[FULL] Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC 229 press conference | ESPN MMA

Dipublikasikan tanggal 20 Sep 2018
Watch the full press conference and staredown for Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 in Las Vegas.
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  • Dana said, "don't touch each other please" while looking at Khabib. He knows how pissed Khabib is.

  • Khabib💪💪💪 your the best

  • Look what khabib did to him 🤣

  • In my back you drink !!!!

  • هسه اجي

  • Khabib looks really pale here and without energy - he had the mumps and still gave that clown a masterclass. Stood straight in front of conors left without fear or hesitation for a whole round.... goat.


  • 32:13 WAS THAT Kristaps Porzingis??? LMAOOOO

  • one thing Jake Paul would never say is floyd i got your book lol

  • Connor MC Gregor was take drug,maybe cocaïne, proper twelve 🍾.and stéroïdes of rich Irish.. Khabib make him tired and finish him.He smash his face and Connor TAP like chicken 🐔,Shame day for him and good leçon of respect


  • This is the hero of Ireland? No wonder they have to speak English XD

  • Kahbibi👑👑👑👑🤲🤲😎😎👍👍👍👍👑👑

  • Mcgorger nobbbb 💩💩💩💩

  • A lesson in cool by khabib.

  • It makes me cringe when any fighter makes death threats. Most of them have never killed anyone, they’re just going to fight and that’s it. Very satisfying to see this bully get checked in front of the whole world.

  • Could you imagine a trash talk war between Conor and Tyson fury. They could do ppv only for the pressconference...

  • Conor : 04:20 and now the moenis gone...

  • 35:21 who’s Noah?

  • I come from the future, the mauling was done by NOT conor...and all this talk by conor we came to learn "Its just business" ..

  • How is watching this in 2021

  • I think Connor is one of the most unstable and insecure people I’ve ever seen

  • 4.50 confidence level of khabib I love it

  • Can somebody tell me what happened in the fight nobody seems to say ?

    • just watch the fight then?

  • Conor is not a trash talker, he is a disgusting bully. Glad he's gone. Justin will send him into retirement for good.

  • McCregor: at this point he lnew he fucked up

  • who is watch this conference more than 25 time

  • 22:50 KHABIB Reaction to domination word

  • A lion is a always lion 🦁....🇮🇳🤔🤔

  • Khabeb Al , Muslim 💪💪

  • Khabib❤❤❤❤

  • 15:45 let's wrestle kid

  • Man McGregor is a freakin riot. But always entertaining to watch i gotta admit.

  • Mr. Conor barking dogs seldom bite..

  • Here for the 70th time

  • 22:42 : asalamuaalkumlaaalaa lmfao

  • you will now them by their fruits !

  • conor is not a christian !

  • Khabib reply with his fist 👊

  • I always come back to this every 6ish months. Prime content and entertainment lmao

  • Ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla akbar ahlla

  • ASALAMALAIKUM AL IDA! You know he took that straight from Mike Tyson in his drunk brain. Man this should be saved for all time.

  • Are you disrespecting Vladimir Putin? 😐,,,, 🤣🤣🤣🤣Conor Conor 😂😂 never forget this moment 🤣

  • 4:44 please replay this clip after khabib won the fight TRUTH TRUTH

  • what a legendary press conference

  • Conor laughing like a hyena lol :D

  • Conor's a trash talking machine, Khabib punches a guy in the crowd. None of the two is a decent person by any means.

  • "You think whiskey is gonna save you?"

  • Conor I knocked out Mayweather before you. Street fight uptown.

  • One mab is disgusted and one other hand is so much humble.. I thik everyone choose humble man.. Dip respect to you Khabib ❤️❤️

  • Mmmmaaammmmmaaa hahaha

  • Well connor this didnt age well lmao

  • Conor is a joke too much talk with no action

  • Came after the match and I’m learning a lot about life.

