Getafe vs Barcelona [0-2], La Liga 2019/20 - MATCH REVIEW

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Luis Suárez and Junior Firpo scored for Barça against Getafe on Saturday afternoon to record their very first away victory of the season. And they managed to get the win without the likes of Lionel Messi, Ousmane Dembélé and Ansu Fati.


  • Well your FRENKIE DEJONG turned out to be a real Btard ,isn't he.

  • The world we live on, if we say Arthur is amazing, it's great when he plays, each time he plays Barca seem to win, and play a little better....Haters will come and say he is overrated, he is not that good, bla bla bla bla.......really sucks

  • FCB should pay the same asking price of Neymar on a team of world class medical / fitness team which would be more of a benefit for FCB overall. Happy for the 3pts but not an overall good game and defense still looks unsure and shaky despite the clean sheet. Suarez is still a liability going forward despite scoring the goal because it's a long season as he has so eloquently put it and between him and Griezmann they are overlapping each other in attack and going forward FCB should bet on Griezmann and Suarez on the bench as a mentor / super sub role. Firpo has proven so far his first game starting was a hiccup and hope he can continue proving he's the future LB at FCB. At RB, it's either Roberto or Semedo, and another thing is certain is that if both start on the same right hand side it causes overlaps and therefore they should stop playing musical chairs and just decide on who starts at RB so there are no confusion among the players. Pique didn't have a mid life crisis in this game thank god was a little more balance with offense and defense and he kept the defense stable as he could.

  • Win, but not beautiful. This is not Barca. Bad strategy

  • Firpo should of got man of the match . that kid was amazing to watch ❤❤

  • Suarez is now the THIRD SCORER OF ALL TIMES for Barca, why is it that consistently people cannot give him credit??!! Ter Stegen is magnificent, yes, no doubt. But people commenting on how Suarez is done are just unbelievable... WE WOULD HAVE LOST THIS MATCH IF IT WASN”T FOR STEGEN, DE JONG AND HIM!

  • De Jong is a gem! The best Barca player alongside Arthur. With a decent coach they’ll be world beaters! Suarez, no matter what is a liability. He ruins everything he touches! Valverde surely gotta try Grizzy in that striker position. I cannot stand Suarez. Happy for the 3pts! Inter will test us and we need to win all our home UCL games

  • we should just move on this dembele fella. We are tired of his injury and you are here everytime saying 'massive setback' yet we continue not to get any value for money from this guy. We should have included him in ht e neymar deal when we still had the opportunity

  • do not disrespect getafe mate especially with how they have been playing this season

  • Dembele is 😅😅

  • Am tired of saying Valverde is doing all wrong and we pickup lucky wins

  • Anyone seen Coutinho? Could've had a great impact at Barca

  • We haven't scored a "Barcelona goal" in the longest time ever😥😥

  • I'm so fed up of the injury prone dembele

  • Sale Dembele in January, what a horrible investment

  • Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckkk.. Dembele injured again😧

  • Ousjury dembele

  • I bet Barca wished they'd kept Malcom now... Idiots

  • So glad you mentioned the injury to Dembele cause I have said the same thing they have to many injuries especially recurring ones. They need to find out how/whyhe's getting hurt. It not about food or life style something else is going on. But glad to have the win. But winning like Man City should be our goal. We have to much talent to barely be beating people.

  • U will keep talking so vibrantly about ter stegan but this Barcelona side it’s over That midfield with Sergio busq will not compete n can Not compete ,Messi will not be as effective,the faster we get rid of Sergio busq n Verlverde plus bench Suarez n play Griezman as the main striker .Barcelona will NOT win anything. You just talk vibrantly leaving out the fact that football has changed , the role of Sergio busq doesn’t benefit Barca as much

  • That match was a tactical disaster. We had a better team but some how we only scored by pure luck. This shouldn't be happening for Barca especially against Getafe . what are we going to do when we face Inter

  • Where is alena??

  • Alena DeJong Arthur should be a Midfield tryout. I really hope it will go well with de Jong playing as CDM. Still suarez was pathetic. Even if he scored the goal, the main problem is that he hinders the attacking play and pace and creativity that is expected from the forwards. Griezmann needs to play in central, only then he will be able to show what he's capable of.

  • #valverdeout

  • Oh my gosh ter Stegen oh my gosh

  • Mbappe loading

  • We win, we play awful, we lose, we play awful, conclusion; we have a serious problem, a structural problem.. and EV simply incapable to fix it..

  • yea but semedo has literary played all games, he needed a rest!

  • firpo is like alba. has more anticipation then defensive awareness

  • To be honest OK we won the match 2 - null, but I'm still not satisfied with Barcelona let's be honest guys. If Valverde continue being a Barcelona's coach believe me guys that we won't go anywhere.

  • Ter stegen and Arthur Melo Ohhhh my God I'm happy he got an assist+clean sheet .


  • these injuries must be the fault of nutritions, trainers and medical doubt about that. too many...

