Five Things You Can't Do On British Television

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Pull down this description for information on all the shows I mention, plus all my references, and some advice if you're looking to subtitle your videos!
15% of my viewers watch with subtitles! They're helpful for folks without headphones, or in loud environments, or who can't hear well, or who just like subtitles. More people will watch if subtitles are an option.
Before 2020, ID-tv had a volunteer community-captions system. Alas, due to spam (and, I suspect, the difficulty of porting it to the new Studio), ID-tv turned it off. So your options are:
If your video is one or two people talking, you can add subtitles easily with ID-tv's tools: - that's also possible for more complex videos, but it can be time-consuming.
If you can afford an editor, you can afford subtitles! They only cost $1-2 per minute of audio.
For simple audio, try Rev: To be clear, that's an affiliate link: you get $10 of captions free (enough for up to an 8-minute video), and I get a kickback from them. However, my opinions of Rev are mixed. They have downsides, and they may not be the right option for you!
Advantages of Rev:
✅ Extremely fast turnaround
✅ Easy, simple, automated, self-service
✅ Reasonable price
Disadvantages of Rev:
🚫 Rev is a gig-economy company, with everything that entails. In 2019, transcribers raised issues including low pay.
🚫 Accuracy is usually acceptable for clear speech, but not the near-perfect results you'd expect from a more high-end subtitle company.
🚫 They're limited to their simple, narrow, house style. That isn't ideal for videos with long sentences or many speakers.
For more complicated audio or for multiple speakers, try Caption+: -- a small company that produces extremely high-quality subtitles for a reasonable price.
Advantages of Caption+:
✅ Exceptional subtitle accuracy.
✅ Hand-tweaked broadcast-standard subtitles that are perfect for accessibility, and which the audience love.
✅ Can use positioning and per-speaker colors, and match other style requests.
✅ Still a reasonable price.
Disadvantages of Caption+:
🚫 Not automated: you're dealing with a human by email, and paying invoices.
OTHER COMPANIES: I also used 3PlayMedia once, but unfortunately can't recommend them based on that experience. ID-tv also mention ceilo24 and Amara, neither of which I have experience with:
📺📺 SHOWS 📺📺
Here's a list of all the shows mentioned, with links where available. (Where Amazon links are listed, those are affiliate links, where I earn a commission from sales.)
The Demon Headmaster is available on DVD from Amazon UK: - and the 2019 revival is available in the UK on BBC iPlayer:
Derren Brown: The Events: How To Control The Nation is available for free on ID-tv: • Derren Brown | Th... - although it lacks the live broadcast cut-ins.
The pilot episode of Crisis Command: Could You Run The Country? has been uploaded to ID-tv here: • BBC2 3rd February... - normally I wouldn't link to an unofficial upload, but the series will likely never be repeated or see a commercial release.
Ghostwatch is available on DVD from Amazon UK: - I should absolutely have put the ghost in the background of one of my shots here, I regret missing that joke!
The full Ghostwatch continuity announcement is here: • Ghostwatch Contin...
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire have an entire ID-tv channel. / millionaireuk - and yes, Jeremy Clarkson is the host now, I suspect that'll surprise a lot of people.
Ofcom Broadcasting Code:
On sports:
On access:
On advertising: AND
"Only five complaints" about the Derren Brown show is from Broadcast Bulletin 148 [PDF]:
Ghostwatch, and the "full tabloid fury afterwards", is well-documented in many places, so I'll leave researching that to the reader. Don't have nightmares.
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  • This video has a correction! The final "sixth thing", the rule on advertising breaks, was superseded in 2008 by a different rule that requires that "the integrity of the programme is not prejudiced" and adverts must be placed "where natural breaks occur". The old Code is still on Ofcom's site, and I missed the replacement. Back when Millionaire started, those throws-to-commercial were definitely not allowed, but it's now more ambiguous. You can see all corrections on this channel at

    • I wonder if this new pin is why it reappeared in my algorithm even though I've watched this before

    • Thx for the update :)

    • When ITV went to a break on the last lap of the F1 and pissed off a nation

    • @shorv It just appeared in my recommendations too, even though I've watched the video before. Glad it did though. It's nice to get updates on older videos.

