Fulham 0-3 Arsenal | Premier League Highlights | Fulham Fall To Arsenal In London Derby

Dipublikasikan tanggal 11 Mar 2023
See all the key moments as Fulham hosted table topping Arsenal on Sunday afternoon.
Enjoy match highlights, player interviews, training and behind-the-scenes content to get closer to the likes of Aleksandar Mitrović, Andreas Pereira, João Palhinha, Tom Cairney, Harry Wilson & many more!
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Komentar: 76

  • Fulham aren't push overs at all, this shows how strong Arsenal really are.

    • So why were you knocked out of the Europa?

  • Full credit to Fulham. You guys actually tried to play proper football. Ofc our quality shone through the end. But you guys should be proud of the way you tried to play. Most teams we come up against just park the bus. Good luck for the rest of the season.

    • Shut up

    • Who do you think you are to comment "our" when it is not you playing on the pitch🤣

    • @@user-lo3gn2cw7e that's usually how football fans talk about their team you clown🤡

    • @@user-lo3gn2cw7e why not lmao every fan says our

    • Fulham came back to EPL with a bang and no one can take away it from them. Well run footyclub!

  • Partey master of midfield ❤

  • A team that deserves respect from an Arsenal fan ♥️

  • Fulham is a good team, your #33 was horrible today. This is Arsenal ❤

  • Our defending was awful which is surprising for us this season. Mitro totally not himself at the moment, we didn't look dangerous in attack. I hope we can pick ourselves up for a big game against man u. COYW.

  • We are destroyed by Trossard's cross. If they don't have him, we can change the game and the story will be different. We must bounce back in the next game. 💪💪💪

  • Thanks a lot

  • Thank you so much Fulham for the three points 😊😍 we're the gunner's

  • I'm an Arsenal fan and watched it on Fulham's Channel watch to the offside own goal

  • Great win for Arsenal

  • VAR really going OTT for the disallowed goal! Micrometers at the ready to judge against the Arsenal!

    • Lol. It was a clear offside. I rather it be correct than wrong. Goes for Arsenal or the opposition. Save your outcry when VAR actually gets it wrong. Not correct like this.

    • it was an offside by a mile. No wonder VAR in Premier league is so bad.

  • Oh that was sad 😭

  • Not Trossard getting 3 assists 👍🏽

  • As a Dutchman I can say it’s not ‘Kenny Tetty’ but ‘Kenny Taytuh’

  • Good game by manor. The best player in the squad

    • he didn't did nothing what you talking about

  • We had our chances...just need more aggressive mindset on defense

  • The defence … WTF … they solid somehow but in defence, you laid back …

  • We can win this league if we playing like that. I think we need sign world class left back, i can watch Robinson play, so awful.

  • Semakin pede untuk dikasihkan pialanya

  • You guys are a good team, but I felt you respected arsenal too Much today, we were expecting more deliveries into the box. This doesn't define Fulham, good team overall and better things to come.

    • Fulham tried to press arsenal, there’s no teams this season that press arsenal, other than Manchester city. Pressing arsenal is suicidal and 2 goals came from Fulham leaving space in behind

  • Aduh..kenapa Fulham main tak macam biasa...Arsenal menang besar sebab Fulham main tak power macam biasa..takkanlah Palinha tak ada dalam starting eleven terus team main tak power..kalau betul kita main tak power disebabkan palhinha tak ada, then we should have a contingency plan..saya percaya Marco Silva tahu apa masalah kita and he will find a way to improve our game..watched the entirely and saw some of our players not performing well..we lost because we played poorly..if we were at our best, we can win or draw or perhaps lose with a tight margin..oh well, don't dwell on this result..overall, we've performed beyond expectations and being at the top half of the premier league by now is the best we could've wished for..imagine what can Marco Silva n co can achive by the end of this season and the next campaign..Come on you whites!!!

  • Gunner's forever

  • Disasterclass from Robinson, what a surprise. Let City have him.

  • What a poor defense, lol. How is that too easy and there is no pressure from the back

  • Did the defence fear to come closer to the Arsenal players??? What were they afraid of???

  • Reply this comment if you're here for arsenal

  • Pereira is not perform today

  • You’ve only come to see the Arsenal!

  • Love Manor Solomon ❤️🇮🇱

  • Poor defensive line up,

  • Arsenal winning eleven is back😂

  • Arsenal forever

  • aupa arsenal

  • Im sorry but where is the defense of fulham. Where is it?! Two goals with the head and no one is there. And the third goal is just laugh. How it can be that player is walking all over the box with no one coming to him. Wtf

  • This is a bought match, no chance they let them score so easy.

  • This games are fixed matches

    • Yeah, i see a same guy make three assist.. its must be fixed by someone by purpose..🤔

  • Biased commentary

    • its fulham own commentators, its the same for every other club.

  • Tosin Off The Post. Derby London Defeat For Fulham FC Against Arsenal FC In The Craven Cottage.

  • NOOB

  • sad!! I beat Arsenal with Fulham yesterday at E-Football. Please do like me.