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-emma chamberlain


  • This is how many people said “This is how many people ....” ⬇️

  • can somebody please tell her that complaining isn’t a personality trait? thanks.

  • HUMMUS = LOVE ❤️

  • Girl you shoulda brought your mom!

  • Imagine being at your uncles wedding and seeing Emma chilling in a hot tub behind you

  • Why was she looking for the shower if she doesn't take them?👳‍♀️😂

  • Why emma has nothing to do and makes very long videos then youtubers that do a lot of things and have shorter videos ???no hate😂😂😂❤

  • If you travel by yourself you better like who your with.

  • Dude if this was me I'd go take a bath then order room services and watch a show on the tv

  • me: is single and lives by myself and goes weeks without hanging out with anyone and is used to it emma: is by herself for a few hours and can't stop complaining about being lonely

  • someone should counts the honks

  • ethan come get your girl

  • Who is this girl? I hear about her all the time. I’m not a youth anymore. I’m in my mid twenties

  • no one: Emma: iM sO lOneLy

  • The title is a mood

  • Is no body going to talk about her shirt 😂😂😂

  • I’m a small ID-tvr and use ID-tv as a happy place can u maybe check me out?

  • And what happened to the sister squad?

  • Lol I love hummus


  • u know ur rich when u can afford room service

  • Prove ur here before 8mil 👇

  • Evidence you were here before 8 million. ⬇️

  • Emma please make more videos with the girdie squad!! I love you so much and you are literally the best

  • Please do a closet tour or something where you show us all your clothes!!!!! That would be so entertaining!💗

  • The only reason why I don’t like hummus is bc of Snapchat yeah SNAPCHAT Someone licked hummus off and old mans Hairy armpits for the lowest bidding YEAH NASTY

  • emma used to only hang out with ellie and hannah and now she only hangs out with amanda and olivia???

  • Why does ID-tv recommend this garbage for me. What did I do to you ID-tv? No wonder you're going on vacation alone....you're super annoying

  • EMMA could you say if your dating someone?

  • Wait the ad- I though she never showered😱😱

  • You had to go. It will give you the confidence needed for your next trip. Nice car. You may be able to afford to take a plane somewhere you always wanted to go. You are very smart and funny. You can get anyone to go with you. Just be careful and have situational awareness. I would go but your only 18. Lol

  • "turn to the right" *turns left*

  • you look like biilie eilish :) not gonna lie

  • Literally keeps getting honked at 😂

  • *This is how many times she said “by myself”*

  • Lonelllyyyy

  • You forgot to cover your number plate on your car


  • Emma: "are any of your Smoothies vegan" Also Emma: *Drives Mercedes with all leather seats *

    • i mean she’s not full on vegan. i remember her saying she just tried to eat vegan for the most part.

  • Respect is not earned by age

  • Roses are red Blood is red to If you like Emma Chamberlain Then make this blue ⬇️

  • Watch this id-tv.org/tv/video-Wm_fM6ztzjM.html

  • I took a cycle class bc you talk about it in almost your vids...I FREEKING LOVED IT!!!! and i cannot move today...😫

  • This is how many honks Emma got ⬇️

  • 11:59-12:02 idk why but she looks like post malone there

  • Imagine living that same day every single day and only that, no friends, no family, no fun, feeling like shit, lonely, and afraid. That’s my life girl

  • “ I didn’t mOvE my CaR “😭

  • Emma: *IF YOU DONT LIKE HUMMUS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU* Me: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I love you

  • Her merchandise was actually really well-designed. Most ID-tvrs have really simple, lazy designs with logos or something, which annoys me. Her’s is really simple but has more complexity to it. Which I really like👌🍃💫

  • 12:00 I FUCKING DIED

  • literally me

  • I cringe every time Emma touches her face. Girl if you left your face alone for even a day it'd make a difference in your skin. I know you're only 18 but starting preventative measures is never too early. Try it out!

  • hahaa oh my god! i feel the same when all my friends leave me alone lmao

  • Nobody: Emma: Are they honking at me!!!????

  • 2nd time watching this✌️😋

  • 8 mil??- wasn't she at 6 mil like last month? Wow she is growing so much !!!

  • You forgot to cover your number plate on your car

  • am i the only one that is so impressed with her mothers imagination...

  • U should go on camping with the Dolan twins

  • And I oop....

  • Why no James

  • Make another video pls

  • Omg I can finally subscribe I am freaking out I love u so much I tried your coffee recipe it was amazing I feel like I am talking to much plz subscribe to me

  • what was her background music called

  • Girrrrrl just hit me up next time😘

  • Who misses the girdies😪🤧😔

  • i’m literally sitting alone in my hotel room in san francisco eating a vegetarian room service order

  • Holy fuck I’m as old as her

  • 12:08 she looks like the grinch😂😂

  • tHaTs NOT FoG

  • y the fuck am i watching 18 year old girl to talk my face off about going on a trip by herself....wtf am i doing. how do people watch this shit lol. dont ur friends talk ur face off during the day enough as it is?

  • 55,070 subscribers to gooo🥳🥳 reply when it changes~~

  • your fucking amazing. jesus christ.

  • that road she’s on goes to my house lol

  • Nobody:...... Absolutely nobody on earth:..... Emma: I loveeeee this smoothie 😂😂😂

  • Why not use reusable cups and straw for coffee?! Love you Emma but environment!

  • 14:18 is that paper clip earring Bc of Ethan’s safety pin necklace?

  • am i the only one that is so impressed with her mothers imagination...

  • Photoshoot FT. Mental Breakdown

  • subscribe to me to help out a small youtuber (:

  • Can You do what’s on my Mac book

  • I want to see an emma chamberlain vid that has no editing. Just a stream of consciousness from miss chambie haha

  • Y’all still a baby

  • Emma. Can. I. Date. You. No. Okay.

  • I knew a chick that was doing meth she acted just like her.and the same complexion. Whatever.

  • Okay, how does she actually edit so well. Like what app? It’s SO good

  • You look dead

  • omg i saw the thumbnail and knew it was montage

  • Emma: *drives while 17 and 18 because she has her license* Me: “MOM PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET ME GET MY LICENSE”

  • we need more ethma action!! 😍❤️

  • No one: Not even one person: Emma: I decided to do something fun (After minutes) Emma: I failed again

  • 55,070 subscribers to gooo🥳🥳 reply when it changes~~

  • Never watched her before. This vlog is god tier because it’s real and she doesn’t do dumb shit for views.

  • 6:46 is that a plastic straw 👀 *triggered*

  • Those frown lines make u look 30ish

  • Roses are red Violet's are blue I been waiting for a new video And you are to

  • Save the turtles plz, thanks :)

  • Why do you walk like that?

  • "and we have my things.. that are my stuff that I brought" - Emma Chamberlain 2k19

  • 3:29 is that your knee?? How are u even driving😟