    • cut down on the the MDMA mate

  • I was expecting something silly like “you can’t show the Queen from the back on Tuesdays”, but these all seem very reasonable

    • Football on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm.

    • They can't show footage from the house of commons in a satirical context. John Oliver has talked about that multiple times on Last Week Tonight!

    • @The Shrimp that fried the rice well. You gotta enshrine it in law that you can't make fun of it when your legislation is done through people arguing with weird noises, sarcastic "his honorable goodness" and some guy screaming "oh-dah, oh-dah"

  • As an American I envy that 12 minutes of advertisement per hour rule so damn much. We're lucky to have 12 minutes of _show_ per _half_ hour. It's gotten so bad that re-airings of older episodes of different shows have had parts of them completely cut out (with no effort spared to smooth the transition), not because of censorship, not because of offense, but just to squeeze in more frickin' ads.

    • For real. Honestly, I think this is a subconscious reason why many people, including myself, have switched to mostly non-traditional video media (ID-tv, Netflix, etc.) over TV. Obviously there are other reasons, but adblock is fantastic for youtube and many other streaming services don't even have ads. Like, why would I pay hundreds of dollars for a TV package that is just 33% ads, when I can pay 20 for netflix and get no ads at all.

    • @trumpetperson11 as someone who lives both in Belgium and the US, I was surprised how many ad breaks there are on American television, even for the same shows. But cutting the cord may also be a big thing to Americans because I feel like they pay way more for internet and TV, and arguably the service is… worse. I pay less than 0.1% of my income for 2000 TV channels. Where I lived in the US, you couldn’t get cable for under $50/mo. In the UK for example, you can get like 70 channels for free (which is what those towers in the video are for), including video on demand. Free TV doesn’t exist in Belgium anymore (although all public channels are available online, and you can get free, basic access to the internet to watch those). I’m not aware of alternatives like this where I lived in the US (California). I can absolutely understand people wouldn’t wanna pay close to $100 on TV and internet, and find alternatives. In fact, Hulu is very reasonably priced, but if you add Live TV, it becomes insanely expensive. Not sure why but this + all those ads… I can understand people are tired of it.

    • @ARx4 - It doesn't help that a lot of companies will bundle their TV and internet. So, you feel like you might as well get the TV package. But then I never ended up using it, other than for sports.

    • I'm British and I like playing "spot the American ad breaks" on your sitcoms that are imported here. There's normally a transition screen (like the atom one on The Big Bang Theory) that you'd get an ad in, but we just get the next scene.

    • ​@ARx4 - The UK also has a TV tax (TV license), which there would be rioting if the US government tried to do that even though it would allow us to fund free access channels and reduce cable costs. Well, rioting but mostly lobbying from private broadcasting corporations.

  • I want the raw footage of Tom’s rant.

  • As a Dutchy, it's astounding to me how many ad breaks there are in the US. I used to watch a lot of discovery channel, which airs a lot of shows from the US. Every fifteen minutes there would be a clear slot in the program to allow for a cut to ads, but in the Netherlands they skip over most of them.

    • I haven't watched TV in YEARS, but as a kid I was always confused at the end of shows like Roseanne airing in the Netherlands, when there's some voice over going "we'll be right back after THIS" and they'd only cut away for a single frame. And later when realising that was a removed ad break, that the show only continued to deliver a final punchline...

    • same in the uk

    • no wonder why American TV all resembles the Gift Shop Sketch

    • same in sweden, and i noticed that the shows migth be 40, 45 or 50 minutes long instead of one hour because a lot of advertising was cut

    • 15 minutes? Lmao Guess again. More like 5. The clear ad breaks aint the only time they go to commercials.

  • THANK YOU!!! As someone who watches subtitles because they don’t have headphones, I am so happy with channels who use actual subtitles and not just the “auto generated” ones that never quite say what they are supposed to.

  • Placing a mid-roll ad at 7:48 was utter genius, Tom.

