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Plot Summary of Movie "Ghost Happy 欢天喜地开心鬼 Happy Ghost": In the Qianlong Years of Qing Dynasty, General Zheng, who guarded the south, was falsely accused of defecting to the enemy and treason in Annan Battle. Liu Zhecai, the Happy Ghost, an unsuccessful young man, rushed to report the news to save his countrymen. As a result, he had a drink and fell asleep by mistake, at last the whole village was slaughtered. Liu Zhecai committed suicide in shame. After being a ghost, he was refused by his "ghost villagers" who misunderstood him. He could not reincarnate and became a solitary ghost. AD 2015. The heroine Hao Ya and five colleagues collided with ghosts in Hot Spring Town. Ning Jie, a male colleague, slipped into the tomb of the general who had slaughtered the village. He was driven by greed to steal the general's ring and was possessed by the general. Hao Ya helped happy ghost to reincarnate out of kindness and was secretly protected by happy ghost. At the same time, Haoya was misunderstood by Brother Big B from Causeway Bay for stealing the account book, which led to the "Mafia Pursuit Order"... Haoya was helped by happy ghost all the way in the pursuit of the underworld force and the entanglement of evil spirits. They were not only eventually subdued Big B's men,Zhang Laolou and Longge, but also defeated the ghost general. Hao Ya and her beloved male colleague Zhou Xiaoshuai had a love story which was full of laughter.
故事简介: 电影《Ghost Happy 欢天喜地开心鬼 Happy Ghost》由香港演员 吴志雄 特邀演出,主要讲述清朝乾隆安南之役期间,镇守南疆的郑将军被诬陷为投敌叛国。屌丝秀才“开心鬼”柳哲才为救乡亲,百里奔袭报信,结果途中误饮迷药昏睡,导致全村被奸臣杀害。柳秀才羞愧自尽,做鬼之后却被误会他的“鬼乡亲”们拒之门外,无法转世轮回,成为孤魂野鬼。公元2015年。女主角郝雅与五位同事在温泉小镇撞鬼。男同事宁杰失足坠入当年屠村将军墓室,贪心驱使下偷走将军戒指,被鬼附体。郝雅则出于善心帮助开心鬼轮回,被开心鬼暗中保护。与此同时郝雅因为一次采访,被铜锣湾大B哥误会偷了账本,引来“黑道追杀令”……在黑道追杀和恶鬼的纠缠之下,郝雅被开心鬼一路“拼死”相助,不仅最终将大B哥手下张老六和龙哥等人制服、击败鬼将军,更与暗恋的男同事周小帅擦出别样的爆笑火花。
出品 Produced: 军盾影业 Army Shield Pictures
导演 Director: 柳航 Liu Hang
主演 Starring: 吴志雄 B哥 Chi Hung Ng, 吴业晗 Wu Yehan,
题材 Feature: #喜剧 #Comedy, 爱情 #Romance
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