First to Guess the Password Wins - FaZe Clan

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Can you guess the PASSWORD?
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  • Jarvis: Becomes Kay's teammate Kay: yOuR iNsAnE bRo

  • 6:21 im dead he sounds like a whole different person 😂😂💀

  • Were on earth is hightsky so i mean h1ghtsky1

  • Your insane bro

  • If blaze were in the withdraw one I would just say squirtle

  • Apex and Alex

  • Rip cizzorz

  • honestly i think rug should be kicked, no one likes him

  • 13:50 rug smaller than aPeX 😮

  • I like this group , they should make a youtube channel.

  • 10:38 Cmon FBI you just ruined the video By that noise

  • Adapt even is not good at fortnite

  • M M M M

  • Rip faze It’s gonna die

  • I like how adapt and kay are in every final round ever

  • For the last one I would have used “Expired” 😎🤷🏻‍♂️

  • how did cizzors guess "scream" ?

  • Lowkey faze Kay sounded like Alex when he had an English accent

  • May 30 was my birthday

  • jarvis: eating breakfast faze kay: JARVIS NO WAY BRO YOUR INSANE!!!!

  • Have you guys gone to school

  • Apex and adapt are my fav

  • Kay bout high af 😂🙅🏽‍♂️

  • Who lost? Seeya

  • Did he say shrek was a donkey stupid

  • And everyone doubted apex and adapt, yet they still won lol

  • hi

  • Password is fazeup

  • aPeX iS sHoRt

  • i laughed so much😂💀

  • For the clever one they should have said cunning

  • it is my dream to join faze like i would do anything to be in faze like fr anything

  • Awkward 1:20

  • ”Long” 😏😏 No homo BTW

  • FaZe Clan=#1

  • It's so funny when Fraiser talks in a normal English accent

  • *”DUMBASS”*

  • Only governer wude work cus it is more than 7 letters

  • It's unfair for the person who goes first becausethe other team got a hint

  • 12:15 just say Robbie

  • This reminded me of Golden State VS Toronto 😂

  • Kick rug

  • solo hacker who hacked nasa look like FaZe Kay

  • Neck cizzor

  • I lost half of my brain cells watching this

  • Pom donkey 8 would’ve said ass

  • Expired

  • 1:34 his chin.

  • Who ever likes thinks faze Kay’s gf Charlotte is fit

  • You*

  • You could’ve said raw and could I have a shout out I want to play of you FaZe member and could add me s.sitmesteve

  • 1212fazeup

  • When the word was lamp I would said moth

  • I’m watching Jarvis I the block party

  • Dope

  • Kay in an American accent, is fucking amazing

  • People who aren’t British or American won’t know what some of those words mean...

  • apex is short tho

  • My sister likes faze adapt

  • 😭😂🤣

  • I can’t stop laughing when he said “yess”

  • Adapt is handsome

  • How many people saw that Adapt was holding his stomach at 8:16

  • My names Forrest

  • Bruh Apex said the n word lets jump him

  • blessed vid

  • No one: Absolutely nobody: Alex or adapt: terminator ah ah

  • Thieves you stole your tfue’s money

  • best fortnite player in FaZe is jarvis

  • I’m not saying faze are racist or anything obviously but did you ever realize there has never been a black persons in FaZe

  • Lmao the plug was calling faze adapt

  • Apex is small

  • That was the day of my birthday

  • I kept Apex as my password It said too short even apex is short coincidence?

    • T Boy Gaming old joke, shut the fuck up kid.

  • i got triggered when they asked kay to start using american accent like the fuck americans? people have accents too and u cant takr that away from them !!!!fucking idiots!!!

  • Jarvis : Kay : U ArE iNsAnE bRo

  • Cant you just say rotten FLESH

  • Shrek was made from Dreamwork lol

  • Omfg when the video started I couldent bring myself to say that was adapt he look so fucking different man is a tank now?!?!?!

  • I feel like adapt is always high 😂

  • Is faze adapt on drugs?

  • Lol I just realized cizzors is in FaZe Damn He Irrelevant

  • For Donkey, they should've said Draymond Green.

  • Rug is the the Vikstar of FaZe

  • Who else played along too

  • For the “Rotten” I would’ve said “expired” 201 IQ 🧠

  • Rotten > spoiled. Dispose > Remove. Withdraw > take.

  • I wanna put this whole thing out of context 😂😂

  • Rotten --> egg Somebody? 🤔🙄😅

  • When rug thought it was him 1:20

  • everyone: BLAZE PICK! Rug: Its gonna be me! Blaz: lets goooo.... jarvis rug: oh :(

  • Is it just me or does cizzors look fried as

  • Rotten you could have said decomposed

  • 12:30 expired

  • 12

  • 7:35 Don't know why but the *woot* had me dying😂😂😂😂😂

  • I would’ve said spoiled

  • 8:27 is when you try to sound cool in front of ur friends

  • Jarvis- (farts) Kay-BRO UR INSANE

  • Alex is actually fucking dumb