  • Can we just appreciate that Tom got and read a whole hypnosis textbook just to make one small point? I mean, that’s dedication.

    • IKR I am really into hypnosis and it was crazy hearing him talk about it

  • I've always respected Tom for including subtitles. I'm not hearing-impaired, but there are occasions where I can't watch with sound on, and Tom's reliability is very much appreciated.

  • As a person with a disabled partner it’s of paramount importance that subtitles are available. If you had trouble understanding people’s verbal speaking you wouldn’t be able to enjoy telly without subtitles and it’s important to remember that.

    • @David Kennedyoh my jode?!?! gays!?!??! craaaaaaaazy

    • @Karlovist Times here's a homie with an extra chromie. you must be that guy's "partner"

    • @David Kennedy lmfaoooooo

    • Anonymous cause wives get offended when their husband accidentally refers to them as their fiance after the wedding, so "partner" avoids the problem :)

  • Im not a native english speaker, and I'm always thankful for those who puts subtitles in their videos, because it's so much easier to understand what they are saying, since most of the time I can't clearly figure out what's the idea because of the accent, slangs, etc. So again, thank you very much for doing and promote it. This channel fascinates me

  • As someone who isn’t actually deaf, I have a hard time hearing and understanding voices. Even in real life it can be hard, so subtitles are a big deal. User created subtitles being removed from ID-tv has made life hard

    • ID-tv spams me with subtitles on almost every youtube video. Its a feature i cant turn off on the ios app. I didnt know people had the opposite problem

    • Accessibility adjustments are for everyone who needs them. Subtitles are so damned necessary for so many different people, that mandating them almost everywhere just makes sense. :-)

    • @Natalie Albers i get your point, but i should be able to disable them and not them forcing themselves on myself

    • @Max Körner Well obviously they should be a choice! But they should be available for those who want them.

    • And frankly, that's just bad app design.

  • Bravo for posting your mid roll ad right when Clarkson says “Time for a break” 😂

    • Ad placement is quickly becoming an art form.

    • The ads are placed by an algorithm, not him

    • Does the content provider (ie Tom) get to chose exactly where the mid-roll ads go?

    • @ButteredCoffee I thought you could place where the mid roll ads should occur if you wanted to

    • @Tony Lock Yes, bigger channels have that ability

  • I remember watching American shows on British TV (usually kids shows but not always) and noticing moments when characters would repeat something they'd just said, or there would be a weird transition in the middle of a scene. I now realise that these were where the extra ad breaks you're allowed in the US would go.

    • i remember Cartoon Network at one point squeezing the credits into a small box on the side, then they showed the proceeded network's schedule.

  • "You can't hypnotize the audience." _My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined._

  • On the topic of ads in the US, even little kids' shows are prone to it. One time, it played the credits of the end of an episode, then cut to commercial. Then it came back from commercial to play the intro theme of the next episode, and then went back to commercial.

  • I experienced Ghostwatch when I was 15 years old, in the house alone. I did not see the announcement at the start and I can testify as to why that rule is helpful. I was really affected briefly on the night - totally freaked out. It was a great program and I had it on VHS and DVD and I am even glad I had the experience in retrospect because it was one of those things you get excited to say you were there. But I realise it probably affected some people really badly. I'm sure I wasn't happy at the time

    • I watched Ghostwatch when I was 13 and I have never been so scared in my life. I never actually got to see the end because it ran over my bedtime. I lay in bed shivering for ages trying to think of something else.

    • Some people might have been more seriously affected, unfortunately

  • That’s why I enjoy watching Markiplier’s videos so much, I have some ear problems that cause me to have trouble hearing so it’s always great when you see a ID-tvr that has subtitles on their videos.

  • Not gonna lie, I’ve never laughed- nevermind literally laughed out loud- at a midroll ad before. Absolutely well played.

    • I was expecting it because I've read the comments. Still laughed.

    • I was just about to make the same comment 😂 perfectly timed made me laugh

    • @Inka Saraswati I was confused by this, but I have ID-tv premium. I thought there was some sort of in video ad that I missed.

