💜

  • كريبن كوريين كريبن يورو اوو كريبيين

  • “I’m creeping in your heart babe” EXOL : “YEAH OF COURSE CAUSE U MAKE OUR HEART BEAT SO FAST”

  • Army here to support exo! Love this song!!

  • 🔜300M

  • Oh.. Baekhyunee my heart is yours ♥️

  • Yooo i don't like k-pop but that song is soooo good

  • Türk yokmu laaaaaaaaaaaaaan

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  • 2019 ? 🙋🖤😈

  • Awesome

  • I love you exo 😍😍😍

  • EXO

  • *270m go*