Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 20 Apr 2019
This theory is 100% SPOILER FREE and does not reference any leaked information.
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The biggest superhero movie in history is almost here - Marvel's Avengers: Endgame! We've been building to this for YEARS! The biggest question that is plaguing us all is - who will NOT survive to the end? Honestly, the fear is real fellow Theorists. All of our favorite Avengers are on the chopping block. From Iron Man and Captain America to Thor and Black Widow - no one is safe! Today, I am predicting who will live and who will be making friends with the Grim Reaper.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, BanditRants, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • i think entire original team will die its just a theory #filmtheory

  • Never seen any of them but the thumbnail was hilarious so couldn't resist to click

  • Just posting this now to edit it next week and be right ig

  • My theory is that Black Widows going bye bye. I mean COME ON! She's not that much of a use to the avengers except like a distraction or Hulk's anger management teacher. I can't imagine any of the avengers retiring or their contracts expiring. No one can replace iron man or cap. I will quit on marvel if that happens. But ill stay tuned on spider man. Tom holland is love. Tom holland Is life

  • iron man dies...why? wanting a kid or expecting a wedding? wanting to end it all? that's a death sentence in comics and anime

  • The only characters that live is the important ones.

  • F

  • Everyone

  • Ha! I told you [name1], [name2], and [name3] would die!

  • My prediction: they all die, whole new cast of superheroes and cool prequels

  • Thanos won’t survive Antman’s anal assault, he won’t even see it coming

  • Lol this is the pre explanation to ENDGAME

  • I hope Toni is like getting a Mentor or smth, and he is like a supervisor for the team

  • Thanos snaps his fingers again killing the rest

  • If cap dies I'm shooting up the movie theater

  • Lemme tell you that your predictions are yet again wrong. Spoilers have come out and the one who dies is Iron Man. Cheers.

  • Tony Stark will try to make the last play but cap will stop him and do it himself. Thus the greatest ending of all time. Or it could be something different but it will probably still be the greatest ending ever nonetheless. I trust the mcu that much.

  • i think thanos will kill absolutely all the good guys

  • Stfu

  • Thanos wont survive...because antman is coming for dat booty.

  • I think matpat's pride will die in endgame.

  • X, x, x and x will die.

  • Goosebumps

  • There was a leak that Hawkeye aka Ronin and Black window go to Vormir to get the soul stone and yeah Hawkeye is the only one that returns

  • I feel like Rocket will die. It just feels weird how he's the only member of the Guardians alive after Infinity War. Probably because he needed to change and be a team player (I mean, he went AWOL by stealing batteries after killing a monster for a bounty in Guardians 2). I also heard that War Machine died in a comic, so he'll probably bite the dust. Not to mention the ones who said, "whatever it takes." Black Widow, Hawkeye, Stark and Cap. Just weird how they're the only ones who said that. Not Thor, not Banner, not Ant-Man. Just those 4. I seriously believe that those 4 are sure to die. I agree that Hulk and Thor will survive. Hulk needs redemption after that beatdown in Infinity War, and Thor is a god, and also lost a lot. 50% of all the Asgardians, Heimdall and Loki. Though I believe Loki is alive, posing as Banner, with the real Banner in the escape pod with Valkyrie and the other Asgardians. I mean, how does Banner know who Thanos was? Loki had a connection with Thanos back in Avengers 1, so Loki knew him. it

  • Uuuuuh. Just found out they are making another terminator movie which takes place after the second Terminator film. forget every other terminator after the second one.

  • Apparently tony has a chance of losing an arm but not dying.

  • Michael Vs Jason please

  • If captain dies then bucky will become the new American captain

  • Well,here I am hoping they use some sort of Infinity Watch route and each Avenger gets to keep a stone,so that no one wields them again

  • That actually makes fucking sense

  • who the fuck cares... anymore.. Hollywood is burntout

  • Why would I care? They already killed Dr.Strange

  • You!

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  • Tony cannot die

  • I'll be commenting here after watching the movie.

  • I love how he just skipped Hawkeye alltogether

  • I have a good feeling that you’re right! I don’t know why

  • Tony stark will die sacrificing himself to destroy the stones. Its the only way they can get away with Robert Downey Jrs inevitable leave from the MCU

  • Tony cap and cap marvel

  • everyone will die except john wick

  • MatPat, I dont feel so good...