  • Its only bizniz😂😂😂

  • Khabib fovorite

  • conor acts like tytpical russian babushka

  • I think in this fight, Conor wasn't focused on the actual fight and more on promoting his brand. He was definitely drunk all the time.

  • The power of Islam allhamdullila

  • Wow looking at this after the fight is so sattisfiying

  • Why i see most of supporters of khabib are muslim, Don’t bring religion in the game

  • why khabib got the 4th grade “my mom cuts my hair”

  • conor is funny af lmaoooooo 6:30

  • If you ever feel like. Impatient or Angry or agony or any thing. Remember this guy Khabib.

  • Connor was afraid

  • Lets werstle 😁

  • Whisky give up

  • 26:50 idk why but conor made me laugh so hard omg its so stupid 😅

  • McNobody.

  • That is our islam teachings be respectfully with all give your answer on the right place, a donkey has the strongest voices but...... a Papagei could speak as well,

  • Good Vs Evil, Good vs Bad, Angel vs Devil. Atlast Good won the Evil. Good was supported and blessed by God whereas Bad was supported by Devil. So, there was no chance of Satan, Devil, Evil winning in front of God. God bless Khabib. He won. But I still give appreciation, credit and respect to Conor because he made this game massive. Like he said he runs the U.F.C, he can make whole ship sink. He is entertainer not just a fighter. In other hand Khabib is pure gold, class act. He is such a humble, religious, peaceful, respectful man. He won and proved his every word. He made Conor humble. After this match everything changed like Khabib said. Well, some so called die hard fans are too cheap. They change their colour within sec. Nomater what ur idol wins or loses you should remain fan forever in every circumstances. But they started mocking\laughing, making memes, bashing Corner as soon as he lost it to Khabib and started prasing Khabib being his new fans. Whereas Khabib gained millions of followers, subscribers, love, attention and respect after this fight. Im extremely happy for him, he deserved it all. But New fans he got from conor are not trust worthy. They can be all over him one day and other day they can be his worst enemy like they did to Conor. Anyways, this fight is gonna be in History of U.F.C. If khabib movie is made this fight will be main in his movie. Lots of love and respect for Khabib as well as Conor💐💝💖🙏✝️

    • But I don't like Conor or respect him in anyway he is just tt khabib and also insulted Islam.

    • Yes nice comment 👍🏻☪️

  • Mcgregor is embarrassing and cringe in this

  • Khaneer is good man and zindabad

  • Chicken 🐔 with fake belts 😂🤡🐔

  • Lmao at that proper twelve promo I cant

    • You would laugh at the prison videos ive put up there crazy you wont be disappointed

  • I'd like another Conor vs Khabib in the future, just to watch the press conference!

  • Khabib 💖

  • If you ever wanted the Perfect villain. This is it.

  • What conor saying at 33:53 ??

  • No se sienta un culo, mijo, ladre y acuérdese de que usted es su perro.

  • I miss this Conner

  • lets wrestle is so iconic haha

  • The spark totally gone. Sad display. God takes it back when we misuse the gift.


  • 31:29

  • Thank god this fight happened before the Covid :)

  • Khabib is the man and so many times he's unintentionally hilarious. But geez Conor put on an P4P #1 unintentionally hilarious performance in this conference. 26:38 is comedy gold 😂😂😂😂😂

  • joke paul

  • Khabib dominated on McGregor LOL

  • This is way wilder than I remembered

  • « You come for money I come for LEGACY » khabib KING

  • Why are they interrupting each other, its not like this is a presidential debate

  • Tap tap man

  • khabib 🙌👏

  • It’s mad looking at this now lmao

  • One of the iconic press conference n highest PPV in UFC till date ❤️❤️❤️

  • McGregor should be embarrassed the fact that he had all this talk but he still lost the fight🤣🤣🤣

  • 22:20 Legend🙏🏼

  • F alcoholic guy. He cant even sit straight for 5 seconds

  • Subhanallah Khabib😍