Geography Now! East Timor

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Let's get a little Portuguese up in Asia.
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  • Noah is so hot!

  • For Timor Leste people especially who is collage on portugal is it true that when you go to School in University at Portugal, they kind of saperate the class from the rest of other students especially Portuguesse only for Portugal people?

  • Indonesian gave it up because it's not to beneficial and cost too much for their infrastructure back in the days

  • But now,East Timor and Indonesia are Best Friends

  • You 're wrong. .is FROM Ex Precident habibie is not Muslim Sunni Indonesia we don't have Muslim Sunni..and you know that in INDONESIA now we have more then 40 millions Christian even Muslim majority but please we life peace. So do don't talk about religions if You don't know Rude man.Indonesia you can eat pork every where cause many Christians. Even aceh so stop talk something that you don't know stupid man

  • Aileu, Ainaro, Baucau, Bobonaro, Cova Lima, Dili, Ermera, Lautém, Liquiçá, Manatuto, Manufahi, Oecusse, Viqueque East Timor (Dili)

  • I have many TL friends because many of them study in Yogyakarta to get bachelor degree, they all very friendly and speaks good Indonesian One best thing i remember about them is they never "cheating" in Exam although they cannot answer the questions

  • I lived in Comoro, Dili for a year while I was in the Navy. Respect.

  • All we portuguese people love Timor- Leste!! Viva Timor Leste abraços de Portugal!! :D

  • Why do Americans always make us sound English ... With a hint of American?

  • R u forget great Pakistan why🤔🤔🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Thanks for this video😊

  • Mari Alkathiri is Yemeni Hadrahmie Arab :)

  • The oil belong to timor no Australian they have enough money already people must use the judge do not be too greedy

  • thank you for talking about our country Viva Timor-Leste Viva CPLP

  • Timor leste kayak anjing

  • You know I think East Timor stole that Jesus-statue-on-a-hill idea from another Portuguese country; Brazil. Anybody know about that the Jesus statue that over looks the capital of Brazil, Brasilia?

    • nobody cares, jesus statue on a hill is everywhere, mozambique, Indonesian manado, Indonesian toraja, it's not original idea

  • *Thanks Australia. THANK YOU for separating Timor Leste (province) from Indonesia.*

  • 1945 indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩 2002 east timor 🇹🇱🇹🇱

  • I'm very proud to be a Timorese, it's so awesome geographical and historical. 👏

  • Negara miskin gersang

  • Setelah lepas dari Indonesia jadi negara yang super miskin, SDA yang mereka dambakan dirampas Australia 😂

  • wonderful video !!

  • Wow very good i couldn't find good info about this country anywhere !

  • Wow, I didn’t know that Timor Leste speak Portuguese. Indeed, I should visit this beautiful country. Is it required visa for tourists?

  • But leave the statue i kinda like it

  • Jancookk

  • I was thinking of visiting until I heard you mention pythons... no thanks

  • The islands surrounding East Timor are overwhelmingly Christians. Flores is about than 90% Catholics, while Sumba and Timor are divided between Protestants and Catholics, but no, Muslims are not the majority anywhere in this region (except for some coastal area).

  • So, where's the Papua New Guinea episode?

    • Alphabetical order, they just did New Zealand

  • Dahulu Timor Leste Adalah Negara Bagian dari NKRI (Indonesia) & Pada Akhir Nya Timor Leste Lepas Dari Indonesia Dan Menjadi Negara Sendiri (SumberBuku/Google)

  • mozambique hea

  • Ô cara, você não sabe falar mais devagar? Parece uma metralhadora. Precisa aprender a falar, rapaz.

  • Reunification with Portugal might help?

  • school dont teach you that timor have the west timor

  • Did you know that Australia earns 7b USD from Timor Leste's oil while Australia only gives 1.7b USD to Timor Leste as an aid...

    • +Julwiez de Ghorz guess it's safe to say that the real winner of Timor Leste's separation is Australia 🐨

    • Indeed. Aussies along with its allies are bunch of oppressors in the modern democracy.

  • No, Timor not east. The east is timur. Timor is the name of ethnic..

    • come on, you're Indonesian, there is no such thing called timor ethnicity, even people of west timor are called atoni

  • Jose in Portuguese isn't like Spanish... J doesn't make a H sound in Portuguese therefore Jose is pronounced more like "Joe-zay" for English speakers.

  • God bless Timor Leste

  • I think that this video was not great. Nothing here about the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, and the genocides, and subsequent conflict of 2006. I expect more of this channel, who have a record of covering countries very well, and not avoiding difficult issues.