  • i am so sorry to say that im going to see this in china earlier than any countries and suffer the pain that i can't tell anybody what happened in the end game ahhhhhhhhh.sad, right ?

  • I saw parts from endgame on pornhub... i wont say anything i saw ill just say what the fuck hulk.

  • I bet black widow will die

  • My friend is in love with captain America so I don’t want him to die but I also want to hear her tortured screams so I’m torn 😐

  • No One actually dies the movie just runs smoothly with sad moments and trying to fix their mess up stuff

  • Everytime MatPat says "End game" all i could think of was Taytay's song

  • I feel like you’re right but also I’m not sure. I feel Tony will survive and do exactly what you say- become a farther and live on into phase 4 as a supervisor. I feel that Cap will die and as you said for the self sacrifice. But then Nat and Bruce- I have a feeling either both will die or both will survive because I just don’t feel that Bruce could deal with the pain of losing Natasha. It was established that, back in ‘The Avengers’ days that Bruce tried to take is own life because he was scared that he couldn’t control the Hulk and what would losing Natasha do? Make him hulk out and go crazy. He would have lost the one person who can keep ‘the other guy’ at bay and that would make him scared- all throughout the Avengers franchise, he has been adamant that he didn’t want to kill people as the hulk. I just feel like Bruce couldn’t deal with losing Nat. Then there’s Hawkeye. The theories that he lost everything- his whole family- work but then his character arc is a bit different. It’s never really established why he’s there (at least in the MCU). He is just kind of another character and, as you said with Nat, skills that have debatable usability when it comes to fighting insane alien Grapes. But I feel like he will survive. And don’t forget there is a confirmed show for Loki coming out, as well as Bucky and Sam, meaning they all, in theory, have to survive. As for Peter Parker, Dr.Strange and The Guardians, they all have unfinished franchises to finish and if we got some ‘it’s a prequel bull crap’ I feel like the tickets wouldn’t sell as well... Long story short, Tony and Hawkeye survive for sure. Bruce is on the fence. Nat and Cap die. Thor will survive but it will be his final appearance. Bucky, Sam, Peter, Loki, Dr.Strange and The Guardians all survive for sure. I feel that, then, at the end of the movie, there will be a final scene of Tony, Clint, Peter, Bucky, Sam and Pepper. It’s Tony and Pepper’s official wedding. It ends with Peter standing by Tony’s side as Pepper goes back inside and we see a final shot of Clint, Bucky and Sam walking away with Bucky holding Steve’s shield. Maybe we will get a small STUCKY confession like ‘I loved you, Steve, more than just a friend.’ Or something like that? Bucky and Tony are on good terms, on Steve’s dying wish? And there’s a happy ending that leads us into phase 4.

  • Most definitely Cap will die. But I don't believe Tony will die. I think he will just officially retire and live his life with Pepper.

  • Maybe the movie is super different But then they saw this and copied it hahahah this is a joke

  • Iron Man Captain America Hulk Hawkeye Black Widow War machine Nebula Thanos Will die and Rocket Ant man Captain marvel Will survive And thor have a big chans to die

  • Iron Man will

  • I'm betting Stark bites it - him seeing those he loves die before his eyes is exactly what I think will make him most likely to self-sacrifice

  • Good job on this video

  • So Thanos is cursed with knowledge huh? welp we'll not get the sweet destroyed Thanos ass ending cause he'll do anything to protect the ass.

  • I bet you all the og avengers will die

  • Hawkeye will die almost nobody likes him..... Please Don't Hate Me...

  • Im calling it now, disney loves making matpats theories wrong, im guessing it'll happen again

    • Because Disney is definitely going to reshoot, re-edit, and re-render the entire end of the movie for MatPat...