  • I get the feeling Valverde likes Roberto very much?


    • Love your content milcore and I also hate bottlelona and flopessi lol!

  • We need a good coach dat know how to manage n use all this players well cos valverde dont he only win out of luck n quality players he has. Cos thier is no game plan atall

  • Barca needs a new coach.

  • Griezmann will score at CF position , but valverde only want assists from him😒

  • we won but my question while watching game who the fuck is tiki taka who the fuck is barcas playing style

  • diet is key when dealing with injuries. the medical and nutriution team at barca need to inspected.

  • Valverde ouuuuuuut for fuck sake

  • Dear Community just ignore those stupid Trolls like Footbal Galacticoz in the future because giving him/her attention is exactly what the troll wants.This individual is no Barca fan and just wants to annoy everyone and even managed to annoy me so much Im writing this right now.. Congrats Troll you achieved something,be happy and go away!

    • Nagatubimaru hope I never see football Galacticoz here again

  • Valverde to culés : We will not play Roberto at RB Valverde **uses Roberto at RB** Culés : Are We a joke to you?

  • Now Valverde be like: Marc u r playing in defence today u got some spicy skills :---:-!

  • Barcelona needs to sort out the fitness and medical staff these injuries are not coincidence

  • I think todibo will play in UCL looks like a promising CB

  • Hats off to MATS👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • My man MATS getting an assist all the way from goal #RESPECT 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Perez was brilliant against Getafe

  • Something at Barca needs to change concerning the 'injury crisis'. I don't understand maybe players diets are poor (the food program) or maybe in training there's not a lot of time and observation in fitness excercises drills ect. As well as this it is very frustrating (and I think other barca fans would agree) when your favourite players such as the messis the dembeles ect are not showcased on the team sheet or in the starting xi due to picking up injuries in training or wherever however I do hope Messi and dembele come back stronger.💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Congrats Junior Firpo on first goal for Barca,👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Again a terrible game to watch. Yes, the result was there 2-0, but we were playing against Getafe. Come on, are we dropping our expectations so low now these days?? It's FC Barcelona for god sake. It's because Getafe forgot to score and didnt finished their chances. Otherwise we also lost this game. Its really difficult to watch these games, its not barca anymore. Talent is there, that's not the problem we're dealing with. But the system, tactics, bravery and understanding between players is awful, barely creating chances. How is Valverde still there? Why is nobody taking responsibility? Are we out of our minds? Please.... If we continue this way, we won't win anything this year, and get our asses kicked by other Top teams.. If you want to save this season, get on with it and make some big changes. Now is the right moment.

  • As troubling a 2-0 away victory as I've ever seen for a club like Barca. Goals from speculative long balls and fortunate ricochets in the area? This isn't what Barcelona is about. You could say this was the type of win that great clubs like Barca achieve when their backs are against the wall but I think it's more indicative of a long term trend. We need massive changes soon or the club isn't going to be recognizable in a few years.

    • LyovMyshkin today we didnt need to play the BARCA WAY because we badly needed the 3 points. Sometimes you just need to get the job done. Playing the barca way or not. Be happy we actually won.

  • Am an Arsenal fan but ironically l watch more Barça games, TalkFCB than Arsenal and Arsenal Fan TV. But it Hurts Ernesto Verlverde ruin your philosophy. It actually hurts me more than you even 🚮🚻🚻🚻

  • We are back

  • still don't understand why Valverde is still putting Griezmann in the left winger which is not his position. Griezmann is not a left winger. Is he also want to ruin Griezmann career like he did to Coutinho? Please give him his right position. Griezmann can never be as effective as you expected to be until you put him in the right position

  • Look, although we finally won an away game it doesn't mean we're all of a sudden improved, we just played good today. Don't get me wrong, our defense was actually strong this time, we were blocking lines of passing, blocking through balls, defending with no risk of penalty given, we were getting the ball outside of the area easily and far away. BUT, I think that Griezmann is still not used right just like Coutinho was, I think our line up , to also fit Suarez and Griezmann should be 4-3-1-2 , Normal defense, jordi alba (firpo) lenglet (umtiti) pique (no replacement for our man , lewl) semedo (roberto) the normal mid field, arthur de jong and busquets, messi as a CAM just infront of our midfielders, and suarez and griezmann up front as strikers. i know this way we're wasting talents such as fati's and dembele's pace from right and left wings but it's the only way griezmann could fit in our line up along with suarez, tell me what u think or any change on the lineup you want to see :d

  • Great win yesterday,pls talk about the meeting between our players the other day,the coach was not in attendance

  • I think we should let osman go. He's fragile, when healthy never 2 good games in a row and never justified his fee.. We could get 2 good wings for his fee

  • Nice to win but we had a bit of luck , performance was not great i am sad to see that we got a left back not to barca standard even though he scored a goal and why why valverde plays roberto on right back , i am still not happy with team we need to do better , one day will play away against stronger opponents then what will do