    • I'm so glad I'm not the only one XD This is peak comedy folks We've done it

    • Ha I didn’t get it But I don’t have premium or red or anything so why not 🤔 Could it have to do with being on mobile maybe there’s less adds or something

  • The US used to restrict broadcasters to no more than 18 minutes of commercials per hour (21 during peak advertising times, such a Christmas holidays). Some years ago, these restrictions were lifted, leading to the "program-length commercial" or as sometimes referred to as "informercials."

  • As someone hearing impaired I strongly appreciate your case for subtitles and for always including them yourself! ❤️

  • regarding accessibility on television (and ID-tv): as someone with a disability, I absolutely agree. I also think there should be a minimum standard of accessibility for videogames. Colorblindness, arachnophobia mode, and flexible control options are not too much to ask in my opinion. Currently, several games I want to play are inaccessible to me because I can't use a virtual keyboard or can't remap one of the controls...

    • Dyslexia friendly fonts are also cool

    • Do you mean arachnophobia as in the fear of spiders?

    • "arachnophobia mode" No. Spiders exist and are everywhere. Learn how to function in the real world.

    • Don't get peoples issue with arachnophobia mode, spiders are a common fear, it doesn't hurt to have a disclaimer if you want it

    • @Jayson Allison There was this game where you can disable background spiders.

  • I REALLY appreciate how your channel always has subtitles. Like, I can hear you just fine, but if the option is there I'll ALWAYS choose it, because my brain comprehends things just a few milliseconds faster than without. Extra important on a channel that's trying to teach you something and has a lot of info-dumping. Also, sometimes ppl watch videos in a noisy environment or without headphones in a public space.

  • Here in the Netherlands, certain events must be viewable on publicly accessible television, which can be a commercial channel. These events also include (warning: national stereotype) certain skating events and the Eurovision song contest.

  • As someone just as passionate about subtitles, I really want to hear Tom's subtitle rant

    • You can put automatically created subtitles on, they could be better though!

    • Yes I find a lot of subtitles miss out or replace entire sentences

    • it genuinely angers me when someone bothered to put subs but they're wrong they're like, "hey I wanna add captions to my video" then turn around and write... well now I'm so worked up about it I can't even remember what I was gonna say oh well anyway it's like malicious compliance without the compliance! It's obvious what they're saying so type it out correctly, jeez end of crappy, badly worded rant

    • I agree with the rant like. Please your THIS big and don't have proper subtitles? H e h?

    • @end my suffering sh- like that is why community contributions got removed 😡

  • I for one really appreciate your commitment to accessibility regarding subtitles, tom.

  • Thank you so much for being vocal about accessibility. I'm visually impaired, so subtitles don't directly help me, but I will always make noise for folks with disabilities, and it's really heartwarming when someone does so from on stage.

  • The subtitles opinion is really good. As a non native English speaker it's always hard to understand what a non Sri Lankan is telling just by listening (cuz of the accent or different pronunciation stuff), so captions do really help.

  • 6:07 - I agree! Subtitles (and other accessibility features) are just good for everyone. I'm a native English speaker with normal hearing, and subtitles are still nice. And they're extra helpful when there's lots of background noise! I turn them on whenever I can.

  • I agree about ID-tv videos having subtitles. Even though I understand English very vell, it still makes it easier to follow. Also, it makes it much easier to learn: as a child (not a native speaker) watching American TV shows like The Simpsons, I used to mislearn a lot of words because there's so much variation in the pronounciation of words. The subtitles were in my native language, and were improvised to an unnecessary degree, which also made me mislearn a lot, but that's another story. Anyway, the cuts of your rant about ID-tv subtitles made me crack up xD

  • I’m sure this comment has been posted but can I say, as a Deaf viewer... thank you for the captioning rant and resources. Yours is one of few channels I can consistently watch without the exhaustion of trying to parse autocaptions and fill in blanks of what I can and cannot hear/process. Accessibility is a responsibility !! It’s obligatory!! And your efforts are so appreciated and worthwhile.

