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Let's get a little Portuguese up in Asia.
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  • Heyy..have you made episode for papua new guenea? You've mention it on here, but have you made it? Im supeeer curious about papua, its neighbouring with Indonesia but only tiny info I know from them.

  • Dili dili!

  • It´s not true that you can´t find pork in Indonesia. It´s just not a typical Indonesian dishes. You must visit Kalimatan!

  • I can tell you I have good FB friends in Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. Some are Muslims and Christians. I am Portuguese and I know we have descendents in East Timor, Malaysia, Singapore and some islands of Indonesia.

  • we help timor to gain their independence.

  • As a half Timorese I’m so proud :’)

  • Portugal didn't invited goa?

  • Hf? Nkgujtkyj

  • Philippines and east Timor were friends, We Trained their Armed forces, we are both Christian and We support them in To be part of ASEAN + We had a lots of Agreements on them On Agriculture and Education. We also gave a lots of Schoolarship to Timorese.

  • One thing we are not Asian! , we are Melanesian we are islanders like our maluku brothers, Papua, Fiji, Solomon island and other Melanesians however many Timorese are mixed with Portuguese, Middle Eastern, black, Chinese,Indonesian, Australia and many other countries in their blood but again I must say we are not Asian!

    • Afif Brian your a fool that cant answer my questions and speak of nothing relevant you keep skipping what I’m asking and telling you this will be my final message to you because you clearly don’t understand anything and do nothing but duck questions and tell lies and hide the truth

    • +Paulo Rosario look at the image of PERSIPURA JAYAPURA, look at their melanesian face, look how proud they are to become Indonesian, playing in the highest soccer league in Indonesia, some of them will play in national team, we also proud of them. What east timorese can be proud of after they got independence, maybe jesus statue? that we're donated to you

    • Afif Brian listen yh I’m no longer going to speak to a brain dead liar that hides from the truth I can’t speak to you properly because you keep lying you disgust me your uneducated and keep on stating lies the truth is in the history books just look it up yourself but don’t ever try and claim you never murdered Timorese or Papuan people and stop saying that I said that we are special I never said we are special so stop talking rubbish and don’t reply no more because you do nothing but lie because you know the truth.

  • habis manis sepah di buang. autralia bingit ~

  • East timor had a Asian friend.. MACAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Indonesia tak menjajah timor leste 😊

  • That's not weird.. That's what we call.. Respect to other religion. That might be weird for western country. Be we a Muslim country.. I am Malaysian. U should come here.. Go to Batu caves for Hindus biggest statue in Asia. Go to kelantan which is a very orthodox Muslim but still they let Buddha build the biggest Buddhist statue.. And there are TWO!!! visit every location in Malaysia..there are countless church here... I hope western should learn how to respect other religions as we do😅😅



  • Please mention how Australia sucking its money and oil

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  • is that correct that timor leste doesn't have their own money, how sad is that? just ask.

  • do people in Macau even speak Portugese anymore? I think only very old Chinese people do. the young Chinese in Macau only speak Mandarin.

  • Oh! Traduzcan la última parte ☹

  • You can easily find pork in Indonesia if you want . Trust me

  • Por que razão Timor Leste não se junta à Indonésia e é-lhe dada uma autonomia especial, por exemplo, tal como Hong Kong na China e Inglaterra no Reino Unido. Então Timor Leste tem sua própria bandeira, símbolo e hino nacional. As regras de hasteamento da bandeira também podem ser copiadas de Hong Kong, de modo que a bandeira indonésia deve voar mais alto que a bandeira de Timor-Leste, mas Timor-Leste pode representar o esporte e usar sua própria bandeira como Hong Kong, então a Indonésia ainda é um estado unitário como a Grã-Bretanha e a China não um país federal como os Estados Unidos. Mas se o povo de Timor Leste não quiser ser obrigado a fazê-lo

  • Viva Timor Leste Viva Filipinas we are brothers!

  • East Timor : *almost adopts communism* Indonesia : Knock knock no commies on my border

  • Asia so more Christian percent than USA

  • Macau, Goa, Damao, Diu? No?