  • Why do I feel that black widow wont die

  • I've been avoiding this all day even though youtube shoved it in my face. I'm leaving all social media once the 24th hits to avoid spoilers. Only watching now because of the promise of no spoilers


  • F



  • The original Three we'll make it only to continue on. Stark Rogers and Thor. As they said in Civil War, some of us are going to have to lose it now to Win It in the long run. That was Hawkeye. so we're going to see. The reason is because Captain America is all about the mission and because he knows Bucky Barnes is out there and caused a lot of damage so he can save his friend he save the future, Tony it's going to make it because he understands what he had to learn so he can defeat him, and sore will make it because he understands at least in his way the Dynamics of the Infinity Stones and will trust Stark as well Steve Rogers. While everyone else goes guns-blazing a few will understand and others will just want revenge but you get the plan done the three have to survive and understand this time that they are stronger and no one knows who they are this time when they go back to the past, except for sore he stays in the future or the present as a man in Black. Protecting the Earth. through Captain America we will get it the Winter Soldier becoming the bearer of The Shield and black widow The Spider and the network which we will finally meet Madame web in any form we can find but it's got to be good oh, that's why Hawkeye knew not to kill her. Anyway oh, a few we'll make it through like Ant-Man most likely as he has clever ability to avoid capture and we shall see about anyone else. what I will say is this, Tony and Rocket will make it to the next Guardians of the Galaxy only for rocket to understand who his friends were before he saves the Galaxy and will understand how Despicable they truly were, in that episode Tony and rocket really Bond and realizes that Tony could save xandar just like they could but this time she can save his friends without them knowing it by sacrificing himself and and saving Tony sacrifice which would have been his left arm which would not have sufficed. As though it was a part of himself oh, the soulstone understood that it was not the best part of himself oh, so the Red Skull says no. By this time since there is no Jarvis or Friday rocket has become the person to bounce ideas off of and and Rockets case the best human she's ever met considering he's a total asshole. And that's rocket calling Tony and asshole. This will be Rockets farewell. He's going to defeat the old Guardians of the Galaxy trying to help Tony convince the Guardians to just save the Galaxy rather than allow them to give the Power Stone to xandar and give it to Tony instead since the plan is to save everybody in the end.

  • It's gonna be Peter Parker Oh wait

  • If iron man dies i will watch all his mcu movies

  • It’s like both Hulk and Thor dies


  • Adam Warlock shows up, using the gauntlet, sets everything back, Hyperion shows up, and knocks the hell out of Capt. Marvel!! I'll go watch that 10 times at least!

  • Matpat makes a disney theory, can’t wait for it to be wrong yet again

  • For once I feel your right

  • Black widow is gonne die because she doesent have any superpowers

  • The only one, who should die is captain marvel...

  • One of your most cohesive theories. Great job, MattPatt.

  • they bouts to say bye bye 👋 I agree with the theory

  • Congrats on #2 on trending

  • 😑😑😑😑😑

  • I believe Thanos will die.

  • Imagine if engame will just be hour long thanos snaping his fingers to a jazz song session with jumpcuts to certan people diying

  • Doctor strange could of reversed everything but he saw alternative realities and only saw one which they win I bet that's why strange gave the ring.

  • Your wrong

  • I bet Samus is gonna die

  • I hope marvel dies cause she's kinda a bitch

  • Thanos will Die

  • Who i think will die?? hmm... let me think oh THANOS!! Beacuse hes the bad guy

  • lol, I think you forgot about Hawkeye, everybody forgets about Hawkeye.

  • Nebula double-crosses the Avengers and grabs the gauntlet for herself. I know that sounds extremely unlikely but she managed to get her hands on it in the infinity gauntlet comics so I think it would be something cool to see.

  • It comes out in Australia first, will see if your right or wrong,

  • Did nobody here see the leaked footage with PROFESSOR HULK & FAT DRUNK THOR? Sorry, this is not a joke

  • My prediction for who will die in endgame is my soul for endgame turning out to be a shit movie

  • iron man will die

  • I have a theory: Captain America dies after wearing the gauntlet to snap everyone back to existence, and then dies. Could be really cool

  • Og avengers just cap and widow definitely won’t

  • Wait a minute how is vision alive 😐😐😐 Nani!!!!

  • Lovin’ the editing in this video dope

  • Thanos was also dumb for not going for the head by stabbing iron man

    • I don't think he wanted to kill him.

  • Thumbnail: Who will die Me: *Gets City of Heroes flash backs...*