    • another reason why youtube removing community captions is stupid

    • @THIS ACCOUNT IS PROBABLY ABANDONED NOW I've actually seen a fan made subtitle that was so horrible it would've been more beneficial if it didn't exist. I'm of course talking about the english sub for "The Egg" by kurzgesagt

    • Big Balls ID-tvr Advice: Bought a Lamborghini? Buy some damn subtitles!

    • @hodd toward What was the sub?


  • Inside No.9 did something very similar to Ghost Watch recently. Was really well done. So much so 80% (or something) of the audience changed channels at the beginning because they thought the live show had gone wrong and BBC 2 were only showing a re-run.

  • Thank you for your support of subtitles and accessibility Tom, I’m so glad someone recognises and supports us

    • As someone who has an ADD disability I need an option to disable distracting subtitles and sign language.

  • By the way, I actually very much appreciate your subtitles! I sometimes watch your videos in loud environments, and the subtitles allow me to understand what you are actually saying. Thanks!

    • Me too. I am not from an English speaking country, so I love the content creators who give subtitles

  • I guess they have successfully argued that the suspense before revealing if an answer is correct is part of the flow of the show and is not interrupted but even enhanced by the ad break.

  • One you didn't mention - television companies can't report exit polls on polling day until after the polls have closed.

  • Tom: "This should apply to ID-tv as well." ID-tv: *Removes community captioning.*

    • WHAT?!

    • Please don't forget, ID-tv Censor swear words on auto captioned videos.

    • @Roran This is true.

    • @Roran youtube used to have community subtitles, if a youtube video didnt have subtitles or was in a different language a user could fill out subtitles on the video. They no longer have this feature

    • @bazza_oz This! I find that very insulting to us Deaf people.

  • the subtitles thing is so important to me. I'm neurodivergent, and a side effect of that is my Audio Processing Disorder, which makes it hard for my brain to process sounds and speech as its happening, especially when there are other noises in the background. The subtitles give me something to latch onto so i can understand and follow a video better! Tom's channel has always been one of my favorites, not just because of its content, but also because I can consistently understand and absorb what is happening BECAUSE of the subtitles. Every single video!

    • I can’t watch without subtitles either for the same reason (technically I can I just miss half of what’s said and don’t understand it)

    • exactly the same for me

    • This. Sometimes I just need silence. So subtitles are great.

  • i genuinely agree. ALL large channels should have subtitles, and its always a pleasant surprise when they do. but it shouldn't be a surprise, it should be the standard

  • I emailed a bunch of my favorite youtubers to offer to do subtitles for them and not a single one responded to me 😕 Also, for some reason France doesn't care about accessibility. French language films usually don't have a French subtitle track. As a French learner, this is super frustrating. I was at the cinema in Switzerland last week and asked them if there was anything for the hard of hearing and the answer was no. So I probably missed half the meaning 😬 Maybe not the best use of my francs...

  • I want the directors cut where we get to hear Tom go on a rant about subtitles

  • I was expecting lots of unreasonable stuff but the ad broadcast time limit per hour and especially usage of subtitles is incredibly reasonable. We NEED this in the states (so many rich ppl would get mad at the ad limit thing it’d b hilarious) and ESPECIALLY on ID-tv like u said for channels of certain sizes. Accessibility is INCREDIBLY important and is, like u said, a right. Ppl also don’t realize that aiming for accessibility is an easy way to increase viewership, even by a little bit. But I assume a little bit isn’t good enough for some ppl, acknowledging ppl w/ hearing issues is just too much I guess :/

  • That “time for a break” straight to an ad cut is just _brilliant_

    • ikr

    • Oof

    • F*cking brilliant!

    • To me it felt more as a middle finger

    • Almost like it was planned

  • As a deaf guy, THANK you for the subtitle rant! I just want to watch what everyone else is...

  • YES for the subtitles! Though I am not hearing-impaired, I find subtitles tremendously helpful and find it difficult to understand all TV shows or youtube videos without them.