  • I think Timor Leste is better than Indonesia. I love the beaches ❤👍 Timor Leste ❤

    • You have been independent for over 70 years and yet younger Malaysia and Singapura even Thailand have overtaken you in almost every aspect. No need to bring China, Japan, Australia and S.Korea into discussion- countries you are supposed to compete with given the lenght of your independence, the size of your country, resources and population. Instead you seem to take a lot of pride in being a step a head of TL, a small newly independent country whose 85% of infrastructure destroyed and burned down by your notoriuos TNI and its militias upon withdrawal. Over 200 million Indonesians you have, you cannot even field eleven footballers who know how to beat Thailand.. Disgraceful and embarassing.


  • do for the england bro

  • I lived in Timor-Leste for over two years - just returned the USA in Oct. 2018 - and wow, so much inaccurate information here. Please make a new video.

  • I think “timor” is also “fear” in Latin.

  • 🇹🇷🇹🇱 LOVE EAST TIMOR LESTE ♥️♥️♥️

    • +Love Myself my life dead for TİMOR LESTE & TURKEY

    • I love Timor Leste from Vietnam

  • The Timorese are a brave people! They did not bow at any moment to the enemy Indonesians defeated

  • Timor-Timor


  • I think the president who gave Timor Leste an indepence is President B. J. Habibie not President Soeharto.

  • Look this is make me laught about your oil stolen to darwin :)

  • Thx for the great video mate , Come and visit Timor-Leste! :)

  • yay, someone actually acknowledged macau

  • I'm so glad nerds out there like us exist and make these videos. Thanks for this. I married a Brazilian and now I want to visit all the Portuguese speaking countries! This place seems like a good hideout. Do they have extradition to the US?

  • Please appriciate Indonesia, East Timor would be communist country now if they didnt enter your country

    • that's your second president propaganda, just like how he killed many Indonesian by accusing them as communist

  • My Country allways the best , we are new and small country but we never speaking harshly about other country because we know we don"t have times to see another deficiency we must to create and make dream happen to show up what we are and we are awesome country with awesome people inside the point is we are small but we have a big and fresh culture that never loosing from our life. we are one but not same , thank u

  • I love East Timor! From The Philippines ^^

  • Australia gas stations!

  • australia come and bye..

  • Thank you for your many interesting Geography Now episodes. Things must have changed in the last couple of years because I will be on a CRUISE ship that visits Dili East Timor next year. Can't wait!

  • Intro, you forgot macau ;(

  • I live at Kupang city (Indonesia) in Timor island. When i hear "native Tetum" i realize that it's not called "Tetum" but "Tetun". But its ok 😂

  • 6:41 racism

  • Because West Timor is Nederlandsh-Indie and Timor Leste is Portugese

  • I think Timor Leste is one of the most unknown country of the world with countries like Palau , or Caribbean islands

  • So basically they're the Asian Brazil.


  • The intro tho

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  • I like how when barbie is doing a video on a country that had something to do with the Netherlands he only drops the name The Netherlands ones.

  • I'm timorese and i also thought of east-east like you did! And btw akar is delicious i love akar, also koto.. and kue rambu!! I just love my country :)

  • Timorese are trilingual: portugese, tetum & indonesian. For english, are they adopting the aussie slang? G'DAY MATE!

    • Are you Timorese? What language is taught at school there? Is it Portuguese?

  • So Luis Nani's ancestor was from East Timor is not a myth?

  • Yes, Muslim in Indonesia are very open minded. We gave Jesus Christ statue for East Timor.

  • We claimed Timor is part of Indonesian, but we didn't treat it like one. (It was basically just colonialism, but java). And when we realized that we're doing it wrong, it's too late. Lesson: If you want something to be ours, be sure to care them.

  • Before Timor Lorosae became a country, the Island was called Timor-Timor, as part of Nusatenggara Timor-Timor, which is east of Nusatenggara Timor-Barat, or West Timor. While Tetum and Bahasa Indonesia are spoken by most Timorense, Portuguese is the language of the bureaucracy.

