Extreme 1:1 City Hide and Seek!

Dipublikasikan tanggal 31 Jul 2020
We play hide and seek in Minecraft. In a big city. It took hours.
Check out Pippen's 200 hour Seattle timelapse video!
Shoutout to Build the Earth for making this amazing 1:1 map!
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  • How can you just destroy all of this

  • 😂🤣😅😃

  • As I was watching you I got an add that said help Chandler win

  • 3:31 it looked like general mayhem from the lego movie

  • E

  • The progress did get recovered right?

  • why the comments soooooo DRY

  • Okay...I am sry...when the building exploded...it felt like it was Lebanon...

  • Only 2% of people will see this. (Read My Name BTW🔥🔥😈⁉️🔥) 3

  • To the 1% reading this hopefully you achieve your goal in life. can y’all please sub to me imma start posting nba 2k and fortnite montages💝

  • I hate you they just spent too much time to make that city but you just gonna broke it dont do that again if you dont want to unsubcribe because one of them is my brother

  • Chandler was like dying


  • 4:50 oh no

  • this is awesome i love it.

  • 4:55 did chandler just make fun of the death of George Floyd?

  • mr beast i cant join your discord why

  • Pikatails more like pikafails

  • 3:20 what happen to save the trees:(

  • I watched parks and rec

  • the discord server is full :(

  • I love Mr. beast he's a good ID-tv or

  • love ti

  • This reminds me of transformers dark of the moon when the decepticons took over chicago

  • Mr. beast you should play Splatoon 2 on switch

  • Hiiiiiii 😍😍😍😍😍

  • I won’t lightsaber

  • is anyone else kinda sad that they ruined all that work

  • 4:56

  • #freefortnite

  • Make another discord please Lol I wanna join

  • chandler looked like he had a good time

  • 0:35 wasnt this built in 24 hours??!?

  • 3:08 more like pika fails. I’m a comedy genius.

  • Chandler said how do u like that meat across ur face me belike😲😲😲😲🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 3:05 missed oppurtunity to say "pika fails"

  • I can even give you 10,000 so I can be in a event

  • I'm a big fan I'll do anything to join your events

  • Pls

  • Chandler be like i cant breath me😶😶😶

  • Nice teddy bear Chandler 😂

  • recreate warzone in minecraft

  • If you didn't have a backup I'm going to personally beat you up, Jimmy.

  • Ddd$skdks

  • HI

  • 4:49 # George Floyd

  • I just started a channel and I have no support could u please check it out for me it’s fine if u don’t 😔

  • I think none of us know the Starbuck's large size name

  • Jimmy:why what happened? Chris:im stuck!! Jimmy:yiu are not stuck you are chrid

  • ok

  • I was in Raleigh North Carolina but now I’m in Arkansas 😭

  • Beast why don’t your girlfriend help out with the vids everyone like this so he can see !

  • why did karl actually say my starbucks order at 4:10😂

  • All that progress lost and exploded by snowballs😥

  • Me seeing all the hard work of the buildings broken

  • Mr beast a legend.

  • This better be a world download.

  • Pika tails more like- pika fails

  • Xb11:12

  • I really want Karl to win one idk why