  • I'm very much with you on the ID-tv subtitles. I taught teenagers with hearing impairments for 6 years. They really benefited from subtitles. It allowed them to engage with the world

  • I love that your videos always have subtitles. Yours and a couple other ID-tvrs I follow I can always count on having subtitles either when the video launches or within a few days of release.

  • I wish that I could turn on subtitles in real life. I often find it hard understanding people in day-to-day situations, especially with background noise and it would just be so cool if I could understand everything and avoid awkward moments.

  • COME ON reading Tom's subtitle rant isn't the same as seeing and hearing it! Upload an uncut version as unlisted and put the link in the description!





    • (banging on table) SUBTITLE RANT! SUBTITLE RANT!

  • Speaking as someone who is not deaf, but DOES have an auditory processing disorder, I too feel very strongly about the importance of subtitles

  • The law about ads interrupting the flow of entertainment... I actually interpreted that differently. I assumed they were referring to going to commercial mid sentence or something like that, like what you see on randomly placed YT ads.

  • I’d love for tom to post the whole rant it seems like it would be so entertaining to watch

  • I would love to hear Tom's subtitle rant even as its own video it's an important topic!

  • Captions don't just come from "the caption company". Of that "$2 a minute maximum", a fraction actually goes to the caption writers, who are "freelance" contractors at the mercy of the company. It takes about 3 hours to put quality captions on a 30 minute video. You'll get about $9 for it. I had to do it to afford food when I was really, really hard up. I signed an NDA so I can't go into the specifics about the company or who used them, but I captioned videos for a lot of famous ID-tvrs, and subtitled a moderately successful British daytime soap. If you're going to buy captions, pay someone to do it directly.

    • I tried to approach ID-tvrs directly to do captions for them and not a single one got back to me 😕

  • “Oh look at me, I bought a lamborghini” “BUY SOME DAMN SUBTITLES” ~Tom, 2020

    • Someone could include that in a new Tom Scott out of context video

    • Legit made me chuckle

    • That cracked me up way more than it has any right to. xD

    • E

    • @Zerg anyone who do Tom Scott out of context should do subtitle too.

  • 5:44 made me so happy, I'm not permanently deaf but I have an issue where I get decent hearing loss from time to time and during those times subtitles literally save my life. Thank you for always adding subtitles Tom!

  • I think when Clarkson says "time for a break", it also builds suspense so it doesn't disrupt the flow so much as it redirects it.

  • If subtitles really only cost a few dollars per minute, then I agree, "buy some damn subtitles". As a non-native English speaker, albeit perfectly capable of hearing, I find it much easier to understand a video when I can get the subtitles for it, so I definitely appreciate it. Even more so for TV shows and movies, where voices are often overshadowed by various sources of noise and the soundtrack, making it particularly hard to comprehend every sentence.

  • I, personally, ABSOLUTELY wanted to hear Tom rant about accessability! Release the video!!! I wanna see it!!!

  • Hell yes to mandatory subtitles! My dodgy ears are grateful for this inclusion.

  • 'I could do a whole video on advertising, I still intend to.' Tom. PLEASE do. This is genuinely interesting.

  • When the Derren Brown thing was on I went and hid in my room because I didn’t want to get stuck to the sofa 😂 What about the inside number 9 live episode where they tricked the audience? They pretended there was an issue with the live and played an old episode- got me and my family!

  • Theres a Magnum P.I. episode where Higgins I think is putting somebody under hypnosis, and when I was a kid I tried to deliberately get hypnosed to by staring at his pendulum, and suddenly a really strange feeling overcame me and I had to fight actively to make it stop. I was really weird, so I presume at least a willing viewer could be hypnotised via a TV :)

  • As long as you're advocating applying a TV rule to ID-tv, I'd like to see the rule about placing ads at natural breaks applied here as well.

  • I couldn't agree more about the subtitles thing! It helps out people who don't really know the language and for people who can't hear!

  • Aside from the hypnotism one, these are actually really sensible and I wish we had these in America

  • I'd really like to watch Tom's full subtitle rant. Actually, whenever Tom goes on rants, can they have their own seperate videos ? That'd be delightful.