  • I love this video and I really appreciate what you did. I'm from Atambua (the border city between Indonesia and East Timor)

  • provinsi diindonesia

  • I have a new scale of importance of the countries and their economic weight in the world: The minutes assigned to them.

  • This Timor Leste song... Listen and comment please, thanks.

  • I've never herd of East Timor. I've always called it Timor-Leste.

  • Love your Australian accent!

  • It's like 'Taman Negara National Park' in Malaysia. National park is Taman Negara in Malay language.

  • Hello brother nice video But I’m waiting senegal 🇸🇳

  • can you do philippines?

  • 8:21 Mereka sudah "move on" (ciee :D) 😂

  • This is indonesia

  • please correct the indonesia video. Malaysia had never invaded timor leste. It was Indonesia. Malaysia have never invaded a country since the malacca Sultanate.

  • I traveled with locals you can get a taste of their character :D

  • Hallo Nama Kau Siapa

  • Dont Trust Me I Will Speak Indonesian

  • Hi Timor Leste From Indonesia

  • Indonesian people called Timor Leste actually. Before East-Timor got their Independence, they called Timor Timur Province.

  • Well, East Timorese are just like Filipinos, a mixture of Pacific Islanders, European and Malays.

  • Ken did have lines in this episode!

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  • I am surprised with this video. Most successful video. Congratulations

  • where's the Philippines please

  • Please do the Philippines

  • You have 666K views on this video! ILLUMINATI CONFRIMED!!!

  • Indonesian Step-son...

  • Brazil...Portuguese people are completely forgotten

  • I've been to West Timor (Kupang) twice, and the local people recommended I visit T. Leste. However, not being from any ASEAN nations, tourist visa permits are too much trouble to get (even have to submit your bank account balance!!), not to mention expensive. Looks interesting, but forget it!

    • Thank you for letting me know. Perhaps they changed the regulation since I was in Timor last time.

    • you will get your visa on arrival and not so complicated as you said. if you are European union citizen, you will get 3 months visa to stay in the country.

  • About the jesus statue: The graveyard was called Santa Cruz

  • kami dari indonesia berharap yang terbaik bagi timor leste. bagaimanapun timor leste adalah saudara kami. semoga menjadi negara yang maju, makmur, dan sejahtera.

    • +Captain Indon Kau yang Penjajah Malay adalah Penjajah Borneo utara

  • Nothing for me 👊😂👊 video skip !!!

  • East-Timor and Indonesia more like El savador and Honduras

  • yg buat pasti klo gk orang amerika ya australia anjing.. liat aja pas topik percakapannya dgn indonesia seolah2 tak ada solusi dan harus n wajib merdeka.. tp dgn australia kok berbagi gpp.. lucu kn..emang anjing amerika australia tu..

    • Parahnya lagi Aussie ini munafik ga ketulungan, masa dibilang mereka kita menyerbu TimTim padahal MEREKA YANG NGEMIS" KE PAK HARTO BUAT NYERBU TIMTIM

  • Philippines is close friend with Timor Leste.

  • Im from east Timor

  • I've always wanted to know someone from East Timor, I've always been interested about Portuguese speaking countries and I gotta say I know basically nothing about them, about their culture, about their PORTUGUESE (i suppose they have a lot of Asian influences in words and so on), I don't even know how their accent sounds like :c and it seems to be kinda difficult to find someone from there on internet :/ Hahah all in all if there's someone from Timor Lest out there reading this comment I am sending you much love from Brazil ✌️

    • ola, sou de Timor Leste. Timorese culture is mixed between indo-Malay, Melanesian and Portuguese culture, that's why is so unique, we have traditional dance, folklore dance and Baile for the party. people are mixed malay, Melanesian, Chinese and Portuguese descendants. we have over 10 dialects language actively trough out the country. Our food consist of rice, corn, cassava, and we also have feijoada, caldeirada basically fusion between Portuguese and Timorese dishes.

  • Ola.. Timor leste mi corazon las islas the Philippines

  • Mabuhay! Timor-Leste (East-Timor) from your Southeast Asian sibling Philippines. Hello to all Filipinos who live there