FULL Uncut "Aang vs. Fire Lord Ozai Final Battle" 🔥| Avatar

Dipublikasikan tanggal 23 Mar 2020
You've watched this battle hundreds of times, but now watch the full uncut version of Aang vs. Fire Lord Ozai! See the epic final battle in its entirety from the finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Which full uncut battle do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments ⬇️
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  • Aang didn’t start REALLY loosing until that lightning that he held in for too long

  • I mis.. Avatar the leyend of aang :c

  • Lol

  • Y’all know Ozai is voiced by Luke Skywalker?

  • Who rewatched the series more than 2 times? ⬇️

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Last episode is funny

  • Is the avatar now :(

  • anyone else here after they changed the thumbnail?

  • Who would win? Fire Lord with immense power vs. one glowy boi

  • 9:50

  • I feel like an idiot after all these years i just realized mark hamill voices ozai

  • Probably someone else has brought this up but technically ang is also a fire bender, so wouldn't his fire bending also be supercharged?

    • It was. You can tell by how he absolutely obliterated the airship.

  • The king of the guy’s that don’t win

  • ozai get shower 8:15.

  • 1:28 Name of the soundtrack?

  • That part where he hit the middle part of his back on that pointy rock, I felt that

  • Watching this when the episode aired live felt so long ago :(

  • I 5

  • 11:42

  • Has aang ever lost *NO*

    • Yes he did. He lost in Ba sing Se.

  • YOU SHALL PAY THE ULMATE PRICE: turns on morgz

  • firelord gangster till he see 6:35

  • I always watch Avatar the legend of aang

  • I’ve replayed this an unhealthy amount of times lol and it only gets better each time.

  • I don't think Aang was earth bending when he was breaking those rock towers

  • The perfect finale doesn't ex-

  • Hold up Is it just me or does at 6:48 aang has a braid?🤨🤨🤨

  • When Aang took Ozai's bending Aang be like: Hipitiy Hoppity your bending is now my property

  • I’ve said this a lot but when Aang is in the avatar state that humble goofy kid is no more he isn’t there to play.

  • The ending of this movie was THE BEST

  • epik

  • Wait i did not remember Aang redirecting the lightning

  • did anyone notice that they glowed the same color as ravva and vatuu (the spirits from tlok)

    • Tea King 😱


  • Aang grabs Ozai's beard with glowy hand... Ozai: Why do I hear boss music?!

  • If Ozai is able to look like a beast here, then imagine how iroh would’ve looked like in his prime

  • the 14k dislikes are either australians trying to prees the like buttun or firebenders from the new ozai society

  • i just noticed aang is ripped

  • question! does the avatar benefit from the comet? I know he can bend all elements but technically hes an airbender and only firebenders absorb the power of the comet right?

  • guys i need this movie series,plz help me,can anyone give the link

  • Korra is now but Aang is forever read my name plz thx

  • Clone wars is the only other cartoon to ever reach and even surpass this level of awesomeness and great writing

  • 4:08...

  • I would've loved to see the show make a chapter 4 after the war

  • This video proved 2 things -Villians somehow will always fight without armor when facing the main character -Earth benders are the best

  • And the math test? Where is the math test? What is the integral of the cosine?

  • The people who say that the rock triggering the avatar state was bad writing, forget that it was ozai’s flames that carved the edge on the rock, it was not a coincidence, but ozai’s own wrath and cruelty which caused his downfall in the end.

  • Aang: Lets make a saturn with extra rings

  • Osm 👌

  • I love that each time when he goes into Avatar state there's a music playing like a dark souls boss like scary big powerful sort of soundtrack which also means you know when Spider-Man approaches there's a heroic music place when and goes to Avatar state it's not means hero is here they don't want to encourage children this is not a funny thing it's dangerous

  • 4:09 Aang probably could have ended Ozai right there but didn’t

  • s

  • 6:09 I love this part

  • Imagine having over 620 voices yell at you for something your grandfather did

  • Aang's threat in the avatar state always gives me chills.

  • 6:39 ozai looks at his hand like how did this child stop my swing.then gets blown away.

  • We gotta respect the rock that touched his back. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to defeat him

  • The dislikes are from fire nation soldiers

  • Naruto and Avatar tla are the literary the best shows, both of them are a piece of my childhood edit: literally*

  • 14k dislike lord ozai and fire nation

  • this whole video recap: when you play tag with your friends and it gets to intense I love rewatching this video :)

  • Aang:Witness the true power of the Avatar!!! Fire lord Ozai:Oh geez gotta go iron man mode

  • No hair vs a lot of hair

  • Boss move at the end.

  • Have you seen the new une the new avatar here name is korra

  • I love mark hamill

  • The avatar the last air bender is the best

  • Oću još epizoda

  • The fact that this has 34 million views proves how incredible this show was.

    • Unbelievable. No cartoon or anime has had that many views. Let alone in 7 months. This show was a masterpiece when I watched it on TV in 2005-2008. I’m glad. Remains popular

  • he should've done this to Azula as well.. that mentally unstable abomination didn't deserve its powers

  • Avatar the last airbender:Aka the show of the century

  • 2:26vs 6:56

  • Ozai is one of the most underrated villians. Change my mind.

  • Incredible how even without the avatar state he could fend off ozai attacks for longer than anyone

  • This didn't happen when he took Yakones bending

  • I feel bad for the people in Ozais ship

  • Hmm. Agni Kai, Zuko vs Azula or Ozai vs Aang. HEY. Only fire bending!

  • Is Lord Ozai dubbed by Mark Hammil ?

  • Aang used a reverse card at the end there.

  • Did you guys pay attention to the last few seconds. That in 30 seconds to 32 seconds there is a strange picture.

  • Avatar Aang ( The Last Airbender ) VS Mantra Asura ( Asura's wrath ), who is the strongest ?

  • Avatar Aang ( The Last airbender ) Vs Evil Ryu ( Ultra Street Fighter 4 ), who is the strongest ?

  • Avatar state Aang VS Saitama ( One Punch Man ), who win ?

  • Fire Lord Ozai VS General Zod ( Man of Steel DC 2013 ), who win ?

  • Avatar who. Avatar what. AVATAR BLOOCLART AANG

  • 11:33 me drink a cold water after chew a mentos

  • This scene mush be in the real movie , that Will be great!!!!

  • i remember watching this with my little bro and older sis. our jaws could not get off from the ground

  • one of the greatest of the series

  • i think all the avatars took over him during this fight

  • when aang hurt his scar on the rock i cringed so hard

  • This is the same guy who's the joker?! Woah

  • Avengers could never

  • Que Grande El Aang, Mi Ídolo 😎👌

  • Anyone like watching this kind of show

  • 6:55 When your controller disconnects right when your about to win

    • Mortal kombat, injustice 2, super smash bros ect

  • Thanks to the Lion-Turtle, without it there may be no other way to stop the war, except by killing Ozai.

  • Why was Ozai so cocky? He knows what the avatar is, he know about the avatar state. Why did he underestimate literally the most powerful bender on the planet?

  • 1:18 gorgeous animation