Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Fight goes the distance [Highlights, recap] | CBS Sports HQ

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Watch the highlight from the Mayweather-Paul bout, plus get the full reaction from the Morning Kombat team on the action.

Go to Showtime for all your extended coverage of Mayweather-Paul.

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  • lol

  • I'm proud of Logan Paul 👍

  • I know this is just a show, they're doing it for $$$ and all but it's still an insult to this great, legendary sport. They shouldn't call it boxing, they should call it "greedy, arrogant m'fers gonna hug for 8 rds"

  • I remember boxing in the nineties....and then there is....that 😭

  • Mayweather was not in top condition

  • I didn't watch this match and I still want my money back...

  • The Ino vs. Sakura fight in Naruto was better than this.

  • Let's go Logan let's go

  • Canelo alvarez would kick Paul out of the ring in 3 minutes

  • People shitting on Logan but Floyd also played like a boring fucker

  • He held him the whole fight

  • Logan fighting for survival and Mayweather just thinking about what he’s gonna eat for lunch after😂

  • This fight getting announced inspired me to box 😂

  • 👎

  • What are these trash highlights

  • Why would people think Logan was the proxy "winner" in this snoozefest? So a kid who is half a foot taller, 45lbs heavier, 18 years younger, with a 4 inch reach advantage survived (but got out punched 7of 8 rounds) to a 44 y.o. retired boxer....I'd actually be embarrassed. And that 13% land ratio...bruh. Flailing wildly isn't synonymous with the sweet science. Your brother knocks out a non striking washed up mma grappler who may or may not have taken a dive, you lose to another ID-tvr/rapper, and suddenly these two jabronies think they're gonna go on some Klitchko-esque reign thru the world of spectacle crossover bull***t...err, I mean boxing? Stop wasting your money folks.

  • mayweather is too weak by not beating a non boxer opponent what a shame for him and for boxing as well

  • RIP boxing :(

  • y not fight many pacqiuao?

  • I lost interest when they announced there was not going to be a winner.

  • Floyd is 51-0 if you count the time he beat his wife.

  • Logan fights like me when i was five.

  • Are you serious Ctfu this bullshit you can tell Floyd was holding back

  • 2:14 he punched 2x amount Tèr he landed half of the punches that Floyd did Dude how is this not one handed 13% punches landed and you say this is not one sided are y’all blind ???

  • Seems like middle school fight to me

  • Two professional huggers

    • 2:01 nobody gonna talk about that head sweat to the eye

  • Came here from a video of a crab hugging a hand to see the hugging


  • He wasted all his chi with barrage of fists

  • Training match for Paul .. Mayweather was the coach

  • Floyd was playing with him. He humbled Logan paul

  • I'm so glad Mayweather lost the respect of his legacy from so many fans. Undefeated just to be disgraced by a ID-tvr 😅 y'all keep coping no one respects him now and for good reason.

  • The European (WHITE RECESSIVE GENE) LOGAN Paul LOSS ! 190 LBS. to 155 Dominant BLACK MAN ( FLOYD ( MONEY) MAYWEATHER! It's only right! You already know!

  • Claims to be the greatest ever. Cant knockout a ID-tv who has never on a fight in his life

  • It’s all fun and games until mayweather throws a punch

  • Ik this would be a fantasy dream but the only fight I would actually pay for is prime mike Tyson and prime Floyd Mayweather

  • 2:01 nobody gonna talk about that head sweat to the eye

  • Jake WON just by getting the fight

  • they made Paul's face looks like it was bleeding in the beginning 😂😂😂 second fight in a lifetime... dude schooled him for his age starting idgaf what anyone says

  • Imagine KSI vs Mayweather

  • For the first time I sided to Mayweather 😀

  • Instead 3months normal traning preparation for the fight it takes only couple hrs to wear thier jersey and safety gear.

  • Worst fight again just like mcgregor.

  • Rather watch gay porn

  • Paul vs Pacquiao? :P

  • Ive seen drunk people windmilling throwb better punches

  • I feel bad for that dude Logan hugged imagine all the sweat that got on him

  • Bro those punches 😂

  • Also notice how Floyd Mayweather was not sweating at all after or during the fight

  • Floyd wasn't a KO artist when he was pro. Why would he be that against someone who has 40-50 pounds on him? Who happens to have SOME skill 🤔. Just be lucky people are paying attention to boxing at all because UFC is locking it down

  • Ngl is fight was a big waste of money and time

  • Wtf.

  • I feel like I seen this kind of match up in a game before

  • Floyd is 44years old

  • You want to beat mayweather at 44 is done.i have been watching boxing my whole life and at 55 i could.not fight him.but be the turtle against the rabbit take your time due a george formen and wait it will be boring but mayweather will beat himself. When he is confused hit him with your best punch and god night little fellow

  • #OzzyManReviews

  • Hahahaha theres no winner? This is so stupid. Logan is the moral winner? oh shut up snowflakes. If anything i respect both of them less.

  • Comment who u we’re going for

  • This shit looks like wwe wtf

  • Floyd could have knocked him out round one...but knows this is just a stunt...a show...nothing more than fan service to fill his wallet some more. Let's be real, the fight, although not staged...was not a real fight either.

  • Floyd “had fun” 🤣

  • This is sad.

  • guys don't waste your time watching this shit.

  • BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!👎👎👎

  • why the chickenshit ogre, div1 wrestler not wanting to mix it up in the cage?

  • he literally said i’m done before connor then fought connor then after connor he said he was done then fought logan who knows if he’s done maybe 🤔

  • "youre trash kid"

  • When ever Logan got hit he either instantly hugged or backed himself up against the ring and THEN hugged

  • I took your hat was more exciting

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-ddR0zM0rcM4.html

  • I’m just gunna say it, the fight wasn’t terrible and I liked it.

  • A bunch of white guys are going to get their azz kicked after watching this fight. They are going to run up on the wrong brother.

  • This is embarresing for the box scene.

  • Logan only paid $25lk is a fool

  • I wish Manny Paqiuo fights with you. Just get ready to be drive on your grave Logan.

  • #IdioticMarketingStunt


  • The winners are both fighters and the losers are the people that paid money to watch this joke

  • fight in mma bro..

  • White boy fought better than Canelo when he fought Mayweather, not bad for an amateur.

  • Is no one gonna talk about the fact that MattPat was pretty much right about his theory

  • The only reason Logan Paul didn't die is because he's so fuckin big

  • This is so funny....

  • 1:41 oh yes money 🤑

  • Boxing is done no world class boxers anymore no kids want to take up boxing soccer rugby nfl golf. they know they get better life then boxing

  • I don't know what I expected from the most defensive boxer in the world and a youtuber.😑

  • Manny paqman paqiauo the best

  • Okey

  • Trending lol hahahahah

  • floyd payweather vs kevin hart is the gig

  • I like boxing more with logen and ksi less boring

  • Veridis Quo

  • The new WWE

  • Who won 🤨🤨🤨