  • Agreed on subtitles. I actually believe every channel with 1 millions subscribers should be required to put subtitles on every video

  • Tom goes on a tangent about subtitles...I'm watching this with perfectly timed and clear subtitles. I can hear, but not always clearly with accents or background noise, so subtitles have become my habit. Thank you for the quality of yours on this video. (and no, no accent or background issues with this video, as I said, it's a habit now)

  • You absolutely nailed the live clock time in your video for me, to the minute! I image this might not be a total coincidence? After your subtitles rant you had me laugh out loud. Another top-quality video, thanks Tom.

  • I genus,my wanted to hear that rant. I’m so so so glad that someone has finally talked about that. The world is so off limits for certain groups, and the internet gives you the ability to be able to include, but people just don’t even try. Like AT LEAST put on auto-captions. That’s literally the bare minimum but people still don’t do that.

  • If you want to get youtubers to put in subtitles, youtube could promote subtitled videos more than normal videos, and provide more monetization for them. It wouldn't harm those who don't add them, but since youtubers are always constantly working to maximize video performance and monetization, they will likely add them in anyway.

    • Auto generated subtitles are available on a lot of videos that don't have them (but they take a few hours after the video's initial upload to be available), however, unless the dialogue is in the Queen's English, they won't be entirely accurate... sometimes amusingly so.

  • British Television: 12 minutes of ads per hour max. American Television: 1 hour of ads per 12 minutes min.

    • PBS: *Laughs In No Commercials*

    • Laughs in TV dying

    • This was the 1 of the biggest culture shocks for me while in the U.S. my god, the ads...the constant, *constant* ad breaks. It's akin to Chinese water torture, aaaaagh!

    • per 12 minutes max*

    • @Eroth joke

  • I would pay to watch that subtitle rant 🤣🤣🤣 "oh look at me I've bought a Lamborghini. BUY SOME DAMM SUBTITLES!" 😂😂 this was incredible, and I agree to the fullest extent. Thank you Tom ❤

  • Surely these days, ID-tv can automatically offer subtitles. Having done this, ID-tv now has the speech in text and could offer it in any language in the world. It could also have an option to reduce the screen and have a sign language person on the side with sign language generated live. Then those who speak another language, or are deaf, can enjoy the same TV as everyone else.

  • I love that the 12 mins of adverts per hour thing was included because strategically placing adverts to maximise revenue is literally my job

  • Brilliant as always Tom…..there’s nothing more annoying than an add break at the crucial momentt ID-tv seems to excel at doing this.

  • As someone who is hard of hearing (just shy of being deaf), I wholeheartedly agree that ID-tv should require subtitles. The automatic ones are very off most of the time so some videos I just can't watch.

  • "Oh, look at me, I bought a lamborghini-" "BUY some damn subtitles! Also-" *Cutscreen* That cracked me up

    • Agreed, that was hilarious

    • It wasn’t that long ago, when I had only 47 lamborghinis in my hollywood account.

    • 6:09

    • I thought it was so funny 😂

    • "Buy some damn vowels!"

  • I rarely watch ITV but, recently, when I have, I've noticed commercials being run not just before, and ending at, the top of the hour but just before and *over* (or starting *at*) the top of the hour; it's great for the broadcasters (or was, given people would soon expect this and mitigate against it): people settle down in front of the TV at the top of the hour expecting a programme to start only to be watching several minutes of commercials. Even the news gets this treatment; it's not so much "News at Ten" but, rather, "News at Three Minutes past Ten".

  • Thank you for hand-crafted subtitles, world. The deaf and not-so-good-at-hearing like myself appreciate it a bunch.

  • I would have thought subliminal advertising/subliminal stimuli/subliminal cuts on British tv would have been included on the list. As I think they would not be allowed. Great video thanks for sharing.

  • I don't know if things have changed much in the past decade, but last I checked in Canada there were regulations on radio that a considerable portion of airtime include Canadian content.

  • Amen, accessibility is VITAL to spreading information to EVERYONE.

