GEN HALILINTAR - Lagi Syantik (Official Cover) #Dangdut #EDM

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GEN HALILINTAR - Lagi Syantik (Official Cover)
Ada perubahan lirik agar family friendly, adaptasi lirik, ilustrasi: Antara Aku dengan Tuhanku.

GEN HALILINTAR is a family of Mom (Gen) , Dad ( Halilintar) with 11 Kids. Parents together with 6 sons & 5 daughters work together hand in hand as a team organizing home and businesses, with tagline "MY FAMILY MY TEAM"! We are An EDU-TAINMENT-FASHION-TRAVEL-DIGITAL-PRENEUR FAMILY. We love traveling around the world as also part of our education method and lifestyle, love singing and making entertaining videos, love fashion, and active in social media while doing business at the same time.
13 members of the family are also ID-tv Content Creators with their own channels (Total of 14 channels)
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