  • What americans did to east timor is equivalent to hitler’s war crimes

  • I'm so happy that I found this because I'm doing a report on east timor, and is hard to find good info!

  • Huh i must say portugal what a strange family

  • I love My Country🇹🇱♥


  • *HUehUeHuEhUeHuEHUEHueHuEhuEhUehuEHueHuEhuEHueHuEhuEHuEHueHueHUeHueHuehUeHuehUeHUehUeHuEhUeHuEHUEHueHuEhuEhUehuEHueHuEhuEHueHuEhuEHuEHueHueHUeHueHuehUeHuehUeHUehUeHuEhUeHuEHUEHueHuEhuEhUehuEHueHuEhuEHueHuEhuEHuEHueHueHUeHueHuehUeHuehUe*

  • Turkey

  • What do u Mean its akward i like that presiden i am Kristen

  • Great Australian Accent

  • Omg! A Timorese here!

  • Geography Now! Philippines next please

    • Geography Now is folliwng the alphabetical order, wait your turn.

  • 4:31 with that way there wouldn't be any wars. If people just share things

  • Bahasanya apa y hmm

  • Is not timor leste but timor Lonte thats mean Proustitude of Country by indonesia

  • I wish that East Timor will become part of ASEAN...

  • I spy Mohab

  • Love 🇹🇱

  • I think Timor Leste and Philippines are brother. Both are Christian country with portuguese and spanish influence.

  • 'Rising Sun of the East' *JAPAN GETS TRIGGERED*

  • Lusophone countries: Brazil 🇧🇷 Portugal 🇵🇹 Cabo Verde 🇨🇻 São Tomé and Príncipe 🇸🇹 Equatorial Guinea 🇬🇶 Angola 🇦🇴 Mozambique 🇲🇿 Timor Leste 🇹🇱

  • 1:44 no asutralia pick him pocket?

  • Plz pronounce the names right

  • That dance though 0:07 hahahahahah

  • Hey, that not Islam Sunni, but he Islam Nahdiatul Ulama "NU"

  • 1:22 Ele Não (Só os br entenderam)

  • So East-Timor is like... How Brazil would be like if it was in Asia... There's many similarities... 😂😂

  • Want to see if this country is technically Asian? Check out Kento Bento`s Video "Where Are the Asian Borders? (Part 1)"!

  • Don't mind me, I'm just researching for plausible safe places in case of world war 3, zombie attack and world apocalypse...... uhh can you lend a hand??? 😂

  • Perasaan ngga di vidio indonesia, malaysia, timor leste. Kayaknya indonesia yg d gambarin sama ni orang yg jelek2nya tentang hubungan ama negara dua ini Emang indonesia yg minta timor leste gabung -_-

  • Are they muslims? 🇹🇷🇦🇿

  • 🇹🇱🇹🇱👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤

  • It was not easy for East Timor to get its independence. Indonesia had been accused of killing many Timorese during the years of Indonesian governance.

  • Hahaha great introduction! Muito legal.

  • My auntie is the vice minister of Timor and my uncle use to be the prime minister

  • 3:43 I think that's how to pronounce it.

  • Great video... and the Timorese have a specifically Melanesian look to them.

  • 2:37 serch on google for the history

  • please do a video about portugal

  • Indonesia has committed countless atrocities against the Timorese

  • I love TIMOR LESTE

  • Hi... Dear Sir Admin Video Channel Geogrphy Now good to see you Nice Video Awesome God bless you

  • Where was Macau at the party?

  • Semoga tetangga negaraku lekas maju dan lebih kuat dalam segala hal amiin..

  • Love Indonesia😘

  • fck channel

  • Did you notice that he didn’t talk about the famous people from Timor leste

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  • Papua New Guinea is 2nd country in Asia which is completely below equator

  • Map of Timor looks like a lion chasing an animal 😂😎

  • Ihhh ngeri amat ya di timor timur

  • I can’t wait for the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • East East


  • Correction: the eastern part of Indonesia which is East Timor's neighbouring islands are predominantly Christian not moslem.

  • Esat Timor hau nia ria Doben

  • 1.Past their leader (xanana) beg indonesia for free from colonialism and say we had similarity fate 2.after that they stabbed indonesia army and take all weapon and uniforms 3.Peak event is they call Australia to supporting ballots and treated direct attack indonesia 4. Cause indonesia had good heart he pardon it and let TL citizens studies in indonesia even given medical treatment by hospital ship in dili 5. If indonesia want they can blocked TL to dry *no food *no border pass *no buildings *no import material *no colleges studies

  • I got relatives on both sides of the Timor border

  • Cieee....

  • Woooooo

  • you also failed to mention our brothers of Guine Bissau