  • As someone who relies on subtitles (I have auditory processing disorder) I cannot tell you how much it means to me to see you passionate about subtitles. Thank you so much for making your content accessible, you're one of the few channels who do subtitle every video, and it makes a huge difference :)

    • same.

    • I didn't know this was a thing! Thank you for sharing this knowledge!

    • +++

    • So you can hear everything but you can't understand it?

  • I actually appreciate it when channels cram their commercials in at the top of the hour or the end... who doesn't love 10 minutes of commercials to use the loo and grab a snack.

  • One thing I learned from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is, you aren't allowed to have footage from British Parliament in satirical programs broadcast on British TV - this is why versions of LWTWJO for British HBO audience allegedly have some weird, out-of-context short videos in place of fragments of the UK Parliament clips Oliver usually puts in his shows for illustration purposes.


  • My hearing loss thanks you for putting in the effort to caption your videos. I understand some channels not having the resources to caption their videos, but if you ask me there's no reason *any* video on youtube should lack the automatic captions, even when marked as just music. The automatic captions are not perfect (far from it, in fact) but with a mild to moderate hearing loss, the information from the audio and the slightly off auto captions are enough to piece together what is being said. Tom Scott/Technology Connections collab when?

  • Yes, subtitles. Subtitles should always be available.

  • Regarding the Subtitles issue on ID-tv, we DID HAVE a really amazing community subtitle option on ID-tv. I love Japanese Music and many of the music videos I love had fan submitted subtitles so I could enjoy the lyrics. ID-tv has REMOVED these fan created subtitles because they deemed the effort in moderating them was not worth it as only 0.5% of users actually used the service. Now we only have channel submitted and automatically generated subtitles. Automatically generated subtitles, especially for Japanese content, are AWFUL, most of the time they cannot even detect that it is Japanese but mistake it for Korean. When It does detect japanese, usually only the subtitles "Wawawawawawawawawawawa" are automatically generated.

    • Even for English the autocaptions are awful; if there's any background noise at all, the captions will often just say "[Laughter]" or "[Applause]" and if there's lyrics in a song, it'll just say "[Music]" which is...not helpful. Also, a lot of ID-tvrs I guess misclick occasionally, and then the captions are in the wrong language (most often it's in Dutch or Korean)

    • @Elena Fahmi or Vietnamese.

    • Elena Fahmi Not to mention the completely long run on sentences that lag behind the audio, with no punctuation, no way to know who's saying what....! Ugh.

    • I really liked that option, it gave us a nice hobby to pass time. Not to mention some channels which rarely uploaded subtitles and us viewers would add them later

    • @Lalitya Marathe community subtitles got abused. Large channels had to turn them off because people were advertising their channels in them. Then youtube flipped the switch on it.

  • I was watching a TV show on Disney+ a while back and all of the episodes were exactly 48 minutes long. Now I see why.

  • Fascinating, especially the stuff about the subtitles. Sky is notoriously bad for this - anything on demand, subtitles do not work. I *think* they've finally introduced it to the Sky Go app, but on SkyQ - no way.

  • That point about subtitles and audio description needs to be spread online, and it shouldn't just be for ID-tv.

  • That rant was the funniest, most wholesome, and most legitimate thing I have seen all day. I’m wheezing

  • Being deaf who heavily relies on subtitles: toms rant made me smile like an idiot. It’s so nice to see abled people be just as mad as we are

  • 7:45 " And the host says: *Time for a break* " (ID-tv Ad Starts) Tom proved his point breaking the 3.5th Wall

    • Very clever of him.

    • That is amazing

    • Jokes on you I didnt get ads

    • adblock go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Ha ha! I noticed the same thing! XD Good job Tom Scott! 👍

  • Wetting myself laughing at the subtitles rant. Good on ye Tom you're doing humanity's work. :')

  • Subliminal messages... Yep! Can't do that. Actually the TV series _Brainiac_ buried some subliminal messages in one of their episodes, one of which told people they were thirsty. Lo and behold, I sought water 😂.

  • these videos are super well researched and edited!