Fight Almost Breaks Out During Service | Kitchen Nightmares

Dipublikasikan tanggal 22 Jun 2019
Chef Mike would never.
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  • Why post it if you’re not gonna show the fight?

  • what episode is this for kitchen nightmares, I might watch it.

  • to those who want to see after it got cut off in the fight

  • he just wanted to get the food out

  • What episode was this?

  • There right here where do you want them up your a**

  • he kinda sounds like Tony Montana

  • DAMN!

  • that guy is a psycho

  • What season and episode?

  • *Would someone be kind enough to link the original video since the editor was kind enough to cut out the "fight"*

  • 2:21 why is he wearing a bucket

  • I watch this channel 1 day a month now I’m scared to go to a any restaurant

  • When he went: 🤲 I felt that

  • The customers, and staff are just flexing for the camera. smh

  • My erection has never died as quickly as it did with the end of this video

  • so what happened? did the brothers take 5 and start over,what?

  • If my boss did that to me i would kill him.

  • The best part tho Come on man

  • wheres the rest of the video damnit

  • sometimes i look at these restaurants and think man overcooked 2 is a realistic game if you compare it to these

  • the narrator should call the food shit it would be funny

  • thats ramsey show why you cut thats the main ivent hahaha

  • Sca......ripted!!!?!

  • Got damn y'all are amazing actors you should have a TV show.....

  • Why did it end on the best part? Is it on Netflix so I can watch the full episode??

  • This is dumb.

  • You really cucked me Gordon you really cucked me

  • For those who wanted to watch it:

  • what episode is this???

  • What season and episode is this

  • bruh why did you cut

  • 1:39 of course the fat bitch can't stand that she is actually feeling hungry, instead of only eating when she's bored.

  • Why’d they have to end it when things start to get physical, that’s the whole reason why I watched this video🤣🤣

  • Michael poor micheal

  • Dude why the fuck did you cut the fighting off

  • The only video when Gordon Ramsey doesn't Fly out Curses

  • Clickbait strong

  • Out of Control Owner Attacks His Own Chef! | Kitchen Nightmares copy and paste that and youtube search it, your welcome😀


  • Gi meh zen facking fod I vont zen

  • Which episode of kitchen nightmares is this?

    • Nvm it's "The Spanish Pavillion"

  • "almost" break out because you cut it out

  • Ayyyy im walkin ere

  • Where is the full episodes?????


  • 0:39 to 0:41 Gordon: She gets it.

  • This water is very dry. Bland.

  • Lady: I hope this food is worth the wait The Food: I’m about to end this woman’s whole career

  • Heeey!Im walking over here!